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As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot finally had a branch at Chow Thye Road, Penang which is about 2 weeks old. Being one of my favourite place for steamboat or favourite hot pot, it is indeed a joy for Penangnites. This is also one of a famous shop that operates in Hong Kong that visited by many.

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KL they are operating in Solaris Mont Kiara and there will be slight difference in menu items and soup base if were to compare these 2 shops.

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Operating in heritage area, certainly the look and feel of this shop is different too. Love the rustic industrial look of it. Cement flooring, red brick and some classic touch of wooden frame on the wall to add on touch of heritage.

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Drinks here are slightly different too. Of course As You Like Chicken Hot Pot is herbal tea on the left that is Watercress with honey & Lemon @ RM 10 and infuse with some sourish flavour which is lemon and the right is a Penang special Flower Tea @ RM 12 . A special mixture to give you a nice touch for your stomach to pair with this hotpot.

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From the menu, just tick what you like and then place order. Most of the ingredient here are pretty good and you can choose to order what is listed in here.

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Penang outlet will have Sour Pig Stomach base that is generous with ingredient. Of course not to miss out their Hong Kong version of China Spicy Mala Soup base. Where you get to pick the spicy and numb level that you love.

Of course I will pick mixture of soup base – Special 2 in 1 Whole Chicken Pot @ RM 118 . Signature Sour Pig Stomach Hot Pot and Si Chuan Spicy Chicken 

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One of my favourite soup base in this shop. Not your usual Penang version which is pack with pepper. Soup is quite thick and love the strong flavour of sourness from the sour veggie.  Filled with generous ingredients of pork stomach and chicken that is marninated with Chinese rice wine that give you a nice and juicy chicken meat. If you find the soup is slightly too strong, can always ask the staff to add in the clear soup stock to tone it down a little.

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We tried out some of their cold platter : Marincated Cucumber @ RM 6 (small) and Marinated Black Fungus @ RM 6 (small). What is a must order is their Golden Presserve Egg @ RM 9/RM18. 

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One of my must order item is tapioca Starch noodle @ RM 10 or their Hong Kong Nission Noodle. 

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Home made Chive Dumpling @ RM 30 (large 12 pcs) is something that you should not miss. Love the marination of chives and mixture of meat and softness of the skin.

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For classic flavours, I love their Golden Ham Balls @ RM 6 and Pork Tendon with Ginger @ RM 6 

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I rarely order seafood for steamboat, but when the owner show me on the size of prawn, I find it quite worth it. Large prawns that serve in 6 just only at RM 48. Love the meaty texture that give you the springy meat texture is just perfect. Just do not overcook this.

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we whack 2 plate of their home Made fried bean curd roll @ RM 30 (large). Crispy and crunchy if you eat it fresh but it is for soup dipping purpose. Rule of thumb is dip only 4 seconds and net it out. DO NOT Leave it too long in there.

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Australia Wagyu @ RM 58 . Thin slice beef and it is quite meaty.

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Here you go on the prawn which is big.

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Indeed it was a satisfying gathering by catching up with my best friends in Penang. If you love hotpot, this is certainly one of my recommended hotpot restaurant to visit.

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Could this be one of the best hotpot or best steamboat in Penang. Shall leave it for you to decide and do bare in mind that this is Hong Kong Style hotpot yah.

As You Like Hong Kong Chicken Pot
56, Jalan Chow Thye, George Town,
10050 George Town, Penang
(located same row as Harvest Inn)

Operating Hours:
Daily: 6pm – 1am (last order 12.30am)

Tel: 04-2292118 / 017-508 2558

FB: www.facebook.com/asyoulikegroupmalaysia.georgetownpenang/

There are a few recommendations by my friend that I should visit Hong Kong Hot Pot (香港热锅) at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar a try, where their ingredients are made fresh along with their amazing soup. I have to agree with most of my friends after paying them a visit.

Hong Kong Hotpot (1)


Hong Kong Hotpot (2)

Hong Kong hot pot ambiance certainly reflect to those shop in Hong Kong where seating area is very tight, feels like you have to cramp into a small space with tight moving space too.

Hong Kong Hotpot (3)

Hong Kong Hotpot (4)

Hong Kong Hotpot (5)

You will be handed a paper menu to circle your order into it for a placement order.

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Their herbal tea of the day is rather interesting where Sai Yeong Choy is usually a soup base but the change it to a herbal tea by infusing with sugarcane.

Hong Kong Hotpot (7)

Love this item as it is a must order where is imported – Hong Kong Bean Curd Roll. to eat this, you just need to dip it for 5-8 seconds where it turn soft like sponge and love the texture of it.


Hong Kong Hotpot (8)

Other usual ingredient to highlight is Hong Kong Yee Mee is also a must order.

Hong Kong Hotpot (9)

Their In house sauce with variety of flavours available for your liking and I asked them what is the house special sauce mixer where the lady box mixed it for me.

Hong Kong Hotpot (10)

The main 2 mixer is their “Fu Yu” & ” Jar Chiang” sauce as the base, then add on with their fiery chili sauce and mix along.

Hong Kong Hotpot (11)

Hong Kong Hotpot (12)

Fresh fish paste that made daily and some of the fish balls that have fish roe fillings in it.

Hong Kong Hotpot (13)


Hong Kong Hotpot (14)

Soup base ordered “Ma lat” and “pork bone soup” Love both the soup base as it is pack with flavour, both with hint of herbal taste and follow by their own spices.

Hong Kong Hotpot (15)

Hong Kong Luncheon meat

Hong Kong Hotpot (16)

Must dip with their sauce as I had 2 rounds of this. It gives you hint of spiciness, with mild fuyu taste and jar jiang sauce give you the salty taste of it. great stuff.

Hong Kong Hotpot (17)

Their tasty fish ball with fish roe in it.

Hong Kong Hotpot (18)

Their soup base is by keep adding in their house special pork base for both soup.

Hong Kong Hotpot (19)

End of the meal, you got a complimentary jelly to cool your body down. Certainly this is a great place for steamboat if you do not mind the service is slightly slow and paying more than other steamboat players, then it is worth to consider as I paid for my meal 2 pax is RM 180.

Items to order: Yee Mee, Fish ball with fish roe, HK bean curd roll


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8.5/10, one of my favourite shop~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Hong Kong Hot Pot Restaurant
No.39, Lot 109,
Level 2, Telawi Square,
Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.

(Located above Tour le Jour)

Tel: 03-2280 0242

Business hours: 4pm till midnight

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