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After enjoying my first 2 nights stay in home stay style nearby Seoul Station (highly Recommended), I have arrange next accommodation stay for the next 2 nights to suits on our travel itenanry which is to neary to the places that we will be going and also best of all, this accommodation is only 5 minutes walk to 3 main line of LRT, so which is pretty convenient. Not only that:

– 10 minutes walk to Gyeongbukgong Palace, 10 minutes walk to Cultural Village and also there are alot local eateries around the area.

This place is also known as Love Motel area + alot of old folks around.

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I have done my research for a few days on the hotels around the area and decided to go with Hotel POP Jungu because of their unique room they are offering (click here) . As always, I make my hotel reservation thru Agoda which is very common among my friends as they at times do provide one of the best rates ..

Its a bit tricky to locate this hotel because they are hidden in a very small ally that only perfectly fit for a sedan car to pass thru. If you even walk too fast you will miss out this alley to come thru here. Once you walk in here, they have at least another 6-8 more hotels in this alley.

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 Only 2 -4 parking spot.

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Hotel Pop have total of 3 buildings nearby which is next to it or opposite it. Of course the other 2 are more new and also the room types are more interesting. Upon entering their lobby, its small yet very clean as we check in pretty late. About 12 am after long walk from other places.

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 They have free coffee, drinks and pop corn stall too. . . For the first night, I book Royal Suite because I love this room and did specifically request for it about a month in advance and guess what. Upon my check in, I was attended by a very rude grumpy lady and I did ask did I get my request room. She said NO because being stayed by other people! then I ask what other alternative do I got. She said, THIS IS ONLY YOU HAVE! I was truly disappointed as I spend RM 500 to get shit service and not so IDEAL ROOM with a month in advance.

Next was, I told her I am going to spend another night here and did I get my second selection. Again she SAID NO. Then I asked” Can I choose”, again NO. Base on first come first serve. Have to wait for others to check out then only I get to choose what Is available on that DAY! This is truly BAD! or maybe the only service I got from this grumpy lady.


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Among the 6 suits room available, I got the worst design of all. Nothing special and I would say other homestay is much better in design and much cheaper too.

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Room is pretty decent with 2 computer in Korean language and a LED tv that is filled with at least 80 channels.

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 The only different of Suits room is only their Jacuzzi is slightly bigger.

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 Rooms are pretty clean.

Pop (10)

Not my ideal bed as in the first night, I have stayed in a very comfy bed (click here)

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Other staffs available are brush, lotion, hair dryer, hair spray and its pretty complete if you miss out anything.

Pop (12)

They provide complimentary Bubble bath. Do not expect so much in it as its FREE!

Pop (13)

 Rain Shower head.

Pop (14)

 The weirdest of all is that, the only provide 1 towel which we could not figure out.

Second Night we move to another type of room which is DELUXE Double that cost about RM 400 – RM 450 (not Cheap!)

Pop (15)

The only difference which is the room slightly smaller and bath tub fits 1 person instead of 2.

Pop (16)

Pop (17)

Pop (18)

The rest of the facilities are the same just thatttttttt . . .. .

Pop (19)

You pay more expensive room, you do not have complimentary charger, you pay cheaper they do provide. Which we do not get it also!

Pop (20)

 Again the provide 1 bath towel and 2 face towel.

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Complimentary in house from the fridge where what is available you can grab it.

Overall, BAD EXPERIENCE at such a price that I am paying for both nights estimated about RM 950 and we are not able to choose the room is bad enough and treated by a grumpy lady on the  night. Another girl is pretty good as she is trying to help.

I would NOT RECOMMEND this hotel because of the price and service. With that rate you can get much better hotel down town which is at prime location such as Myeong-dong area or Seoul Station.

If I were to rate on overall experience, its 3/10.

It was also my mistake for not going through Agoda.com on their feedback from the travelers, even though its rate at 7.2 over 10 from other reviewers, still best to read travelers comment and not to take your chances if most of them wrote pretty long bad feedback as reviews are usually quite spot on, because only guests who have booked and paid for the hotel room will be able to write a review, making them 100% authentic.


More reviews can be found at this link http://www.agoda.com/hotel-pop-jongno/reviews/seoul-kr.html?asq=b6flotzfTwJasTr423srr6%2beyPor9ikGodkSGHdzZSU%3d.


Hotel Pop Jongno
16 Supyo-ro 22-gil,
Nakwon-dong, Jongno-gu,
Seoul, South Korea

Phone: +82 2-764-1004

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