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Oh well, sushi is a common food in Japan or its nearly like rice in our daily lives. I have only been to Tokyo once and tried a wonderful fresh sushi and sashimi at their fish market. I have recently discover another great sushi that I have totally forgot about its existence till I walked pass through.

Iciro Sushi Bar is certainly a hidden gem in 1-Utama that offers a great selection of sashimi and sushi that would certainly put your cravings to stop! I am putting this in top of my list as best sushi bar in Klang Valley. (if you do have others please recommend)

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Upon walking in, you will be well greeted by both the staff and Japanese Sushi Chef that will then assist you to your seating area. Love its simple design of the area as main seating area is at Sushi Bar and there are few more side table at the sides and behind.

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A sushi bar that is design exactly like those ones in Japan and is enough to cater for small group. Certainly the preference for you to sit would be at the sushi bar as for you to see their preparation of sushi and also to stare at the fresh sashimi.

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Or you can choose at the seating area located behind.

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As you are seated at the bar, you can see all the fresh sashimi in the storage area then you will be handed a Ipad where you will be browsing all the full menu in it then place your order.

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On different night, their special menu changes on the types of catch of the day they have. Keen to try that next round as it certainly does not come cheap.

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Here you go on catching the two friendly Japanese Chef in action.

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This is what I mean when you are seated at the bar counter and stare at the fresh ingredient.

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Order their set dinner that comes with Unagi Roll, miso soup, chawamushi and cracker salmon skin @ RM 29.

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For Unagi roll, its cook to perfection that the sauce marination is mild sweet, and sushi rice is just nice. Size is decent enough to satisfy.

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Order their Volcano Roll @ RM 19.80 for extra to try and this had instantly become my favourite. Filled with slice crab meat, roe, the cheeze is just aromatic that burst into flavours. Whole piece is mild enough and satisfying. – REcommended!

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Mini Udon @ RM 8.80

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Udon is certainly a very simple dish yet savoury. Soup base is clear and mild salty end, that is filled with chewy udon, and for a small bowl, it is good enough for my expectation.

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Salmon Sashimi – 5 pieces @ RM 24.80 – this is certainly fresh!

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Prawn Tempura @ RM 15 is very common, nothing to shout about.

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Ikayaki is another recommended item, as not many places can prepare this squid perfectly. Grilled to perfection, that did not over cook, sauce added on top is fragrant and slighly chewy yet its fresh. @ RM 25

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Sweet Egg is my another favourite as this does not come out from vacum pack like you see in other outlet. Tihs they prepare fresh daily as I just love the texutre. Soft enough yet with little sweet end. Never miss this whenver I am here. @ RM 5

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Find that they are quite generous with its ingredient as Salmon Miso Soup  is not too salty, yet you can see salmon meat are in it. @ RM 9.80

Currently, Ichiro Sushi Bar is top in my list for a simple Japanese Sushi and Sashimi meal. Do take note that you need to dig slightly deeper into your wallet for this yet its worth it.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 10/10, one of my fav – recommended!! -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Ichiro Sushi Bar
ISENTA – Eat Paradise, 2nd Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing).
11am – 10pm

Tel: 03-7726 5899

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