Imba Gala Italia 2019


It is nice that often see trade ties between regions and countries that link all food produce moving around, so that we get to enjoy great food from chef. Imba Gala Italia 2019 that took place at Westin Hotel at KL is an event that bring closer ties between trade businesses with Italy.

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As a great remark for this occasion, they flew in a Italian chef and 2 more promonient local chef,  some ingredients and wines all the way from Italy.

Chef Giancarlo Mele – Guest Chef
Chef Marco De Cesso – Prego, The Westin
Chef Domenico Piras – Favola, Le Meridien

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The wines are pretty amazing and my personal preference among the 4 bottles are White – Estro Astoria and Red will be Empirio. Nice body and easy to pair with food on both of the one that I like. White is certaily a conversation drink with cheese will be the best companion.

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Chicken Confit with Foie Gras Terrine – Figs and Balsamic Compote, micro and salad homeade pan broiche.

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very unique dish as the chicken confit and foie gras blends very well. Chicken confit is soft and moist, take a bit of the fig and balsamic compote to put on top and take it in a bite together, you get a harmonios flavour that did not over power each other.

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Parmigiano Reggiano Leek and trule Rissoto

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This is one of the best risotto that I come across. Cooked perfectly as how I was thought to enjoy this. the grains was cook till half cook texture that gives you a nice bite with a feeling is this cooked. with hint of cheese after taste that brings up the slightly saltiness that it need and the mild sweetness from the stock that they have prepared. Paired with their white wine is a match in heaven.

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Black Angus Tenderloin, Carrot Gratain, Coriander Puree and Natural Jus.

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Cooked to perfection that it is medium rare, and the jus is perfect. Clear with fragrant that lift the meat a nice balance flavour. I pair it with Monte Antier red wine, as love the smooth finishing after that.

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end with classic style dessert:

Pasticciotto alla Leccese, Classic Tiramisu from Friuli Venezia Guilia, Gianduitto Homemade Hazelnut Chocolate

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indeed a great night to enjoy great food and wines.

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