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Chinese Restaurant in Klang Valley sure evolve time to time to maintain with its current trend. One of the restaurant that I still like is this Imperial Garden Restaurant which is located in PJ that have the classic chinese ambiance with classic 60’s Chinese songs as the background music. I have no idea why I love this kind of concept or it was the scene that was very memorable to me when I paid a visit to Jakarta and my friend brought me to this Shanghai Restaurant & Bar.

Imperial Garden is no stranger to me as this place used to be my auntie favourite weekend dining place. They would come at least 2-3 times a month when I first start work in KL 6 years ago, and since I move out, I rarely come over to this restaurant again till recently.

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The restaurant is huge enough to carry out a wedding dinner and pretty sure it would be a great place to do so with nice ambiance and great food.

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Right after the elevator door open, we were instantly greeted by their staff, they would then ask you with reservation or without as we find it pretty good customer service

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If you have private lunch/dinner you can always book their room as they have small to big room depends on your capacity.

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We prefer to sit outside this round as its to see crowd around and on weekdays, its pretty good. No doubt that they have pretty much loyal customer in their list as most of them know the manager.

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Imperial Garden Restaurant, is actually the Tai Thong Group, serves Hong Kong style Chinese cuisine that is perfectly balanced with traditional cooking ways in accordance to a testament to their award-winning master chefs’ talents. When comes to soup, I would always prefer to go for it first if I have the option. As for this round, they are running a series of great soup that infuse with fresh ginseng. Since there are quite a lot of people that are not serving Shark Fin Soup and one of the best alternative  is to go for their Ginseng Series.

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Fresh Ginseng Broth with Dried Scallops & Bean Curd – cook in thick broth that taste very similiar like shark fin and have very mild ginseng taste at the end that make it such a great soup to be consume. I ended up having this whole bowl myself. Its something light and with bean curd that make it little softness of it is perfect!

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Fresh Ginseng Broth with Duo Scallops 

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Another version of it, if you prefers something more strong for taste and something for you to much a bit is this.

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Here comes my favourite which is clear soup that is not starchy is this Double-Boiled Fresh Ginseng Chicken Soup with Dried Scallops & Golden Corn. For their double boil version, they have 2 version.

I prefer the one below as the soup taste is more visible and the taste of ginseng is more like dried orange taste which I love it. It means the taste is stronger compare to another one. Well, I am a person who loves my soup to be very strong in taste.

tai tong (19)

Double-Boiled Fresh Ginseng Chicken Sooup with Rose & Snowy Lily Bulbs

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For dessert, they also come out with their special series as this Double-Boiled Egg with Honey, Fresh Ginseng, Bird’s Nest & Aloe Vera is a must order.

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Mild taste of ginseng, and the steam egg is very nice as its so soft that melts in mouth. Carefull when you put into your mouth as its pretty hot. I would say its  a great combination for dessert.

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Not into hot dessert then their cold one is Fresh Ginseng Pudding with Bird’s Nest & Aloe Vera 

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Its a dessert that its not too sweet, chill enough to satisfy your tummy after any meals over in the restaurant.

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Only soup and dessert we were pretty filled up and still keen on munching another this, we were introduce to this,  Fried Multi Grain Rice. Its one of their healthy dish that serve in pippin hot stone bowl and when it is serve you can still here the siziling sound at the bottom. Stir it for a while before you eat and you will get to taste the fragrance of the taste after that, yet they have added one ingredient that every bite is very crispy. Interesting and a great dish to try!

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I find that their price of item is very deccent too. . . Worth to have a family/friends/ company dinner here, as one of their main chef is station in this outlet.

Do note that The Nourishing Ginseng Series is available from 1st October 2013 until 31st December 2013. Each of the above ginseng soup/dessert is priced at RM18++ per portion. Its available in most of their outlet.

Loving this Ginseng series. Should give it a try~

Imperial Garden Restaurant
7th Floor, Intan Square,
No. 3, Lorong Utara C,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

GPS Coordinates: 3.104266,101.639722

Tel: +603 7956 6868

Website: taithong.com.my
Facebooks: TaiThong

Business Hour:
Mon – Sat: 11.30am – 2.30pm; 6.00pm – 10.30pm
Sun & Public Holidays: 9.00am – 2.30pm; 6.00pm – 10.30pm

Banquet Hall : 600 pax
6 Private VIP Rooms : 70 pax

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