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The Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival which falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month is one of the important festivals observed by Chinese all over the world. Many of the restaurant owners will take this advantage to showcase their individual version of mooncake taste and snowskin mooncake had been one of the latest trend to evolve over the past years. Zuan Yuan Restaurant in One World hotel is preparing their 2012 collection for this Mid-Autumm.

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Started off our tasting with the classic baked mooncake follow by snowskin version.

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Still this Supreme Mixed Nuts remains as one of the heavy weight classic version that many people love this.

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Always comes to mooncake, I still prefer my classic version with White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk. Yolk is definately a must and without it is like cooking a plate of noodle without oil. 😀

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Sweetened Red Beans with Green Tea Paste

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One that stood out very well is  White Coffee Lotus Paste with Walnuts, yes, they really do it in Coffee version that the flavour is not too strong, creamy and  mild enough not to overpower the taste of the yolk and after taste of coffee is build upon your taste bud. One of a recommended one. 

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 Red Bean with nuts

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Comes to their snowskin version, they have pretty impressive range especially on the skin texture that I could not reveal it to you, certainly it stood up more than the rest. A bit soft chewy that pairs very well with the filling that they insert in.

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 Mini Snow Skin – HoneyDew Paste, Orange Flavour and Black Sesame seed.

Among those 3 flavours, it stood up by itself that Honeydew taste like rock melon sweet, orange flavour with robust taste like orange skin and Black sesame is just perfect.

The mooncakes are available in beautiful gift boxes which can hold 4 or 8 pieces mooncakes, from now until 30 September 2012.  The mini snowskin mooncakes are priced at RM10 each while the regular-sized ones are priced at RM18 upwards per piece.

For order enquiries on mooncake do call their restaurant to make your bookings. and click on the form below to check out more variety mooncake that they have to offer.

mid autumn order form2012 (inner highlight)

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Chef Chin Chee Heong with his Mid Autumn Festival creations

Follow by simple dinner was being serve upon with all the main Zuan Yuan Signature dish.

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Wok-Fried Ying Yang Rice with Vietnam Crispy Rice, Diced Chicken and Vegetable

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Sauteed Eggplant with Fried Garlic, Dried Shrimp and Basil

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Braised Homemade Layered Bean Curd with Shimeji Mushroom and Preserved Vegetable. Just love this homemade toufu that is perfectly braised in layer that the preserve vegetable that top on top just make the taste extra kick along the cook gravy.

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If you love chicken then this is one of the dish that must order - Honey Glazed Boneless Chicken topped with Crispy Ginger Flakes. Fried to perfection with wok hei, that the chicken is well coated with honey glazed that you cant stop   munching along with your rice.

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Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant
Lobby of One World Hotel
First Avenue
Bandar Utama City Centre
47800 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7681-1111

Anyone in the salon industry and especially women who use a lot of hair care product to take care and maintain their hair to ensure it looks thick and silky nice, Schwarzkopf Professional brand is no stranger to all of us. They had been in the industry long enough to make sure the brand reputation is on everyone’s mind when it comes to hair care, as sometimes when my friends ask me which hair gel is nice to use, at times I would just blurt out Schwarzkopf.

I just got to know that this company had been around for 111 years and it’s still growing strong, Schwarzkopf Professional is part of the business unit cosmetics/toiletries of the Henkel Group, Düsseldorf, and is one of the leading suppliers in the hairdressing business worldwide. Based on a professional partnership with the hairdresser, the focus of Schwarzkopf Professional is to provide innovative concepts and services, which match the needs of international salon businesses. Schwarzkopf Professional is present in over 120 countries.

At present Schwarzkopf, Osis is announcing their rebellious re-launch on their new hair products Osis, to the style, no matter you are rocker boy, a slick and stylish girl, or punk at heart and inspire you to ‘Kill routine’ with this impressive range of new products. Under the Osis collection there are Style, Texture and Finish range to offer maximum flexibility and creative styling for all individual needs. Each styling process provides great support for your creativity with Control Level 1 – Light control, Level 2- Medium Control, Control Level 3- Strong Control, Control Level 4, Ultra-Strong Control.

Style Collection, Texture Collection and Finish Collection with their new packaging will be reveal soon. . .Lets start off with some of the fantastic product available in the market, I manage to try out a few with one of my first wax, Thrill stage at Level 3 with the effect of strong hold. I just love how they create the size of it in a small cylinder to make it lightweight and easy to pack along for travel too. After I open the bottle, a strong scent burst smelling like rose and I just love it. It’s a fiber gum that makes it non sticky on hand and a bit water than the normal paste like


Osis, Level 3 – Strong Control – Thrill (WM RM57)

ah bok

After I applied it on my hair, I just love how it curve my hair along, it is a bit wet in look that I think 50-dry 50%-wet make me look energetic  for the day, just suits my working casual day on Friday.

New Folder31

Flexwax for only WM RM57 and I love the texture of the wax which is soft, easy to spread on palm and just gel on my hair, at the level  4 of the wax means Ultra Strong Control which I really need it for my hair as my hair now is quite long. Ultra strong will hold the style of it.

draft 1

Flexwax is impressive with its ultra strong hold as I had applied on the gel since morning and the shape is still there holding on it strong after 9 hours later.

draft 1 (3)

As I was quite tired that day and took short nap, when I woke up, my hair was in a mess. ..

draft 1 (4)

Went to bath and getting ready to go out for dinner then I remembers the style when my hair was short by trying out Mohawk style and to my surprise it stands out firmly after such a long day. Of course I wont go out with this hair style that I believe my friend surely will criticize me badly for do not know how to style my hair.

draft 1 (5)

Then go back to my old classic style, go side way by using my fingers slide through it and just pulling the tip of the hair to make it look with sharp end. No doubt that, so far one of the best wax I have used to hold firmly for such a long day as it was about 9pm now. .  (more than 12 hours effect)

If you are out of creativity then you can find more at www.killroutine.com/

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