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Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park which had just recently open its door since this school holiday which operating from 8th December is making a huge buzz all over Malaysia. This Genting new theme park span over 400,000 squarefeet that makes me feel like I am in Tron movie. We all know that the park had been close for renovation and looking forward for a new park to hit on.

Skytropolis (5)

This school holiday, they are opening up 70% of Skytropolis Funpark rides to public and there are some rides which that will be coming soon.

currently the park operates by PER RIDE:

Weekdays: RM 10 per ride
Weekends (Friday – Sunday/Eve/Public Holidays/School Holidays) : RM 15 per ride
Or preview pass @ RM 60 (unlimited fun ride)

Checkout more of their ticketing details here.

Full Video:

Genting Pikachu Festival

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Starting off with a few rides that making bee lines for all the teenagers and kids. Balloon Race.

Skytropolis (7)

Sky Towers

Skytropolis (8)

Skytropolis (9)

Loop de Loop more like for kids and quite similiar to the previous one they had in First World.

Skytropolis (10)

One of a new ride – Disco-i

Skytropolis (11)

bumper car for teenagers and they do have mini bumper car for kids too.

Skytropolis (12)

One of a thrill ride in this park – Spin Crazy. Looking at it spinning and turn 360 degree indeed will become crazy after the ride.

Skytropolis (13)

One of my classic favourite ride when I was a kid.

Skytropolis (14)

Skytropolis (15)

Stormy Voyage – coming soon

Skytropolis (16)

Skytropolis (17)

Royale Carousel – coming soon

Skytropolis (18)

Skytropolis (20)

this ride is also coming soon


Then there is this new AR game seems pretty cool. I would want to try it out on my next visit. Would be great if come with a group of friends to beĀ  Storm Troupers in the war scene of Star Wars – Secrets of the Empire. RM 130 per game. Can purchase here.

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BigTop is one of their new arcade center that there are a few gaming machine with actual experience.

Skytropolis (22)

Spacetime is an AR gaming experience

Skytropolis (23)

A funpark gaming area that looks like a fun fair

Skytropolis (24)

The unicorn just too cute.

Skytropolis (25)

Skytropolis (27)

Skytropolis (26)

Skytropolis indeed looks like a fun place to be, with colourful neon lightning up all over the place. For us adults, wait for the main outdoor theme park to operate and home that there will be a new theme to be taking over. I guess we can forget FOX theme park that we have been anticipating all over the years that will be operating year 2019 but I guess have to wait till 2020 to see what’s going on.

Skytropolis (28)

Hit up to level 3 there will be other area for you to explore. Eaglelanding Zipline will be coming soon. Zip away and enjoy the colour of neon lights from the above .

Skytropolis (29)

If you walk further in, then you will be checking out ghost house that will thrill you off your feet. Be prepare to get chase by zombies in Zombie Outbreak.

Skytropolis (30)

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium is still there.

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Then there is this cute Pokemon Festival in Genting that will be running from 1st December to 28th February 2019. (click here for more info) Then there is this Pikachu Parade and dance which is cute. Do check them out on selected timing.

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Skytropolis Funland in First World Plaza

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