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Coffea Coffee is one of the latest joint to pop up in the Jalan Telawi neighbourhood. Never knew what it was as I was dining nearby and the concept looks pretty interesting. Decided to pop by to give it a try.

From there only learn that its actually a Korean Franchise brand that making its wave to Malaysia begining of this year.

coffee (1)

This are one of the few coffee place that really decorate up the place because they are franchise chain and have to follow suit on certian interior design. NEvertheless sure its one of a comfortable place to hang out.

coffee (2)

Looking at their menu, I am impress on their coffee range as not only their original of coffee product that they are carrying they also do sell some single origins coffee. Decided to try one out columbian whereby my friend he used to order.

coffee (3)

coffee (4)

coffee (5)

coffee (6)

there are some cakes available too. Never tempted to try or maybe I just finish my dinner. ūüôā

coffee (7)

Anna trying out their Latte as it is well presented with a design of leaf, with their own signature cup.

coffee (8)

Taste wise is not very strong nor acidic. Its very mild.

coffee (9)

Single origin columbian coffee I would not say much as it falls into milder version as well.

Only upon I write this post, that most Korean coffee are pretty mild. I am not too sure all the way in Korea, keen to try out their coffee if I ever do visit that country again.

Certainly this is one great place to hang out as its always filled with alot of patrons whenever I pass by there and if you are asking me how is the coffee? Well, I can say I got plenty others to recommend.

Coffea Coffee
8, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2201 3338

Website: http://www.coffea.my

GPS Coordinates: N 3 07.941 E 101 40.309

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Finally, I am able to take some time out to write about one of my trip this year. (its a long post with many pictures). It was a great deal that we have gotten for Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa that located at Sepang which is about 1hour drive from KL city.

In Malaysia, we sure do have one of the most pretegious hotel that have attracted many people around the region local and near. This resort had capture my attention for quite a while with its iconic the Palm Tree that is similar to another mega development in Dubai also known as Palm Tree.

Our Malaysia version is much smaller scale than the one they had there. Nevertheless, this resort had also gain many recognition such as The Malaysia Book of Record and CNBC Asia Pacific Property Awards in 2008 for Best Interior design. I did my homework before I came here and with such recognition being awarded, of course expectation had being set high.

Palm Spring (1)

It is only about 1 hour drive away from busy district of Kuala Lumpur City or its very nearby Air Asia LCCT airport. Golden Palm Tree is a huge project that that contain 4 types of water villa which is Royale Palm Villa, Ivory Palm Villa, Canary Palm Villa, Travelers Palm Villa and Premier Travelers Palm Villa that have about 400 rooms in total.

Its A five-star sea resort, the our villas stretch out nearly a kilometer into the sea facing the sheltered waters of the straits of Malacca. Blending Polynesian-Maldivian style and décor with local kelong-style stilts, we offer you a choice of nearly 400 villas in five distinctive types. (source from swiss-belhotel)

Right when we reach here, we are all excited to visit this place as we even have count down in our chatroom for this trip.

Palm Spring (2)

As you arrive you will be greeted with guard post, as the main lobby area are for drop off and pick up only. There are designated parking area for guest and public whereby a service van will pick up to head to the main area.

Palm Spring (21)

Palm Spring (5)

It was public holiday when we visit this place, and the place is pack with visitors which I am totally surprise  then found out that it was fully book another surprise.

Palm Spring (3)

We bring snacks and what we can think of to ensure we wont be hungry at night.

Palm Spring (4)

Wakaka, we found out that there are noting much to do around the area, then not to bored ourself, we brought our own game, Drinking Roullette Set. . :p

Palm Spring (20)

As we wait in the main lobby, ,waiting for the buggy service to travel us to the next main check point right at the heart of the resort to head to our respective room.

Palm Spring (19)

I was told that the main lobby the long stretch that ferrying us to our main hotel room area is about 800m in stretch and have yet calculate the branches out. That could be easily 1km walk if right from main lobby to your room.

Palm Spring (6)

Our hotel room reservation for the trip is  Canary Palm Villa that is about RM1800 per night if I am not mistaken. (rates changes on season)

Palm Spring (7)

As we enter our room, we love our room turning our air condition into full blast in this hot weather .

Palm Spring (8)

This magnificent villa with 82 square meters of space comes with two bedrooms with a combination of a queen-sized bed and twin beds, a separate luxurious marble four-fixture bathroom, and a lounge with spacious living areas. With its high thatched roof and warm wooden paneling, the villas exude rustic charm, a comforting and languid setting in the midst of natural beauty. Chill out on one of the two private terraces overlooking the sea. Peace and tranquility welcome you with their gentle hands. (source From Swiss-bellhotel)

Palm Spring (9)

Living room is pretty big also that easily accommodate 4 pax at 1 time.

Palm Spring (10)

View from my little balcony ..

Palm Spring (11)

and my¬†neighbor¬†.. ūüėÄ

Palm Spring (12)

   I have a huge toilet with rain shower head that I have no complain

Palm Spring (13)

Palm Spring (14)

This is the toilet in my friends room that occupy the queensize bed that have shower room and also a bath tub for you to enjoy your evening.

Palm Spring (15)

Palm Spring (16)

Palm Spring (17)

As we quickly change and head out to check what are the facilities that they have to offer.

Palm Spring (18)

View from the second lobby area.

Palm Spring (22)

We head back out to the main lobby area and took service van head to their extreme park. To have fun on the go cart ride is RM30 for 5  minutes if I am not mistaken.

Palm Spring (23)

We are all gear up with Tatt’s little cheeky nephew.

Palm Spring (24)

Ready to go . . and for children that under height or age, they have a pair seating whereby they can enjoy the race with more mature people to be driving the cart. Kids get to enjoy too . .

Palm Spring (25)

We were brief with safety measures before the start of the race and this round we have at least 8 riders.

Palm Spring (26)

Gentleman, please start your engine ..

Palm Spring (27)

5 minutes is really fast.. a few laps habis ..

Palm Spring (28)

Palm Spring (29)

Next all of us head to ATV ride where by is also about RM20 or RM30 for 1 lap, since all of us did not ride before we decided to make it a group trip. . .

Palm Spring (30)

Its a quick one lap like duck walking in a line, slow and being control by the warden. Not so fun as I thought. Apparently, if you want to have a ride with yourself, you can also challenge on the rider there.

Palm Spring (31)

Palm Spring (32)

Palm Spring (33)

Heading back to our hotel for a quick swim, with Ling and Collen

Palm Spring (34)

Infinity pool is pack with people and definitely not suitable to come during public holiday.

Palm Spring (35)

Rule number 1 is to have a quick shower only jump to the pool.

Palm Spring (36)

Right after quick swim we change and prepare to head for dinner as all of us are freaking hungry.

Palm Spring (41)

Then my friend didnt book the restaurant, and its full. Then we walk back to Sepoi Sepoi Cafe for a quick dining as we need to wait for 2 hours before our turn.

Palm Spring (42)

Nice cafe to sunk ourself onto to take a break . .

Palm Spring (43)

Food price is not cheap in this restaurant. .

Palm Spring (44)

Nan and Me

Palm Spring (45)

Tatt and nephew are very hungry so the dine first, best food (opps not best food, edible food is Chicken Rice)

Palm Spring (46)

this is my seafood spaghetti which is very disappointed. After one bite, none of us would want to continue further. Other food that the rest order, never bother to write about it.

Palm Spring (37)

Then we walk back to Stimboat Food Garden for our main meal.

Palm Spring (38)

Love the restaurant ambiance here, pleasant with peaceful environment

Palm Spring (39)

Palm Spring (40)

Palm Spring (47)

Palm Spring (48)

our steamboat set. Seafood is not fresh, soup is tasteless that we have to modified ourself, waiter and waitress here is very slow and we pity on the Manager as he have to work double hard as the rest are just plain lazy or don wan to ‘LAYAN’.

Palm Spring (49)

Palm Spring (50)

Palm Spring (50).0

the panoramic view of the area. . .

Palm Spring (51)

Some night shots. .

Palm Spring (52)

Palm Spring (53)

Buluh Bar

Palm Spring (54)

Palm Spring (55)

Palm Spring (56)

Palm Spring (57)

Palm Spring (58)

Palm Spring (59)

Of course ¬†after dinner, rest a while and lets start our game. Finish 2 bottle and half of them KO…wkakaka

Palm Spring (60)

Wake up early next day to get my breakfast which I wont miss and do wake up early if you come here during public holiday as its gonna be filled with heavy crowd.

Palm Spring (61)

Food in here do not expect that much . . as long as it can fill your stomach then okay-lah!

Palm Spring (62)

Palm Spring (63)

Palm Spring (64)

Palm Spring (65)

Palm Spring (66)

Palm Spring (67)

Overall of the stay in this resort, wasnt so pleasant as the room is hot, and only single air condition being-used which is not enough to generate the coolness for the room. Most of us woke up middle of the night and complain why is it so hot!

With a 5 star resort and awards being won, dining was a bad experience especially on food quality with the price being charge is way too expensive along with their service. My friend event commented on the structural quality that they have.

To pay ourselves for a room RM1800 surely we would not, its because we manage to grab a good deal over a website, yet its still far expensive. I find that many other resorts in Malaysia will offer more and better service and with that rate I can easily compare to Pangkor Laut or any 5 star Hotel in Langkawi that worth every penny.

I will spend my money some where else but of course everyone will have different experience.

Remark: do bring Mee in the cup there as it taste much better than any of the hotels offering that I have dine, (comparing to the 3 dining area I have been)

For more rates and info, you can check it out here –¬†http://www.swiss-belhotel.com

Sepang Goldcoast
No. 67 Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang,
Kg. Bagan Lalang, Sungai Pelek,
43950 Sepang, Selangor

Plan B had received a huge buzz over blogging for quite some time when they first started, cuz of their unique concept that they have. Modern New York chic concept that had gain many diners heart that is cosy, nice interior that made them stood out from many of other cafe outlet. Then I try out another of their concept or I would call a slight changes of their concept from Plan B which is Journal by Plan B at Publika. Many people say good things about this outlet on their food. I try out their brunch turns out to be good too. 

plan b (1)

with one of their latest outlet, Plan B at Paradigm Mall that located below Star bucks is one of the latest addition to the mall or expansion of their cafe.

plan b (2)

Check out their interior design as this section is outside. . .chilling  .. .

plan b (3)

Just love their interior design .. .

plan b (4)

plan b (5)

plan b (6)

plan b (7)

plan b (8)

Lets check out their menu . ..

plan b (9)

plan b (10)

Latte @

plan b (11)

Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti Carbonara @ one of the more oustanding dishes compare to the rest we have although its near tasteless, with soft shell crab quite oily. .

plan b (12)

This soup is very normal, nothing special as it taste like alot MSG in there and its very salty . . .

plan b (13)

Cheese Burger

plan b (14)

It had won our heart when we first saw the presentation with melted cheese on top of the patty. Nothing special, yet sligltly salty . .

plan b (15)

Signature of the night which is Lamb Pie, over baked that the crust is hard as the colour itself already mention it, lamb in it is overcook and the best of all, its way too salty.

This is the first time we never finish our food yet Marcus was way too hungry, he tried to finish it just left a few bites and gave up. We ended went down to the lower ground to hunt for snacks. ūüėÄ

One thing I understand which is different mall have different market as this outlet we think that its a let down or the crowd for Plan B just love salty flavour or it was the chef that had overdoze it. Anyway, with the price that we are paying, we can try other food. ūüôā

Hopefully they improve on that.

all pictures are taken by Samsung NX 210

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 5/10 way too salty. . -stamped-

‚ÄďWarning‚Äď This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Paradigm Mall
Lot CF09, Concourse Flr
No. 1, Jln SS7/26A,
Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya

Contact: +6 03 7886 4623
Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am – 10pm

Right after the meal at Crystal Jade (click here), we went for a stroll and 30 minutes after that, my friend told me must try one of the stalls in the Food Court – Mie Tarik Laiker. I told her I am still very full from heavy late lunch just now. She insist that I must try then I was like okay . ..

food court (1)

Went up to the top floor and I am certainly impress with the design of the food court in Grand Indonesia.

food court (2)

Huge seating and dining area. .

food court (3)

Like the whole interior design for the food court that build up with any woods.

food court (4)

Event the stalls. .

food court (5)

food court (6)

This is the stall that my friend insist me to try on, Mie Tarik.

food court (7)

Another set of ramen and I rate this as Indonesian Ramen. . ūüėÄ

food court (8)

Here are a few sauces for you to add onto the noodle as I see many people take Chili Oil, dark soy sauce and vinegar if not mistaken.

food court (9)

Here is my Mie Tarik that the noodle is springy and I order mine Mie Tarik Pedas and its surely very spicy, top with mince meat. Gravy is very nice not too thick that goes well with the noodle. Worth to try to those who visit this mall . . Recommended~

food court (10)

Another type of seating area. . .

food court (11)

As it heads towards off office hours, which is rush hour, and I notice my friend keep staring at the road I thought why, she saw a ghost? Only realise that she is curious why there are people waving to cars to hop on a ride not taxi. Then I explain to her that, during peak hours, on the highway there must be at least 2-3 passenger in the car, if not, police notice they will be fine! Therefore these people on the road side can be hired. Ask them to hop onto your car to fill up the quota then pay them xx amount of money (market price) then just drop them off any of the location.

Then worried that wont they be rob? Certainly no as they are looking for money to feed themselves or family. Certainly wont go till rob or there are cases that we are unaware.

Food Court @ Grand Indonesia

How I found out this place is when I was browsing thru TimeoutKL and I saw a visual that attracted me to click on it and in my thought, hmmmm . . .since when we have such a nice cafe and found out that its Acme Bar & Coffee which is a new restaurant that open its door to public since last December 2011. This cafe is located under a very high end condo at KL known as The Troika that have a great modern architecture design on the building. Its hard to miss on the location. The place also host some retailing and offices units.

Achme (1)

Well, AcmeBar & Coffee or known as ABC is well situated on the ground floor of this building.

Achme (2)

I just love the ambiance of the place that offer a very New York kind of concept. .

Achme (3)

As you enter the cafe, you will be greeted by their well train friendly staff and will seat you accordingly. .

Achme (4)

As you went in, the interior design itself will blow your mind away . .

Achme (5)

Even they have a dining place that looks like you are dining in an little ally space and these area are expose to all natural light which makes it a perfect place to be seated if you plan to take nice picture of on the food or friends. As it was fully occupied then we were seated in another comfy section.

Achme (6)

We choose to be seated on the comfy sofa area that overlook on the wine rack and coffee bar counter.

Achme (7)

Achme (8)

Achme (9)

Just love their classic coffee machine that makes me think that I have seen that some where only I remembered that its something that looks alike to the movie Green Hornet that Jay Chou acted along with a coffee machine to brew coffee for his boss. I am just as amaze with this coffee machine.

Cannot deny that the barista is well train to brew on the coffee with smooth froth as what I was train up last time. Just only that the price of the coffee restrict me from ordering one. A simple latte that cost RM15 which I felt that not worth it.

Achme (10)

Menu are pretty simple from late breakfast to ala cart menu all in one.

Achme (11)

Achme (12)

As you were seated along, every table will be offered a complimentary bottle of water. One of the thing we found out that the glass have some fishy smell as my friends wasnt aware on that until I told them. I guess either they used dish washer or just mix along with something else while washing along.

Achme (14)

When I saw other blogger blog about this place, their Cake counter certainly attracted me the most with all the tempting cakes being on display and what we think of it is, this place must have stayed super clean that to ensure no flies are coming in cuz its left expose open.

Achme (15)

As I am taking picture from this distance, I can smell nice aroma trailing on my nose which is the Cempedak Cake.

Achme (17)

We arrive here pretty late in the noon and yet still decided to try out their late breakfast so we kick start off with Salmon Mousse @ RM 19

Achme (18)

The first dish really kick start our day as the salmon mousse act like a jam for the bread to spread it and the taste is just absolute perfect , smooth and aromatic with their own home made toast bread  ..  РRecommended!

Achme (19)

Next to opt for healthy option my friend went along with Cheeze Salad @ RM 29. When we see these plate wondering where are all the cheeze.

Achme (20)

Till we cut it only realise that the deep fried ball is actually cheeze. The salad is dress along with thin slice green apple and season pear which I thought it was salmon chunks. ūüėÄ Well, this dish wasnt finish by my friend as its quite plain and nothing to shout about .. ūüėČ

Achme (21)

and here come mine Asparagus and Duck Bacon @ RM 19 comes with 2 sunny side up, toast bread and duck bacon chunks.

Achme (22)

AFter eating finish only I realise that the plates are different and makes the whole thing become ABC. . .nice~

Achme (23)

A slice of cake that tempted me to try is this Cempedak Cake @ RM 15, that have pandan sponge cake in between the layer. The cake smells very nice and aromatic, as we find that the pandan cake if it was done more sponge and not so solid a bit more dry would be perfect and the cempedak taste is less sweet then it would have been a perfect piece of cake.

If you are looking for a place to dine with perfect ambiance, this place is certainly a good place to be or chill, and if you are talking about the food its not too bad as I think its way overprice, besides that the service is good! Total bill came up to RM 95.10 as I find that I can find better food for that kind of price. ūüėÄ

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6/10, so so lah~ Recommended for its ambiance -Stamped-

‚ÄďWarning‚Äď This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Acme Bar & Coffee
Ground Floor at the Troika
19 Persiaran KLCC
50450 Kuala Lumpur
(Behind Intercontinental Hotel – previously known as Nikko Hotel at Jalan Ampang)

Tel: 03-2162 2288


There are alot of buzz on this brand from my friends since their first opening outlet in Bangsar. Have always wanted to pay a visit till postpone many times. Ben’s is pretty well known to many people since its first opening in Bangsar Village and now they had expended to KLCC.

Bens (1)

Ben’s is pretty well know for its interior design that provides customer a very cozy dining experience. As for their outlet in KLCC they had taken over California Kitchen’s lot and now they had a great view that over look the KLCC park.

Bens (2)

As one of the reason that brings me here is that my best friend from Indonesia pay me a visit and decided to bring them to dine here. As the queue is always there, we waited for about 15 minutes for our table.

Bens (3)

Now only I realise that why people make a buzz about this outlet that you can see they really put in alot money in designing their outlet. No wonder so many people like to hang here and my friends also mention its a nice restaurant.

Bens (4)

They design it in a few dining sections in different designs.

Bens (5)

With sofa base, casual dining base, and proper dining area.

Bens (6)

Price wise are pretty reasonable for a shop like that.

Bens (7)

Bens (8)

Here is my best friend Lina and her friend.

Bens (9)

Usually I will start my meal with Mushroom Soup that top with olive oil. Not bad, RM 11.90

Bens (11)

Carbonara is more mild in taste as I prefer mine to be more thick and rich in taste. @ RM 21.90

Bens (14)

Mushroom Mascarpone Pasta is filled with generous types of mushroom and its a bit more creamy that suits my liking. @ RM 22.90

Bens (12)

Wagyu Beef Pie @ RM 21.90

Bens (13)

Lychee Lime is refreshing and nice. @ RM 9.90, Not many place offer Lemon Lime Bitters and it taste pretty good too, someething that I have missed quite a while. @ RM 8.90

Service in Ben’s are pretty good too for such a busy dinner crowd with the section I am seating, 2 waiter are manning the area and work pretty efficient.

No doubht that its a great place to hang out with friends with its superb ambiance and I love their drinks especially as for food, its nothing much to shout about.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, love the restaurant ambiance ~-Stamped-

‚ÄďWarning‚Äď This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Ben’s KLCC
Suria KLCC
Lot 140 First Floor
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur
Phone: +6 03 2163 1655
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 11:00pm daily

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bens.big
Website: http://www.thebiggroup.co

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