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Ippudo is back again with an enhancement in their new menu 2016 and what can you expect in this new menu, with this special highlight Ippudo’s first “Japanese Styled Mixed Ramen” called Mazesoba that comes with broth and gyoza at the side.

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The concept for Ippudo Bangsar Shopping Center is different compare to others where they highlight more on their cocktail series.

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Start off with something light Mango Salad @ RM 29.50. Filled with diced mango served with assorted fresh greens and diced salmon tossed in light yuzu dressing. Love the dressing taste and generous mango in it.

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Fried Soft Shell Crab is another highlight for them. Crispy from inside and soft on the outside, with the steam bun.

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In love with this dish, Amaebi Tartar @ RM 34Diced fresh raw shrimp served with avocado and wasabi dressing topped with tobiko and seaweed. After serving, mixed the shrimp, avocado, tobiko with the wasabi dressing and wrapped then with the seaweed. Love the cripsy bite from seaweed and the well balance taste from their soy sauce and light airy avocado that pairs well with amaebi. 

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Chicken Namban @ RM 16Marinated deep fried chicken with vinegar sauce served with homemade tartar sauce on the side. 

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Salmon Sushi Moriawase @ RM 446 pieces of salmon sushi platter, or I can call it 3 ways, that filled with salmon egg, sashimi and half cook salmon sushi..

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Here is a twist of flavour from Japan with our local taste. Seafood Foil Yaki @ RM 39.50Steamed mixed seafood mussels, shrimp, squids and scallops and assorted vegetables served with spicy ponzu sauce in foil on hot plate. The sauce is pack with flavour where giving you, spicy with cili padi and sourish after taste. Indeed it pairs very well with rice. Worth to give it a try.

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This is their new highlight – Mazesoba @ RM28.  Ippudo’s first “Japanese Styled Mixed Ramen” served with thick chewy noodles and 9 uniquely selected complimentary ingredients. The way to eat it is by Mixing it all together. Like the chewy texture of the noodle, just that I could not finish this personally where the sauce is slightly too thick for me, hence the gyoza soup at the side is to tone it down yet still think it is too much for me.

It is down to individual preference where some of them love it.

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Watermelon Sherbet @ RM 19Homemade watermelon sherbet served with cheese cake and pineapple preserve. 

For their latest menu, there is a slight twist in it. All down to your own preference. For something light, Mango Salad is good to kick start follow by Seafood Foil Yaki and Mazesoba.
For more information about 2016 Grand New Menu @ Ippudo BSC, please visit Ippudo Malaysia Facebook Page and Website

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