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Heard so much about this place as Isetan The Japan Store that recently opens its door to public is world second concept store by Isetan Group. As usual, I will head to check out their food section first.

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They have many interesting snacks and to live the expectation as a Japanese items, the price do comes in premiums too.

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World Champion Financiers from Henri Chapentier

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there are a few island of eatery. Ranging from snacks, salads, sushi bar, udon/soba bar and the saddest part is WHYYYYY they do not have RAMEN Bar!

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This YAkitori stalls I am sure gonna come back to try them out. The smell of it when they did the prep work is good! I came back on the evening, this stall is flock with hungry diners.

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For some healthy take away, you can consider this.

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This place is rather interesting.

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Really premium item.

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One of the most well know place for sushi bento box or it is also a well known OMAKASIH style bento box. Gonna try this next.

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Snacks corner and also the auntie of this stall ask me to take picture of the glass above as it is hand painted by an artist.

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If you have not been to Japan, this Sushi/Sashimi bar do have the quality and style of the Famous Tsukiji Fish Market. The colour of those sashimi and price is indeed . . . . But those sashimi is indeed a satisfying piece.

Isetan (20)

they have a steak bar too. ASk you pick the red meat in this freezer and you pay additioanl RM 20-RM 40 to allow them to cook for you on the spot and you can also pair with sake. The red meat quality here is superb. You can get great red meat with marble score of 9.

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Finally do not know what to eat and we Chose this stall for first stop. Sushi Dining Shoya offers pretty good don from the picture illustration and we have decided to order with their basic Special Bara Chirashi Don – filled with fresh sashimi cubes, serve with miso soup. Love this pot so much as for RM 25 it is indeed very affordable and with the amount of ingredeint they give it is speechless.

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Every bite is filled with satisfaction.

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Then I went to the sushi counter to make a take away to sit at this Bar. RM 20 for 4 pieces roll is indeed a great satifying quality. Generous in ingredient as you can see the ring of sushi rice is so little and filled with salmon, tuna, egg, squid and others.

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Trying out Takoyaki which is also the most expensive Takoyaki that I have tried so far. RM 18 for 6 balls is indeed a premium price. Texture is pretty unique to me as it is slightly chewy in texture and fragrant is different. They have different cooking method for this too. According to the cashier auntie, our version is cook wrongly by the trainer.

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If you explore further behind, you will be greeted with the Japanese Alcohol Zone. Ranging from their boutique beer, sakae, and premium whisky.

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They have draft toooooo!

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As walk around and their top floor capture the most attention as this floor indeed to reflects Tokyo alot. Love the ambiance in here where the whole built up is like a mini street of Japan.

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Some classes is conducted in here too.

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To all of you folks out there that have not been to Japan, this outlet will give you the best experience of a Japan shopping culture.

Isetan The Japan Store
Lot 10, 50 Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL

Tel: 03 2382 7777

Website: www.thejapanstore.mistore.jp

Hours: Daily, 11am-9pm.

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