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I did saw alot of banners on around the area of Sri Hartamas and keep wondering what kind of concert is that until I got invites to this concert which I am pretty excited about. Never knew what is that then search info over the web only realize that its a orchestra performance that featuring all the classic games till modern game.

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Video Game Live (VGL) this round is being held at Istana Budaya, that had attracted many gamers to attend on this event. VGL had been held in Malaysia for a couple of years already and this is their returning show. They never had the same performance as when they are going to hold a show in the country, they will ask their fans what kind of music they would want the team to play over Facebook, email or forums (which is pretty interesting).

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With all the selected songs or themes from the games are based on the fans therefore they are playing accordingly.

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This round of Video Game Live in Malaysia 2012 have Emmanuel Fratianni as the orchestra conductor. Then Tommy Tallarico, the creator of Video Games Live is there with his cool electric guitar performance. Besides that, they do have lead vocalist and flutist “Flute Link” Laura Intravia and special invite guest Norihiko Hibino. From all that, one thing that I am proud off is the whole orchestra team is all handpick by them and all from MAlaysia. 😀

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It was a cool performance from the team and one thing if you attend this VGL is that you must play alot alot and alot of games to know which track is which track. I am 80% lost but enjoying the performance from the best of them . .;)

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In between they do have games to ask audience to come out and play and there are one game that impress alot of people is the Guitar Hero which from this young guy he played hard core level and the dots that are flowing down is like raining. Wonder how he press all together and he manage to score 370k games score and above which is seriously impressive!!!

Well, I did one of a recording which I think its impressive that feature both of the performer, “Flute Link” Laura Intravia and special invite guest Norihiko Hibino

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Total sets that they play are:

Set list (in order):

  1. Castlevania – medley
  2. Assassin Creed 2 – cutscene track
  3. Frogger – music played according to the live gaming on stage
  4. Shadow of Collosus – medley
  5. Pokemon – medley
  6. Metroid – medley
  7. World of Warcraft – Lament of the Highborne
  8. Uncharted 2 – (unsure of music title)
  9. Metal Gear Solid 3 – Snake Eater
  10. Norihiko Hibino‘s solo – music from Color a DinosaurMarioSonic & Final Fantasy
  11. Tetris – opera medley
  12. (20 minutes intermission)
  13. Legend of Zelda – 25th anniversary medley
  14. Mass Effect – (unsure of music title)
  15. Starcraft 2 – (unsure of music title)
  16. Final Fantasy VIII – Liberi Fatali
  17. Laura Intravia‘s solo – Super Mario Bros medley
  18. Guitar Hero – Foo Fighters‘ The Pretender
  19. Halo – (unsure of music title)
  20. Street Fighters 2 – 25th anniversary medley
  21. (Encore)
  22. Chrono Trigger + Chrono Cross medley
  23. Portal – Still Alive

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So for the show for this year, they again impress their fans and audience again with standing ovation given to them. Indeed as I have always love orchestra but this is something new to me. Thanks to Don for the tickets!

I have always like stage play or stage play musical. Its something that I enjoy very much and yet I stand a chance to go for this High School Musical that held at KLCC Convention and I was surprise by the location as I always thought this kind of event would always held at Istana Budaya or KLCC Symphony area but of course many thanks to Florence for the tickets.

No wonder that this musical play is held here that KLCC had a nice stage.
The decoration of the stage play as what it is in the movie. Me and my friends felt so young as most of the crowd that went there are children yet there are some of my friends even say me that, aiyoooo, how old liau you…some more go this kind of thing.
For me is to enjoy their performance. There wasnt much crowd in the play.

This was the lucky selected kid to be chosen on stage. She is so cute. She sang and dance with them.

Till the end of course their graduation. Some songs I have heard before and some songs no as I only watch High School Musical 3 which I think its pretty damm nice and cool. Its like a stage play in a movie and I carry such high hope to this musical play.
The musical play was not at my expectation as because when I came here, I brought the scenario of the High School Musical 3 movie in my mind but then its not bad afterall.

I have always wanted to watch a stage play, but always there is hard to find someone to go with. At last I found one. As I did blog about how happy am I when I got the ticket.
But definitely that day, I do not know where is Istana Budaya. When my friend told me it is here, I got shock and I asked her did we come to the write place. It seems like a building that got abondand. The outside view is Sexy…
Wow, this is what they declare a world class stage play building, whereby I believe there should be a fountain on the pond, well painted walls and nicely taken care off. The sight of the main entrance to the World stage play area is unbelievable ‘Pretty’. No maintainance, dissapointed with the sight.

On the inside it is another story. This is my first time I set my foot in Istana Budaya. It is abit old whereby when you step in got that kind of old cinema smell. Miss the smell, anyhow I was totally impress on how the interior is.

The interior of the Istana Budaya is really up to the standard. Compare outside(very kampung style) and the inside is like so modern..
Previously did manage to pull some one to watch with me. Thanks Lys.
This is me, the Mama Mia wanna be.
In the show, I was sitting on the 3rd level, because did not manage to get the early birds. If I did I would have the good sits on the ground floor.
Anyhow, the whole scene is like what you seen in the Mama Mia movie, just that in the movie they have more scenery to look at, on this stage play, I am quite dissapointed as there are just 2 tall walls that represent as their wall and move around the entire play. I thought the back ground would keep changing, but comes to logical, the whole scene is on the hotel area. So acceptable in the end. If you know ABBA songs you will surely enjoy, if you do not know, you will sit down there yawning non stop like the stranger sitting beside me.
The lighting of the play is good, totally following the rhtym of the music, their costume I must say, it is impressive in the end. The whole play I would say is so so only BUT usually people said the best is the last. Their really best part of the whole play was in the end of the play. Whereby they sing and dance all the way, stiring up the whole environment.
Usually, when such a great play, we will stand up and clap for them, let me tell you of what happen to me…..It happen during the last part of the play whereby they start to sing, every 1 on the ground floor and lower ground stainding up and enjoying the songs sang by them and me and my friend stand up also.
While enjoying ourselves, suddenly I feel there is 1 finger tapping on my shoulder hard. It was the ‘ah pek’ sitting behind me, dress up nicely, looks like rich family with his wife, then I think the sister and the daughter. With unpleasent manner, he asked me and my friend to sit down in a harsh way. Then the wife stare at us like I have curse her family 18 generations deep, and sitting there like ‘Guan Yin’. Then the daughter keep staring at us like with the look of no respect of elder. *FUCK!! (not like I dont, but depends how u treat me.)
With all the people around them standing, clapping and dancing all the way, just 4 of them sitting like a statue.
I was saying out loud, they from which kampung or planet 1..so weird eh.!!! 1st time come to play ah? or too old cannot stand.(they never take tong kat) so I assume them still very healthy as they look like mid 60’s only. Since so rich why sit so high..their neck can patah loh..the daughter never take care of them..Pity them…really spoil my mood on the end. But still they rocksZzzzzzz!!!!!!!
Great show, great music. Big applause for you guys~
Definitely I would go for other stage play as previously I miss the Beauty and the Beast.

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