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If you have been to Australia, I believe this brand is no stranger to you. You will get to see quite number of Jamaica Blue Fine Coffees around city center. Establish since 1992 and had emerge as one of a leading cafe business opportunity provider. Spend across Asian network in Australia, New Zealand, China, UAE, Singapore, UK and now in Malaysia. Jamaica Blue Fine Coffee comprises of three concepts with Espresso Bar, Cafe and Cafe Restaurant.

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Currently the three concepts are spread across Klang Valley with Espresso Bar at Mid Valley, Cafe at Plaza Low Yat and their latest is Cafe Restaurant at Setia City Mall.

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With their recent launch of Jamaica Blue Seasonal Menu that took place in their cafe restaurat at Setia City Mall. In this new menu, they have prepared seven-mouth watering dishes from classic breakfast, savaory mains, soup and salad through sweet treat.

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For a healthy option, you can go with Sourdough Crumpets with Avocado, Scrambled Eggs, Pesto and Pinenuts.

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It looks like a mini hamburger as this multi layered, Smoked Salmon Potato Cakes is top with smoked salmon, along with a bed of caramelised onions doused in Hollandaise sauce at the bottom layer.. It is a great mix of flavour. .

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Some diners would prefer pancake as one of their breakfast series as they have Hazelnuts Chocolate and Mixed Berries.

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Another dish which is punch with heavy flavour yet a hint of clear end is this Chicken & Mushroom Crepes, made from savoury crepes, chicken, mushrooms, baby spinach, ricotta and cheese. The heavy punch of flavour comes from cheese. I would advise this is a shared portion.

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Chicken & Corn Soup

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There is another twist in their food range where cold noodle is part of it. Thai Chicken Noodle Salad came on a plateful of vermicelli noodle salad with capsicum, baby bok choy, cashews, and an Asian style dressing. Love the springy texture of noodle, with a hint of sourish lemon taste and their special chili sauce. Some of you might not get used to cold noodles with spicy end. Worth to give it a try.

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Home made Coconut Lime Cake served with cream on the side. There is a hint of mild coconut taste in it along with sourish lime end.

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During the end of the dinner, chef shown us on how to make the Thai Chicken Noodle Salad.

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Let’s head to their coffee series as in this famous chain of coffee how can we miss it. Jamaica Blue serves two types of coffee beans, Jamaica Blue Signature Blend and Jamaica Blue Mountain, the differences and info as listed below for each.
Jamaica Blue Signature Blend is an award-winning coffee medium with a well-balanced body with character of creamy delicate chocolate after taste.. Made from 100% Arabica beans sourced from six of the world’s most renowned coffee regions – South America, India, Pacific Rim, Africa, Central America and Jamaica.
Jamaica Blue Mountain is one of the world’s best coffees. It is a single origin coffee from the Blue Mountain of Jamaica, one of the world’s superior coffee-growing regions. Mild and perfectly balanced, the taste is sweet with a crisp finish.

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After I have tried both their coffee series, I am amazed with the taste of their Blue Mountain Blend as gives gives you a very nice fruity aroma lingering end. I have made a mistake where I have tried their premium blend then follow by their normal single origins. In this series on the first sip, my mind had already focus to the Blue Mountain Blend.

In this series I have taste:

  1. Signature Latte @ RM 11.50
  2. Latte Blue Mountain @ RM 23
  3. Signature Long Black @ RM 10
  4. Signature Mocha @ RM 13.50
  5. Signature Affogato @ RM 13

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If you were to try their coffee then you need to start off with Signature Long Black, then any series after that. This is to ensure your taste bud get to enjoy the character before you more to a premium or milky series.

Food: You can try off with their Avocado Smash & Maple Bacon, Thai Chicken Noodle Salad, Chicken & Mushroom Crepes.

Jamaica Blue Fine Coffee
LG.12, Setia City Mall, Persiaran Setia Dagang,
Setia Alam, Shah Alam, 40170 Selangor

Website: www.jamaicablue.com.my
Facebook: fb.com/jamaicabluemy

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