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With appreciation comes true knowledge; quality cues are discovered and connoisseurs created. One which is true luxury products, including cognac and Hennessy X.O. This journey towards understanding the quality of Hennessy X.O begins with Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows . Some of you might have read previously.

This year Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows Gastronomy finds a true match in three-time James Beard semi-finalist for Best Chef Edward Lee, who trained in classical French kitchens, and has tempered this experience with the better part of a decade cooking in 610 Magnolia finagling an invitation to work in the kitchen for the week. Impressed with Lee’s passion and skill, the chef offered him the restaurant less than a year later, and his Southern adventures began. The rest is history.

As this Korean-American Chef Edward Lee, who has challenged culinary royalty on Iron Chef America and won, spent a week immersing himself in the heritage and cultural diversity of Malaysia by literally “eating his way through Kuala Lumpur” in a journey taking him from one revealing mouthful to the next.

On Episode 1, Will Quah brought chef to Selayang wet Market to discover more about our local ingredients.. . .

Episode 2, Heading to Jalan Tun HS Lee for local street food

Episode 3, Moving towards one of the most popular night spot Petaling Street, Chinatown and guess what the chef have discover?

Episode 4, After China Town, the are heading to Little India at Briekfields to have a glimpse of dining with hands by Indian traidion

Episode 5, To experience how urban Malaysians live their lives in the city, Chef takes a brief pause from the heritage trail to indulge in contemporary coffee culture.

With much discovery that the chef move around the town, finding himself absorbing, understanding and reformulating all he has seen, heard and tasted in this whirlwind nonstop eating journey through the city for the upcoming Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows dinner. This gastronomic journey certainly open up his creativity to come up to blend his experience with Hennessy X.O into the food. I am sure it will blast us away with his creating in the menu past April. Click  here for previous exclusive event by Chef Edward Lee

One of the cool events coming up that I just cant wait which is happening very very soon. Its about Hennessy X.O Appreciation Grows dinner series, which will be meticulously orchestrated by Chef Edward Lee this 18-21 April 2012 that turns out to be one of the most celebrated event for the year.

During the dinner Hennessy X.O is going to showcase into the originality of its makers in creating a superior product and birthing the prestige spirits market as with this Hennessy X.O’s “Appreciation Grows” that aim to define excellence, quality, originality and heritage of Hennessy X.O

I am one Hennessy X.O lover myself and to feature this great spirit by featuring true creations on celebrating the the brand its something unique also with many years pass by, the spirit also evolve and will look forward on the introduction of the Hennessy New Pack and Hennessy X.O Mathusalem.

Nevertheless, I have seen the profile of Chef Edward Lee and I must share his profile with you guys:



Chef Edward Lee’s story – and his food – could only happen in America. One part Southern soul, one part Asian spice, and one part New York attitude, Lee is a Korean-American who grew up in Brooklyn, trained in classical French kitchens, and has spent the better part of a decade cooking in Louisville, Kentucky.
Lee’s passion for food is only surpassed by his sense of adventure; it is, after all, what took him to Louisville from a successful career in New York City. In 2001, on a cross-country road trip, Lee wound up in Louisville during Derby Week, the busiest dining week of the year. On a tip from a friend, he sought out the eccentric chef of a local gem called 610 Magnolia, finagling an invitation to work in the kitchen for the week. Impressed with Lee’s passion and skill, the chef offered him the restaurant less than a year later, and his Southern adventures began. The rest is history.

A James Beard finalist for Best Chef: Southeast in 2011, he has been featured in Gourmet and Esquire magazines, defeated Iron Chef Jose Garces on Food Network’s “Iron Chef America,” appeared on the CBS “Early Show” preparing an eclectic three-course meal for a family of four for under $40, and was most recently seen on “Top Chef: Texas.” Lee continues to seek out adventure, whether fishing bare-handed in a Kentucky creek, hunting for venison, working in a slaughterhouse or dropping in on a friend’s restaurant to cook for a few days. He approaches his professional and culinary life with candor, humor, and –most importantly – the same spirit of adventure that was the original impetus for his success.

I just cant wait to attend this event and I shall share what had happen in the event on my next blog post . .hehe~

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