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Pablo fans, just went ecstatic when they knew their favorite cheese tart had open in 1 Utama. Just only month in operation, they have also recently launch Pablo Matcha & Chocolate Cheese Tart next. It is now not only available their signature classic cheese tart where this two addition being added for more variety.

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Trying out one of their classic product is this Matcha with Shiratama @ RM15.90. The drink is quite interesting where they do have a jelly base and top with 3 pieces of Rice ball. I love the whipped cream where it is red bean base. My own preference is best to stir everything till it dilute a bit and that is when you get a sip of slight combination of flavour.

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Matcha Cheese Soft Serve @ RM11.90

I love the texture of the softserve ice cream where the swirl is so smooth. Although the pricing is on the steep side for a soft serve and I must say this do beat many of the green tea soft serve out there. Maybe is because they have cheese in it. Very well balance of flavour with a classic matcha and hint of cheese smoothness t the end.

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These are their new signature. Baked Chocolate Cheese Tart @ RM 49.90. Chocolate lover would love this as it is light in cheese and personally I think eat it chill taste so much better. The taste is much more prominent.

Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama and Azuki @ RM 49.90 also quite unique where in the middle they do have a layer of red bean and best of all it is filled with mini mochi in it.

These 2 series is RM4 more expensive as to compare with original Cheese Tart

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Sabrel Cheese is also available in Green Tea. I still love their original for this version. Classic crispy fragrant cookie.

Pablo Cheese Tart
S130, Level 2, 1 Utama Old Wing
Business hours: 10am – 10pm

Let’s hail the Japan Famous Pablo Cheese tart originated from Osaka Japan that is making huge waves of hype that had been busy spreading their wings over South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippine, Indonesia and finally landed its first outlet at 1 Utama, PJ. They will be operating from 6th December on wards and be prepared to queue with the rest of the crazy cheese tart lovers out there.

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Operating at Old Wing Level 2, with its bright yellow signature colour is hard for you to miss them out. As you walk pass by you will be greeted in Japanese by all their well trained staff.

Pablo Cheese Tart (3)


Pablo Cheese Tart (4)

Not only they are well know for their cheese tart, as they have other products for you to hunt for with mostly cheese base.

Pablo Cheese Tart (5)

Pablo Cheese Tart (6)


Pablo Cheese Tart (7)

Other famous product for you to buy off the shelves.

Pablo Cheese Tart (8)

Pablo Cheese Tart (9)

This is one of their famous product that sells thousands a day back in Osaka. Pablo Mini @ RM 8.90 would be a good testing tart for you to hit on before you proceed to their main best seller product Freshly Baked Cheese Tart. Love the crust as it is aromatic with slight fragrant of butter biscuiti, as the filling of cheese is not too heavy, yet light and airy that does not give you the overdose effect. A very nice piece of cheese tart that sits in between the other 2 brand.

Another is their drink which is Classic Cheese Tart @ RM 15.90. By the name of it, you might feel that it will be too cheesy. However the base have some banana & apple mixture and some cream cheese in it and blend that does not make it too heavy. Top with some crumbles crust of the base of mini tart to make it a little bite to the texture. Worth to give it a try.

Pablo Cheese Tart (10)

Pablo Cheese Tart (11)

For many of the cheese lover overseas, this is their best selling product and also one of the most recommended by many others. Some of them can even finish this Freshly Baked Cheese Tart themselves. @ RM 45.90. Crust is perfect yet it is not too cheesy as compare to Pablo mini. The filling is slight creamy, airy and aromatic. This taste like have more cream cheese as compare to Pablo Mini. The top have a little hint of sourish taste that goes well with the filling. This is either you like or do not like it. It is acceptable for me.

Pablo Cheese Tart (12)

Pablo Cheese Tart (13)

With Bowie (above) and Isaac (below)

Pablo Cheese Tart (14)

With the latest addition of Pablo cheese tart Malaysia will add up to the players in the market. It is also up to your own taste preference on which you like.

Paoblo Freshly bake Cheese Tart
Lvl 2, One Utama (old Wing)

Operating Hours: 10am-10pm

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