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Do you all still remember the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan few months ago that it had affected one of their nuclear reactor till the Jap government at taking high safety precautions on that. Kin Shui Tei Japanese Restaurant AS I am a big fan of Japanese food, during that time I get to discover that actually there are a few ports that export their fresh seafood ingredient to other parts of the world and which I get to know and explain by a few Japanese restaurant during that time was, most of the restaurant in Malaysia their ingredient is import through the southern port at japan which the quake hit wayyyyy up in the north whereby the nuclear reactor is located up there too.

For me, I cannot just think like last time tsunami hit Acheh does that mean the whole Indonesia is in trouble? usually nope which is just affected a small part of town and people assume is the whole country. For me I still support Japanese food as that time the TVB series that show alot on Sushi had made my crave for it alot, I still eat it too. Now, next in the line is Kin Shui Tei Japanese Restaurant which is located inside of Tropicana Golf Club.

kin (1)

Start off with one of my favourite Cold Sake which is very mild in taste, easy to drink and smooth. It doesnt taste very strong in alcohol yet the the more you drink and the after effect will be like wine, you wont feel the kick in many glasses, once kicks in, you will be in another world. . 🙂

kin (2)

Deep Fried Shrimps then you squeeze with lemon to make it a bit sourish, and let it soak for a while into the crispy fried shrimps then its good!

kin (3)

 Edamame is not one of my preference, I just go along as it is boil in hot water then add on with a bit of salt to bring up the taste a bit.

kin (4)

Seasonal Anago Tempurawith Deep fried sea eel with Japanese tempura style with crunchy vegetables.

kin (5)

Special Hokkaido Chirashi Sushi @  RM98 

kin (6)

kin (7)

Combination of a few fresh ingredient in sashimi and I can say that every piece that put into my mouth I am enjoying every bits of it, that the sashimi is super fresh.

kin (8)

Beef tofu Katsu Don RM38

kin (9)

Everytime when comes a dish with tofu, most of them will just stuff it infront of me first saying that being taufulou you must eat your own first -_-“”””. . . . The tofu is very soft, fried well on the edge on the skin with egg coated abit that makes it aromatic and  eat along with fragrant rice, just perfect.

kin (10)

This is the first time I tried out this Smoked Ayu as was told is a sweet fish, while I use my chopstick to poke through it, doesnt seem like a fresh fish cuz a bit sold, but when put inside my mouth, the aroma just burst, with sweetness and fresshness of it. GOOD!@ RM55 

kin (11)

Lamb rib steak with homemade special sauce @ RM50 

kin (12)

Teppan Seafood Special @ RM98

kin (13)

Seafood Kimuchi Udon @RM39

kin (14)

When I tried this, I was like, eh, izint that this is kimchi, and how come Japanese restaurant serve Korean food ah, well, I just eat it, which is their kimchi is homemade and the taste is nice and I just love mine to be more spicy then it would taste even better, the texture of udon is just nice, not too soft yet it is springy.

kin (15)

As human being, we always take safety precious over the food from that country to avoid the best rather than purposely go find fault, as time pass during the event, people concern grew over food safety and Kin Shui Tei is one of the first restaurant in Malaysia to prove to their customer that they are actually radioactive free by scanning from this high tech device that they bought from US which previously US reluctant to sell it to Malaysia because its no need and not affected.

for a human to have a side effect on the radio active which will need at least reading of 100,000 and above and anything less than 20,000 is harmless. . . As some customer is scared of the food and will ask where does your product come from, and when mention from Japan they will ask safe or not, then will prove to them by using this device.

kin (16)

kin (17)

For Kin Shui Tei to serve even better they have import their ingredient from different parts of the world such as rice from USA, scallops and salmon from Norway, Tuna from Indonesia, Unagi from Taiwan and the list goes on.

It is definately safe to dine in here as all their food had went through extreme check if the item come from Japan. For me, where every there is good food, I will just go hunt . .

C/o Tropicana Golf & Country Resort,
Jalan Kelab Tropicana,
47410 Petaling Jaya,

Contact No:
603 – 7804 2079

Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday – Lunch, 12.00PM – 2.30PM / Dinner, 6.30PM-10.00PM
Saturday , Sunday and Public Holiday – Lunch, 12.00PM, 2.30PM / Dinner, 6.30PM – 10.00PM



KL Hilton is one of the participants in Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2010 for the 6th consecutive year as they join the 10th successive event with Chynna, Iketeru and Senses serving a variety of Oriental and Western Flavours from 1st to 31st October 2010.

Hilton MIGF

As for this festive season menu, I am heading to Iketeru at Hilton Kuala Lumpur for my very first experience on Japanese food in this menu. I never knew that there is one hidden restaurant located at the 8th floor which at the swimming pool area of the hotel, as I always thought that it’s all located at ground and 1st floor.

On this dining, I just got to know there is one special guest is joining us tonight too. One  TV Host.

Hilton MIGF (2)

Right before the entrance of the restaurant, its decorated with traditional mini Japanese garden landscape with fountain, wooden hut placed next to it.

Hilton MIGF (3)

Eating Japanese food can consider everyone’s favorite, but how many of us are able to cook or make sushi? During my uni life at oversea, me and my housemate did try to make sushi ourselves by using our own logic to do it without find a proper recipe to go along with (which is very wrong) but then the meal turns out to be not so bad, the rice we did was using Japanese rice but not as sticky as it is compare to the restaurants.

This time besides eating nice sushi, now I had a chance to learn from the best from Chef Yanagida by teaching us make simple and nice sushis, eg: Nigiri Sushi, Tobiko Gunnkan Nigiri, California Roll and Inari Sushi. During the session, I had hands-on experience by in making the sushi, it was not that easy as I thought by looking at the chef at sushi bar wrapping it but I still prefer my responsible by just eating it.

moon n jap (24)

All the fresh ingredient prepared for us to get hands on.

moon n jap (25)

moon n jap (26)

moon n jap (27)

One of the trick to make the rice sticky was to cook a . . . . . . (cannot tell) to make the rice sticky.

moon n jap (28)

With Chef Yanagida vast experience he had come out with quality food with the Asian and Western Combination.

moon n jap (29)

After the special sauce was cook, the sauce was pour into the rice and let it dry up. (part to ensure sticky of the rice and aromatic)

moon n jap (30)

slicing and prepare California Handroll.

moon n jap (31)

This is the way how you wrap a proper handroll, little ingredient at the start roll to solid in the end.

moon n jap (32)

Samples of the chef’s creation.

moon n jap (33)

To make another sushi. . .

moon n jap (34)

moon n jap (35)

moon n jap (36)

and at the end with my hand’s on…This is my skillfull set of wrapping sushi (please do laugh) . . .

After the mini preview of the class, we head back to another section to enjoy what had been prepared for us.

Japanese food would be consider one of a food temptation that hard to resist by many people, especially served with fresh sashimi along with sake would be the perfect but fresh sashimi itself would be enough to kill most of us.


One of the latest introductions to us is Japanese Master Chef Heiji Kasuga and we were privilege to get a chance to have him cook for us. He’s 46 years of experience in cooking Japanese Cuisine both traditional and fusion that makes his cooking style unique and more authentic.

Enju (2)

The California and Ebi Tempura Maki was good as the rice is more sticky yet not too wet  which is just perfect to make a sushi roll, with the ingredient in it makes it simple and nice dish to start off with.

Enju (3)

Assorted Makimono

Enju (4)

ENJU Dynamite Roll was made from fresh salmon, cucumber, flying fish roe, tempura flakes, avocado and sushi rice wrapped in dry seaweed. One of the best I had so far as the really use pure ingredient with minimal of rice and the salmon is very fresh. RM22

Enju (5)

Sashimi Fuji @ RM140

If you are looking for something fresh to tantalize your mouth, this platter would be something you would not want to miss, with variety of fresh sashimi are served in one plate, I surely do not mind having the whole plate by myself if I can. Most pieces of the sashimi are quite juicy and dipping it with wasabi is just heaven.

Enju (6)

Murugai Yaki @ RM32

Grilled Mussel is grilled perfectly that manage to make the meat still soft and juicy, by topping up with a bit of cheese on it and by putting it in your mouth, it is burst with flavors.

Enju (7)

Maguro Yamakake @ RM29

Cod fish was grilled to perfect by the small chunk of fish able to spread into slices when put it in our mouth in it is soft and fragrant

Enju (8)

Soft Shell Crab Karaage @ RM28

When this was served, the smell of it get us eager to try it out and goodness, it was crispy that served along with potato salad that I can just finish the whole scoop by myself  

Enju (9)

Curry Udon  @ RM28

One of the classic taste that I miss a lot as I was not able to find many places that can cook nice curry Udon, and I would say this is one of the best curry udon that I have had so far with mild and sweet curry flavor that is a bit thick and creamy in taste yet the udon was cook wholly that its not too soft yet not too hard.

If you love something homecook or authentic Japanese food, Enju is one of the place you would want to dine in and with their new promotions, its worth trying out.

Japanese Power Set Lunch
Monday to Friday (12noon -2.30pm)

Power Set Lunch is a great choice for quick business dining! Varieties of choice are available from Tempura, Sushi, Sashimi, and Soba set.

The Power Set Lunch will be an ideal meal with colleagues or friends and it is also perfect over a business discussion with your business partners.

Available from RM45++ per person onwards

Unlimited Sushi Weekends (for Dinner)
Every Friday & Saturday (Dinner from 6.30pm – 10.30pm)

Indulge in Japanese favourites in abundance on Friday and Saturday nights! Discover ENJU’s Unlimited Sushi Weekends for dinner. Every sushi dinner consists of miso soup, a choice of main course and dessert and unlimited selections of Nigiri, Makimono and Temaki Sushi.

Priced at RM65++ per person

ENJU Japanese Restaurant
Prince Hotel and Residence KL
Jalan Conlay
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603-2170 8888 ext 8203

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.princehotelkl.com
Business hours: Lunch 12-2.30pm (Mon-Fri),
Dinner 6.30-10.30pm (Mon-Fri) & 6.30-11pm (Sat)

Time really flies, and never thought its mid of June already and reminds us about Jonathan’s Birthday. When he remind us about his birthday, it feels like just celebrated with him few months ago and actually not it was a year ago. Ishin Japanese Dining.

We delay one day to celebrate with him to make it lunch on Friday, and places that ended up voting by most of them is to ala carte menu of Japanese food at Old Klang Road, anyway, who could resist japanese food?


This restaurant is located at the side of Old Klang Road, if you did not notice it, it would be just a plain bungalow as it is conversion of bungalow to restaurant.

Ishin (2)

Ishin (3)

Once you walk into the restaurant, we were greeted by attentive staff and seat us to our table. The restaurant consist of two level that decorated with contemporary Japanese dining placed along dark chocolate wooden table and chairs.

Ishin (4)

If you feel you would like to stare at the chef cutting and preparing sushi, then you can be seated at the Sushi Bar.

Ishin (5)

Modern Tatami style dining is available on second floor and if you are a smoker, you can choose to be seated outside on the balcony.

Ishin (6)

Ishin (7)

Once we were seated, we were given one appetizer.

Recently it was a makan makan period for all of us. Another latest addition added into my buffet is this Authentic Japanese Restaurant, Benkay which located inside Nikko Hotel. I have been told by many friends they serve good Japanese food, not until recently I had my mouth full of it.

With its unique name Benkay, only I know that the name is name after a historic Japanese warrior who was strong and courageous and loyal during the war period in Japan, therefore, with their name and the excellent quality of authentic food serving really a place not to be miss.


Niko (2)

I sure do not mind to own a cupboard with a bottle of display like that, I sure wish I can have a sip of everything. Surely a great experience and would love to learn how to enjoy sakae in different style.

Niko (3)

Niko (4)

Diners can enjoy their modern Japanese concept dining area that overlooks a landscape garden with waterfall.

Niko (5)

The very first place I had my hands on was their teppanyaki room, it was huge and I look at the ‘tempura’, it was huge, fried crisply and dipping into the hot garlic soy sauce is just yummy. With the prawns are big and juicy, 3 of us just rob the whole stack of prawns there.

Niko (6)

In the hot pan fried next to Tempura, is the Teppanyaki area. You can customize what you want and the chef are ready to show you some skills.

Niko (7)

Niko (8)

I just love my ‘Beef Teppanyaki’ to be cook in medium with loads of garlic. It was cook well and the garlic slices are very crispy and aromatic.

Niko (9)

After I finish my mini section, my eyes placed on their ‘Sushi Bar’, loads of fresh sashimi and handroll ready to be hunt.

Niko (10)

‘Salmon sahsimi’

Niko (11)

Niko (12)

Niko (13)

‘Unagi Handroll’

Niko (14)

‘Soft Shell Crab Handroll’
And the best thing is I went through at least 3 rounds for it. The sashimi were very fresh and dipping it with wasabi and Japanese soy sauce just makes my nose flame and burst into tears is what I like.

Niko (15)

As for today’s round of food hunting, I started it off pretty weird, after first few sections only I head to this cold appetizer section which is Scallop, Prawns, Oyster and a few more as it is located out side the restaurant.

I am usually not a big fan of oyster, as most of the places that serve that served it huge size which I find it very gross, but the size that was prepared in here was my choice and the oyster was very fresh that day, and I took nearly 1 dozen.

Niko (16)

Appetizer area.

Niko (17)

If you are a noodle lover, this would be a great section for you, as they had prepared a lot of gravy for you to top on.

Niko (18)

6 types of soup base to be ready for you to taste and the right side are prepared in a small portion of soba noodles.

Niko (20)

‘Peking duck’ skin will be cut into thin slices and what we need to do is we need to do it by ourselves, as in place a piece of the ‘popiah skin’ on your plate, spread the peking duck sauce on top of the skin, add on some of the veggie provided and place the peking duck skin, wrap it and ready to be eaten.

Niko (21)

After all that, I need some soup to make it digest, my very first choice as always is ‘Miso Soup’. Love it alot as it was not very salty as some other restaurant, perfect in taste and most of us like it.

Niko (22)

Next is the ‘Dobin Mushi’

Niko (23)

Squeeze the lime into in to bring the taste a bit sour and after mixing it, it taste is clear, yet with salty lime flavor.

Niko (24)

‘Double Boiled Black Chicken with Black Beans’
If you feel that you had not enough from what you can see with your eyes with these sections, then you still can order what is in the menu, ala cart style, with at least another 72 variety for you to hunt.

Niko (25)

‘Sauteed Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion’

Niko (27)

‘Mini Sukiyaki’

Niko (30)

‘Unagi with Egg Sauce in Pot’ which the eel is very soft and cook in terriyaki sauce with onion, and the egg is just cook in the right temperature that create a very good taste.

Niko (31)

‘Grilled Mackerel with Salt’, ‘Grilled Cod Fish in Teriyaki Sauce’, ‘Sauteed Scallop with Black Pepper and Onion’. We are enjoying our fish~

Niko (32)

‘Roast Duck Hong Kong Style’, ‘Fried Rice with Garlic and Egg’

Niko (35)

A great meal like that would not be perfect if without desert which is a MUST to me. A great selection and my eyes had set onto this cake since the first step I walked into the restaurant.

Niko (36)

Niko (37)

this ‘Cherry cheese cake’ that I had set upon my eyes on. Soft, yet very rich in cheeze taste, add on with the cherry and kiwi sour taste, I am enjoying it.

Niko (38)

If you prefer something chinese then try their ‘Double Boiled Sea Coconut with Dried Longan’, ‘Chilled Longan with Beancurd’, ‘Chilled Honey Dew Sago’

Niko (39)

A Japanese buffett will never be perfect if did not end with Green Tea Ice Cream, in this section you can choose, in one per scoop or 3 in 1. ‘Vanilla, Black Sesame and Green Tea Ice Cream’.

Indeed it was a great authentic Japanese meal for the night, and most of us are very full with some of the guy looks like 3months pregnant, thanks to Sidney for arranging all this.



This is what you can expect with their current Japanese Buffett menu, it is 2in1 version with Japanese and some Chinese cuisine are served and price at RM118++ per person.

Available for Dinner on Saturday (7.00pm-10.30pm)
Sunday Lunch (12noon-2.30pm)

Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur
165, Jalan Ampang,
50450 KL, Malaysia

Tel: 03-2161 1111


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