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Who is not a fan of Japanese Green tea or even Japanese Hojicha? This is actually quite interesting as Honyama Hojicha is a Japanese Premium Hoji Cha from Shizuoka Prefecture or Shizuoka Prefecture actually has a long history of producing high quality green tea and is one of the largest tea producing regions in Japan.

japan tea from Shizuoka Prefecture

The prefecture easily covering over 40% of the country’s overall tea production. They have the most ideal ideal climate of 14-16 degree in diverse topography. Most tea farms in Shizuoka are family-owned and harvest are still done by hand, ensuring only the best tea leaves are picked and sent for processing. .

japanese hojicha

I am also a big fan of Genmaicha or Hoji Cha. A popular method of processing is through roasting of the tea leaves to produce a distinct toasty flavour, or some burnt after taste.

Japan Tea Experience

The production of Hoji Cha is a precise process requiring the tea leaves to be roasted at a very high temperature to bring out the umami flavour of the tea. This part of the tea processing, heating, and packaging is usually done by a wholesaler rather than the tea farmers, who prefers to focus on the tea cultivation and harvesting.

As we know, Japanese certainly fully emphasis on their quality of nearly all their products. To ensure the best quality being produces, the expertise required for this process takes many years to perfect and thus, there are not many Hoji Cha manufacturers. So yah, the prefecture itself, the are about only 15 producers that specialize it and only around 50 companies in whole Japan.

Hoji Cha

Just look at the colour of the tea leaves after being roasted that gives us the umami flavour that we want. Even in powder form, there are many things that we can do with it.

As we know, Green tea is actually good for healthy and there are tons of articles that mention about it but little did I know that Hoji Cha actually do have its own health benefit, which I though it is the same.

If were to compare, HojiCha has lower calories compared to green tea and coffee.
1. As the tea is roasted at a very high temperature, it increases the level of pyrazine, a chemical found in tea which helps improves blood circulation and keeps you warm and relaxed.
2. It has low caffeine content making it an ideal drink to have before going to bed. This would be perfect for those who cant really take strong tea or even caffeine. Maybe this could be a good option.

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how to make smoothie

The classic, we usually take the powder form to produce a classic foamy Hojicha Latte that is love by many. This round, I am a bit adventurous and to test this umami flavour of Hojicha. I am making it with 2 recipe.

smoothie blender

Blueberry Honey Hojicha smoothie

  1. 30 g fresh blueberries
  2. 50 g ice
  3. 40 g Greek Yogurt
  4. 15-20 ml water
  5.  2 tbls Local Honey
  6. 20-30 ml water
  7. 3g Hoji cha Powder

matcha smoothie

Let the blender grind till it is all crushed and here you have the Smoothie. Taste is actually very unique as never tried any where in the market or local cafe. It is acceptable and if in a cafe menu, if there are such thing, I would definitely give it a try. Our mind is always filled with green tea but with Hoji Cha, this is actually acceptable.

Hint of honey, mild Hojicha , strong berries flavors and after sourish taste which is from the yogurt. Please adjust the recipe to your liking. If you like strong Hojicha flavour, do increase the “g” but do add by 2g / 2g as they are a strong element.

hojicha smoothie

Next I am doing this Smoothie Bowl, as I do miss this kind of combination when I was in Bali.

I name this : Yellow & Green

  1. 2 local banana (those that is perfect for Pisang Goreng)
  2. 2 table spoon yogurt
  3. 30g crush ice
  4. 20ml milk
  5. 10ml coconut water
  6. 3g hojicha powder
  7. 30g Granola – I use Matcha Green Tea Granola from Big Nuts (gram depends on your liking how filling you like it to go)
  8. Final fresh banana slices spread on top

umami hoji cha

smoothie bowl

This is actually very good. It was gone in seconds after I finish shooting. Nice mouthful crunch from granola with bits and pieces, yet smoothie is smooth, fragrant with Hojicha which is not overpowering yet it is very refreshing. The sweetness of banana is just nice and the slices on top do enhance the taste. both taste of Hojicha and Banana is actually quite prominent.

I did want to add coconut slices on top but then the meat is not available.


Final, with its fresh fragrant Hoji cha leaf, of course to make a pippin hot tea and pair with cake, apple pie or even drink as it is, is just perfect. Going to be my drink while I am working for next few months.

Love the light burnt after taste, and back of my mind, I believe it would make a good Hojicha Sponge cake!


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