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One of the new kids in the block is this new Japanese Restaurant in Sri Petaling. JUUGATSU TEN Japanese Dining is the new dare devil that is currently operating 3 levels of corner shoplot. You will not miss them as them as they are in bright orange building.

JUUGATSU TEN Japanese Dining

JUUGATSU TEN Japanese Dining sri petaling

There are 3 differently levels in total. Juugatsu Ten Is only operating level 1 and Level 2.  Family Izakaya and currently pandemic situation, their private room is one in high demand. Do make a reservation in advance for this. Level 2 is also hosting another of a private dining – Omakase by this young Malaysian Chef that had undergo apprentice from Japanese Chef in Singapore.

Juugatsu omakase

juugatsu japanese omakase

This is the Omakase private dining area, that is able to host only 10 seating.

Juugatsu (44)

Usually when comes to Omakese, you are sure to expect a Japanese Chef However in Juugatsu Ten Japanese Dining, this area is helm by this superb young chef, Chef Jxian as he is only in his early 30’s, I am totally impress by his food journey experience that he had planned out for the night.

Omakese set are usually will set by chef and he will use the best fresh ingredient of the day. What you see in my posting could be slightly different to what you will have or serve upon.

For this Omakese Menu is set at 7 course dinner.

juugatsu japanese restaurant

The first dish Sakizuke – 3 kinds of seasonal appetizer. Serve with :

  1. sea snails as a cold dish: well marinated. soy taste is light yet very fragrant and it is light chill

great start of appetizer.

japanese food in sri pelaling

  1. Premium quality abalone. Chewy and thick.
  2. special marinated tofu is chef signature.

juugatsu sri petaling

omakase in kl

Otsukuri – 3 kind of seasonal item. It was catch of the day and chef share with us that it was best fish that just arrive in the morning. He even he share with is this is the sea water fish from Japan. Little did I know that this fish can be eaten and the meat is fresh, sweet and juicy.

Juugatsu (16)

Juugatsu (10)

We went thru a great dining experience as each dish are explain detailly from chef.  How do we eat it, which sequence, where are the fish from and why this cut of fish he is taking.

Juugatsu (11)

Unique dish that serve with dry ice with its serving effect.  Fish meat is well mixture. Each of the meat gives different mouth bite texture. Certainly it is all sweet and fresh.

Juugatsu (13)


juugatsu private dining

Next we are moving to Chef cooked dish – chef Specials Grill Dishes & fried dishes.

Juugatsu (17)

This is one of my highlight for the night. This is actually octopus tentacles from a huge octopus. only serve 3 dot of the tentacles and imagine how big will this be. Just lightly quick char grill, dip with chef special soy sauce. Omigod! texture is near to a bit rubberish, chewy, fragrant of light soy with hint of charred is just perfect. If you pair it with Sake this is going to be a bomb!

Juugatsu (18)

I have seen hairy crab, but I certainly have not seen such a “yeng” hairy crab. Freshly flown in in the morning and still alive and kicking. Usually this live flown in hairy crab have to consume within 2 days to enjoy its best meat quality.

Juugatsu (19)

Juugatsu (20)

This is how the meat is being prepared. Chef mention that the meat is so fresh, pure and sweet. Maintaining its freshness of this crab by quick boil for the meat then mix with its roe.  I am enjoying every bite of it. Never knew with crab roe you can give such a nice sweetness, and fragrant. The crab claw is just good!

Juugatsu (21)

Juugatsu (22)

Juugatsu (23)

Just look at the waygu. Being carefully handle with layers of special leaves from Japan. Using A5 premium wagyu.

Juugatsu (24)

Quick torch burnt to bring its waygu oil.

Juugatsu (26)

This dish is my super highlight for the night. serve with 2 piece wagyu and each bite is burst with flavours.

  1. Both are filled with foie gras as the base, wrapped with A5 wagyu.
    1. 1 x piece is topped with sea urchin
    2. 1 x piece is topped with freshly slice truffle, and caviar, then topped with gold leaves

Juugatsu (27)

Juugatsu (29)

Wagyu oil blends so well with foie gras, and creamy uni just melts in your mouth. another piece with truffle and caviar, with nice balance of truffle and saltiness of caviar just goes well with it.

foie gras

fresh truffle

Chef show us what kind of Japanese truffle he is slicing for us.


Chawanmushi, this is pack with like seafood flavour. seamegg is silky smooth, and with scallop


Juugatsu (31)

Juugatsu (34)

8 pieces sushi : This is another unique seasonal fish that is currently available from Japan.

Juugatsu (35)

this Japanese clams also freshly flown in from Japan and I have never seen such a big one. It is as nearly as big as my palm. Chef sprinkle a bit of salt to wake it up.

Juugatsu (36)

Juugatsu (37)

Look at this. Upon serving, chef will just clap twice to wake the clam up and we are enjoying it fresh. light crispy, sweet, sea water fragrant and hint of special soy sauce just make this one of the best sushi piece!

Juugatsu (38)

Juugatsu (33)

For sushi, we are all enjoying premium ingredient, with toro, nice cut of tuna, mixture of other fish. The best part of this sushi is how chef cook its rice. Different grains, short yet abit like wheat but each bite of rice you can just seperate it easily in your mouth and nice bite.

Juugatsu (39)

Another 2 is this premium sea urchin which is different from the one serve in the first 2 dish. You can tell by its colour and texture. Follow by one generous big Hokkaido scallop. I try to bite it in one bite, unfortunately my mouth does not fit. Lightly grill and this satisfying.

Juugatsu (40)

Mini palate washer as special marinated. Crispy bite with abit of spicy end.

Juugatsu (41)

Before we end, served with Futamono – a type of soup. As it look simple but this is prep and steam for 2 hours. just look at the clarity of it. As we drink the soup it turns more oily from ingredient that is use, this is the magic, Look oily but does not taste oily

Juugatsu (42)

Love the dessert. Simple and spot on. Very unique kind of grape that we need to suck out the flesh. Then will left its skin perfectly. Follow by ice cream puff and sourish drink.

Juugatsu (43)

Chef share with us on his knife set as each of the knife engraving indicates that he have succesfully master station skillset. Like sushi cutting and others. It is not easy to get this awarded from him Japanese mentor in Singpore with strict perfection guide. Certainly impressive that how the Japanese Chef making this is like part of the graduation program.

I must say as a Malaysian, Chef Jxian is certainly impressive as he is only at his early 30’s.

Best recommended to visit this restaurant on Tuesday/ Friday as where all the fresh ingredient are flown in and you can enjoy maximum quality of it.

JUUGATSU TEN Japanese Dining
Jln Radin Bagus 3,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 11.30am – 9pm

Tel: 014-550 0010

No doubt that Japanese food is one of the most preferred choice of food from many diners out there. Slowly our food market is moving towards new direction. Hana Dining Sake Bar located at Sunway Pyramid is one of the latest Japanese fusion dining restaurant with unique offerings and surprise to diners where the master outlet is at Taiwan.

Hana (1)

The outlet certainly do give perception of it looks like a drinking joint, however I find it is nicely separated where very similar to many hidden sake joint at Japan. We have to hunt for their entrance which applies to Hana Dining too. You can see a huge wall if you are walking from Sunway Pyramid towards Parkson and heading out to the courtyard. Their little entrance is right at the side where it is more like a little ally compare to the usual big entrance.

Hana (2)

Upon entering, you will be greeted with 2 section where on the left is their Japanese Bar and on the right would be their usual dining area.

Hana (3)

They have pretty good range of Japanese Sake and Whiskey. Other brands and beer on tap can be hunt in this area too. Love their cozy feeling in this modern infuse Japanese concept.

Hana (4)

Hana (5)

Hana (6)

Hana (8)

Food pricing and portion is just right. There are a few unique items in the menu that is worth to order.

Hana (9)

I have been to wine pairing and this would be my first Sake Lunch pairing. I was previously thought on drinking sake there is 2 style of drinking it. Hot or Cold. Then in this session I have actually learnt that good sake must be drink cold, where you are only able to taste the texture,body, flavors and aroma. Hot will kill the flavor off (hot is also preferred at Japan during winter for lower grade sake). 

To kick start our lunch, first pairing will be the premium bottle in black (Jozen HuaJiuZhang Junmai Daiginjo) Niigata prefecture @ RM 290. This sake is custom-made for Hana by Shirataki Brewery that only have 100 bottles for Malaysian market with its special made cask, top my list for one of the best sake bottle that is light in fragrant, easy to drink with dry end, pairs well with fishes. 

Hana (10)

As for that bottle, it pairs with Fried Burdock Salad in Honey Mustard Sauce @ RM 20. It is a addictive dish where the flakes is slightly crunchy and aromatic like salmon fish skin and their dressing makes it a great pairing with the recommended Sake.

Hana (11)

One of Chef Thomas signature is this Chef Olic Tuna Marinade @ RM25  where white tuna marinated in olive oil, garlic and a few other ingredients. Fresh piece and fish roe create a little bursting effect in your mouth. 

Hana (12)

The Maguro Tataki @ RM35  the classic. Cook to perfection where all the edge are nicely seared and in the middle is still pinky red, sauced up with a light soy and citrus sauce with crispy bits and thinly sliced onions.

Hana (13)

Do not be stingy with this dish as Engawa Nigiri @ RM10 per piece is so smooth smooth and lightly bouncy texture of the fins. It is worth to order. 

Hana (14)

Shirokawago Junmai Ginjo Sasa Nigori @ RM160/bottle from Gifu prefecture

Our next sake is an unfiltered sake that hails from the center of Japan. The lightly cloudy liquid is a must-try and has even garnered a Silver award in the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America 68th Annual Convention & Exposition Wine Tasting Competition. Has 2 way of drinking it where without shaking it with its clear sake water or after shaking it. Slightly less sweet compared to the first sake but hint of sake alcohol is more prominent. . Best paired with grilled or fried items.

Hana (15)

The third dish of Crispy Soft Shell Crab Wrap with Lettuce @ RM18 .

Hana (16)

First one is Crispy Cod Fish Layered with Sweet Potato @ RM28. Cod wrapped in pastry with creamy sweet potato has lots of crunchy factor contrasting against the soft creamy fish. Pairs well with the fish as lift the freshness of it.

Hana (17)

Crispy Chicken Stuffed with Sweet Potato @ RM18 is such a pretty dish.

Hana (18)

I quite like this dish Seared Seafood Skewer in Green Shiso Sauce @ RM23. Prawn, scallop and salmon trout are grilled and covered with a vibrant shiso leaf sauce with a hint of spiciness. In one bite, I sweep away 3 ingredients in one go and love the aroma pairing of sake where the sauce of this dish is slightly strong and sake is light in flavour that brings up the balance of it.

Hana (19)

Squid Stuffed with Preserved Cucumbers @ RM25 to pair with Hokkan Ichimonji Junmai GinjoRM120/bottle from Tochigi Prefecture

Hail from east of Japan, where the flavour is more direct which is sweet and sour note. It is a beginner level of sake. .

Hana (20)

Roasted Beef Ribs in Tomato Sauce @ RM59 is another signature of Hana. A nice cut with layer of fats. Cooked in light sweet tomato sauce, with caramelise onions.

Hana (21)

Grilled Pumpkin Ham Roll top with Goose Liver @ RM32 pair with Inanbu Bijin Honjozo @ RM140/bottle from Iwate Prefecture

Final sake is produced in North East of Japan. This one is medium dry and has a robust and sharper note compared to all the sakes we had. Best paired with heavier flavoured dishes as well as meat, it is recommended for dishes of Yakiniku or Sukiyaki.

Hana (22)

End our meals with Homemade Tofu Cheesecake @ RM 9 rich and slightly creamy and smooth in texture that gives it a well balacnce in taste and White Sesame Ice Cream @ RM 7  is a simple way to end it. Both desserts are good!

Hana (23)

Hana (24)

The spearhead and creative person for Hana is Head Chef Thomas Lim with vast experience under his belt that enables him to create multi bar snacks and fusion cuisine.

A great place to enjoy some unique Japanese Cuisine and my favorite sake bottle is the first and last.

Hana Dining + Sake Bar
OB2.G.U1, Oasis Boulevard, Ground Floor, No.3 Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, Sunway Pyramid, 47500 Selangor
Tel: 03-56240888

Business Hours:

Mon-Thu 11:30am – 11.00pm

Fri-Sat    11:30am – 1.00am

Sun       11:30am – 11.00pm

Hana Dining Sake Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

When back to Penang usually, I always wanted to go back street food but my friend always end up bring me to this kind of places. When they told me to dinner is at Island Plaza, I thought they must be joking till they said I must try this Japanese Restaurant – Ido Ichi Japanese Cuisine. Who can really resist Japanese Food?

Well, Island Plaza used to be one of the hottest spot to hang out 15 years ago before Gurney Plaza was constructed. One of a major place that most teenagers to hang out at that time, with many prime brands hosted there. Now they have gone major upgrading work to make it another look and feel.

Edo Ichi (1)

I got to know thru a friend that Ido Ichi Japanese Cuisine is actually under the group which Azuma Japanese Restaurant is also one of theirs. When I arrive, I am surprise by huge crowd and have to wait for 20 minutes for a table. Seldom will see this situation happen in Penang and its located inside Island Plaza, that makes me curious.

Edo Ichi (2)

They are operating 2-3 lots that make the dining area spacious with a few sections including sushi bar and close up area.

Edo Ichi (3)

Edo Ichi (4)

Price here are pretty decent and I compare to another of my favourite brand Sushi Tei in Gurney, its pretty much similiar

Edo Ichi (5)

 Then we ordered quite a lot for 5 pax and started of with Salmon Sashimi. Finely cut and its very fresh! @ RM 28

Edo Ichi (6)

For rolls, I would say that they have created their own signature style compare to others and tried both their Una Cheeze Maki @ RM 35 & Shake Mayo Mentai Roll @ RM 30. Both are equally good as ingredient are pretty generous and I like how the cheeze flavour makes it more unique with their own light sauce.

Edo Ichi (7)

I order something new that my friend have yet try is Tenderloin Cappaccio @ RM 35. It was all gone after I snap the picture. Thin slice beef that cut to perfection, with shoyu sauce and mayonnaise with the fine cut that makes it nearly melt in mouth. Order another plate again.

Edo Ichi (8)

Volcano Roll is not the best I have come across as I have tried better ones before. Overall, the cheese and mixture of ingredient in it is quite not bad for a Penang version. @ RM 28

Edo Ichi (9)

 This is the fellow who always wanted to maciam maciam places!

Edo Ichi (11)

Sukiyaki is pretty good too with the soup base quite salty as what I have learn, flavourfull that serve along with fine cut beef slice. It will be perfect during rainy season.  @ RM 30

Edo Ichi (12)

Yaki Gyuza @ RM 8 both item is nice to go along as Gyuza here won many places that I have tried, by pan fried the base perfectly to golden brown and ingredient in it a bit solid.

Edo Ichi (13)

Both Fried rice are equally good and I prefer more Scallop Fried Rice @ RM 12. Very fragrant with garlic with wok hei. We add extra garlic into our rice to make it extra kick. Seafood Fried Rice @ RM 12

Edo Ichi (14)


Edo Ichi (15)

By the time comes to this Avocado Guratan  we are all very stuff. Ended up I finish all this. If you love cheeze potato and some seafood this would be ideal for you.@ RM 18

Edo Ichi (16)

Kimuchi Ramen turns out to be pretty good, mild spicy and sour end with thin slice of pork in it. Ramen is slightly overcook and if they can make it al dante then would be perfect bowl of noodle. @ RM 18

At the end of the meal, it was a very satisfying dinner with great food. If you are looking for some nice Japanese Cuisine, this outlet certainly would be one of my recommendation.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8.5/10 , Nice ambiance and great food~ Recommended! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Edo Ichi Japanese Cuisine 江戸一
G-05 & G-06 Island Plaza
118 Jalan Tanjung Tokong
10470 Penang
Tel: 04 – 890 3199
Business Hours: 11:30am – 3:00pm & 6:00pm – 10:00pm (Mon – Thu)
11:30am – 10:00pm (Fri – Sun & Public Holidays)

Some of you might now that I am working in Jaya One, and if you do come by, can always give me a call then we can have lunch together. One of the latest outlet in Jaya One that offer a new twist of taste is Yama & J. Chef Yama that had been train at U.S in a few Japanese restaurant over past 30 years and now with its new concept in New York known as Japanese Fusion Sushi, that he had gain his fame there and now flying back to Malaysia to open this outlet to share the latest trend to our Malaysian.

[update: no longer in operation]

Chef Yama (pictures from Pureglutton)

I did ask him before, or not only me, why come back to Malaysia since you are doing so well in overseas. He answered, because he is a Malaysians and still his home ground. He is proud to bring back this concept. Chef Yama specialties are sauces. He always mention would love the diners to enjoy same ingredient but different taste.

yama (1)

Open its door for less than a month, and he had started to gain many regular customer. With his unique sauce combination that none of us had try before that make all customer a wow on his creation. Yama & J offers Buffet for all of us at very affordable price.

yama (2)

You will be rather suprise of what Chef Yama had gain its fame in New York and are now on the wall for you to read.

yama (3)

Dining experience also would be more different compare to any other traditional Japanese Outlet.

yama (4)

There are only limited space dining indoor and highly advisable to book your reservation first before you go over especially during lunch.

yama (6)

 sitting outdoor during lunch will definitely not a pleasant experience. At night would be better.

yama (7)

All buffet start from this boat and please be prepare you are about to get spam with lots of pictures.

yama (5)

 What can you expect in the outlet as there are 2 sessions available for you diners.

yama (8)

 Fresh sashimi ..

yama (9)

yama (10)

 fresh oyster

yama (11)


yama (12)

 chef special sauce to go along

yama (13)

 Cold Platter and Salmon Fish head (depends on availability)

yama (14)

sushi Roll

yama (15)

 The Kimchi is pretty good ..

yama (16)

 Mango Dessert

yama (17)

 Udon with the soup at the side.

yama (18)

 Another chef special sauce that its a must have and available at the end of the ship.

yama (19)

 Unagi Sushi

yama (20)

 for last dessert, ice cream

yama (21)

Buffet range does not end there, as you are entering into chef specialties, that with their menu with buffet, we can order anything in the menu with OK sign at the side. I have tried nearly all of it as I have dine here many times.

yama (22)

Red Dragon Roll: Spicy tuna and cucumber roll, topped with Big-Eye Tuna & Chef’s signature spicy ponzu garlic sauce

yama (23)

Happy Sumo Roll: Shrimp tempura, cream cheese & snow crab, deep-fried potato strip topped with Chef’s signature yuzu, homemade eel sauce & strawberry sauce, served in a martini glass

yama (24)

Baked Salmon Roll: Snowcrab, cream cheese & asparagus on top with baked salmon, served with Chef’s signature sauce

yama (25)

yama (26)

Art of Maki: Salmon, avocado, crabmeat wrapped with tuna & served with Chef’s signature yuzu sauce

yama (27)

Mango Waikiki Roll: Fresh salmon, avocado topped with mango & red tobikko & Chef’s signature mango sauce

yama (28)

Volcano Roll: Crabmeat mix, avocado & cucumber, topped with spicy tuna, spicy salmon mango with Chef’s signature sauce

yama (29)

yama (30)

With some of them in the pictures are Eunice, Me, Coco & Yvonne Sam .. .

Food in here is great and it will give you another dimension of what to taste in sushi. The only thing is you might love it or don so like it as in the chef special menu, its much drench with sauce, there is where the sushi/sashimi boat come in handy, to tone down the taste. My preference for those are:

Waikiki Roll, Volcano Roll, Art of Maki to kick start off with . .
If you are more adventure with your sushi, then I would highly recommend this place to try out.

Buffet Lunch : RM 48++ (promo 40% offers ends 19th May 2013)
Buffet Dinner: RM 68 ++
RM 88++ Free Flow beer 2 hours (last call for food 9.45pm)
(free flow beer offers from the time you start dinning at any time of arrival)

Do note that after 10.30pm, the music and ambiance lighting will change to suits drinking hours.

Yama & J Fusion Buffet
M-6-1 Palm Square
Jaya One
Jalan University
46200 Petaling Jaya
(above StarBucks)

Tel: 03-7931-7372/016-381-8896

Sushi Tei is one of my favourite Japanese restaurant compare to a few in our Malaysia market. It definitely falls on personal preference. I was firstly expose to this brand when I was visiting my friend in Jakarta, Indonesia 6 years ago and they know that I love food, this was one of a Japanese Restaurant that they told me, die die also must try. Back in those time, I have yet to start my food blogging as just enjoy my food whenever I travel.

Love the range that they offer and its pretty unique on the combination and rolls that they have. At that time, KL have yet so many different types of Japanese Cuisine that is similiar to this range except 1 in 1-Utama that always pack with people.

sushi tei (1)

When I first saw this brand landed in Tropicana City Mall 2 years ago, I was very happy that finally it had landed in KL. Nevertheless the brand had establish itself well with a few outlets now available in Klang Valley and Penang. Of course what can we expect next? Try out their new menu for year 2013 onwards also at their latest outlet which is at Setiawalk, Puchong.

sushi tei (2)

The outlet interior is no difference from the rest of the outlet.

sushi tei (3)

sushi tei (4)

sushi tei (5)

Sunrise @ RM5.80, Bloody Sprite @ RM5.80

sushi tei (6)

Design of the new menu looks much better compare to the previous one. Choosing food would not be a problem as more pictures are in it now.

sushi tei (7)

Premium Yee Sang (for 8-10pax)@ RM68.80

sushi tei (8)

Premium really justify the price whereby it comes with cuts of salmon sashimi and prawns

sushi tei (9)

I must say that, I have tried a few yee sang for the past 2 weeks and I rate this is one of the top 2 in my personal list. If you do host any of your reunion dinner at home and lack of yee sang, this is one of a place to ta pau back. I am definitely getting 1 for my family. 🙂

Fresh ingredient and the special mixing sauce that pairs well with the fresh ingredient and did not over power it. A well balance with all the ingredient. REcommended~

sushi tei (10)

Ameabi Kaarage @ RM12.80, One of the signature dish that me and Ken always love to order or never miss is their Salmon Skin @ RM6.80. At the price of it we find it very reasonable, a great snack to start to get our mouth munching. Fried to crisp with every bite and do eat it while its serve fresh. You can choose to dip along with their mayo but we always love to bite it just like that.

sushi tei (11)

First dish from salad range already caught my attention with its chunks of tuna, salmon and squid on top of the salad. Sashimi Salad @ RM16.80. Something green and healthy, this is a appetizer that you shall  not miss. Not only filled with fresh sashimi, the kick that make the whole salad taste awesome is their very own dressing. Filled with light taste of vinegar, and chef special ingredient that make this dish gone in seconds. – REcommended~

sushi tei (12)

Another new item that are in the menu is Kaisen Ramen Salad @ RM28.80. To me it looks weird for the first time as I never have my ramen with salmon sashimi slices like that before. Its always with pork or chicken slice. Not only that, as there are 3 huge flab of crab meat that smack along on it too. The meat is cold and fresh, that once you had that slice you would want to finish the remaining 2 instantly.

Ramen texture is cook to the right texture and the sauce that make it pairs well. I think this would be best to share with another person.

sushi tei (13)

Chuka Fukahire @ RM 6.80, Ika Geso Tataki @ RM 11.80 &  Ika Okura @ RM 5.40

sushi tei (14)

We were lucky to be in the outlet at the right timing as usually fresh sashimi will arrage to most of the Japanese outlet on every Tuesday and Friday. We are here on Friday, therefore these are sashimi are perfectly fresh! Arima (4 kinds) @  RM59.80Tuna Belly, Yellow Tail, Sweet Shrimp, Raw Scallop

sushi tei (15)

Asama (5 piece)  -Tuna, Yellow Tail, Salmon@ RM35.80 

sushi tei (16)

There are also new rolls being introduce with Manguro Lover @ RM11.80,  Dynamic Roll @  RM16.80 & Lobster Salad @ RM12.80,. Among these 3, I prefer Maguro and lobster salad.

sushi tei (17)

Usually we have this with beef slice but this round they have added in another item Salmon Enoki Roll @ RM12.80

sushi tei (18)

Beef Teriyaki is a simple item that I prefer that the beef cubes cook till medium well, then I love mine added on with lots of garlic slices.

sushi tei (19)

Gindara Teriyaki is always one of my favourite that the cod being pan grill to perfect that its slightly crips on the outer layer yet the cod fish meat is well preserve that did not overcook. @ RM26.80, & Sanma Kabayaki @ RM14.80

sushi tei (20)

Gyoza @ RM9.80

sushi tei (21)

Golden Soft Shell Crab @ RM12.80

sushi tei (22)

Hotate Wasabi Mayo is not bad and if the wasabi mayo is a little more spicy then it would have been perfect.  @ RM8.80

sushi tei (23)

Ika Sugata Shio if the size of the squid is smaller or this size is nice to my liking, anything big I just cant take it. 😀 (just me) @ RM15.80

sushi tei (24)

Another item that I like is their Ikura Chawanmushi, very simple with salmon roe @ RM12.80Asari Sakamushi @  RM23.80Agedashi Tofu

sushi tei (25)

oh oh, when fried rice was serve, we all look down on it and why fried rice was serve after we had a awesome sashimi and rolls. This Choi Kara Fried RiceSpicy Fried Rice with Crab Meat  @ RM18.80 proves us wrong. Fried fragrantly, that is something simple and nice, written there spicy but its only mild spicy that bring the fragrance up. Those who need to have rice, then this is the new item that you must try. – Recommended~

sushi tei (26)

Another nice rice item for you is Tan Tan Don, comes with mince chicken meat, top with poarch egg and how I eat this dish is I poke the egg yolk then stir the whole bowl till its evenly mix. Then put in one bite into your mouth will be a well balance of yolky egg, slight salty and spiciness at the end. Something to entice your taste bud abit.  @ RM11.80

sushi tei (27)

Gyu Misoyaki @ RM15.80

sushi tei (28)

Special sauce to dip for the beef. I did it wrong in the first place and then I was taught properly by the waiter on how to get the best of this beef slice.

sushi tei (29)

First dip the fresh beef slice into the sauce then leave it on the hot plate for a quick turn. If you love yours medium well, then just flip both side about 8 second each and its ready to eat.

I did it wrong by did the beef slice then dip the sauce after that.

The difference is, did it the right way, the sauce will soak onto the beef slice and make it aromatic.

sushi tei (30)

Comes to desert I always thought my favourite would be green tea but this round their new product Yogurt Forest Berry @ RM7 steal the limelight. I prefer this over  Matcha Ice Cream & Sesame @ RM7

sushi tei (31)

Their new menu and new product being introduce, is something to look for when you visit this restaurant. You can try those that I recommend but again it comes down to my own preference. 😀 One of my favourite Japanese Restaurant. . .

Sushi Tei in Setiawalk is next to Roomates or nearby TGV cinema wing already.


Sushi Tei @ SetiaWalk

Block I-G-03, Setiawalk,
Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
Puchong, 47160
Tel : 03-5882 2995
Other Outlets they have are:
Mid Valley
Tropicana City Mall
Gurney Plaza – Penang

In Japan or as seen in a movie, there are alot of small little famous eatery around neighborhood that hidden around a corner. There are a new hidden gem in the heart of KL with many of my friends saying that I did not know there are actually a Japanese restaurant there regardless they walk by that route almost daily. Ozeki Italia is actually a new restaurant that located at Ground Floor of Wisma Cosway, directly oppostive Novotel Hotel. A small little restaurant that operate not more than 4 months that serve pork along that had slowly gaining its reputation among local food hunter.

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Its not a huge restaurant that estimated full house capacity about 50 pax at one go. Therefore, to dine here, it is highly recommended to make your reservation. I always love Japanese cuisine and as far I as understand there are actually very less Japanese Chef explore other part of the world to learn other country cuisine and to my surprise  the current head chef had resides in Italy for 30 years and had been travelling around small town to learn their recipe therefore OZEKI Italia is actually a combination of Japanese and Italian cuisine that sparks the interest in me.

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The ambiance certainly do give me I am ship to Japan to dine in those small little outlet which alot customers are willing to queue for their good food.

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With the quality of chef produce, the price is definitely reasonable and apologize for the blur menu.

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IF you are adventourous then leave your meal to the chef as our first dish came out right from chef’s idea is Chef’s Recommendation @ RM58. Grilled Fresh Sanma with Bacon Tomato Sauce. ITs a very unique combination here with first hint of fresh sweetness of seafood is tasted then follow by strong seasoning of green gravy on top of it which is strong sourish salty. Regarding on this dish, it is best to pair with white wine and I think it will absolutely bring out the freshness and taste of it.

Ozeki Italia (6)

I have always love pork burger and this is one of a unique dish, Polpetine @ RM 32. Duck hamburg steak served with spinach sauteed, dry raisin, pine nuts & topped with half boiled egg and chef special Japanese sauce

Ozeki Italia (7)

We were brief by the manager, there are actually 2 ways in eating this. Original purpose,  you will poke on the egg yolk to let it ooze out and pair it along. There are also people dislike the taste mixture, you remove the egg yolk to the side of the plate then only poke as only little part is mix with then only pair along. The difference I got is, original taste without egg yolk taste much better but with egg yolk dipping with the soy sauce on plate makes it better as for after taste.

Ozeki Italia (4.0)

Home made bread as I whack 3 of this. ITs so good, soft and serve pippin hot which is fresh from the oven. Rarely you will find such a great bread especially the charcoal bread that made in house by the chef.

Ozeki Italia (9)

Something looks ordinary which is Insalata Prosciutto RM 28 – Mixed salad, Parma ham, grapes, Mozzarella cheese with Japanese dressing. Parma ham taste, fresh finely slice and mozzarella cheese give the well balance sweetness of the salad makes it a superb dish. Recommended!

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DiavoleRM 38 – grilled marinated spring chicken with Japanese Citron Pepper and Olive oil, served with potato & mushroom sautee, dressed with japanese citron pepper and balsamico sauce. A young age chicken being well marinate and grill to perfection that the meat is juicy and soft with the light seasoning is enough to make the taste awesome~

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I have always finding it hard to find good Rissoto. I must say that this Risotto OstricheRM 34 is one of the best I have come across especially from a Japanese Chef that cook it so authentic. Risotto cooked with assorted Mushroom & Parmigiano cheese topped with steamed Japan oyster on Hot Sizzling Plate. Something simple that keeps me digging into it until its finish then I stop. Cook to perfection that its just moist enough and taste of mushroom and parmigiano cheese well balance. Recommended~

Ozeki Italia (12)

Spaghetti MerluzoRM 48 .Spaghetti tossed with homemade corn marigold paste, cooked & chopped garlic and olive oil; topped with grilled black cod fish with Japanese soya sauce, sprinkled with Japanese assorted chilli pepper

Ozeki (3.1)

Indeed it is a very satisfying meal and its hard to find one eatery that offer such authentic food. Not only that before I walk off they have dinner buffet on every Sunday and price is very reasonable. Surely I am coming back for more.

Before I end this, a new discovery is that, in this restaurant they have chef that specially cook to cater on our local taste as they have discover that different people especially Chinese have stronger taste bud therefore the food cook on the day will be specially for you as in the kitchen they are being inform its Chinese guest. If it is Japanese diner then it will be tone down according to the authentic taste. For me, it is best to let the restaurant manager or the person that took your order saying you prefer authentic taste. Again it is up to you as you cant complain as you wish to try it out.

Highly recommended restaurant if you wish to try out some authentic taste and please bare in mind with food that you are not familiar with, please request the manager how you enjoy best of your food.

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All pictures and video taken with Samsung NX 210 

Ozeki Italian Cuisine
Wisma Cosway, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2148-9390
Open daily for lunch and dinner.

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