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I have always love steamboat and best of all, who does’nt love an Eat All you Can in Mikoshi Shabu Shabu Restaurant at RM 28+ lunch at Damansara Uptown. This will definitely be one of the top competitor for my another favourite Buffet Shabu shabu as an another alternative.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (2)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (3)

understand from the manager that it owned by Japanese and their concept is quite similiar to what they have in Tokyo. Hence this is a duplication with localise infusion for our local market.

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as you walk into the outlet, you will be greeted with typical classic Japanese concept sundry shop. With cotton candy machine, classic sweets, face mask hanging on the walls and slow Japanese songs to make the ambiance perfect!

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (5)

there are a few variety of soup available and top choices are Sukiya, Spicy Miso, Green Curry and Ginger. As for me, their sukiya soup base is enough to kill (you get to choose mild or heavy taste).  Love the solid saltiness from the soy base flavour with mid sweet end to my liking.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (6)

Variety of side dish for you to hit on.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (7)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (8)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (9)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (10)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (11)

This section fits with greens, noodles and some seafood and this section is filled up for dinner segment.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (12)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (13)

sauces for you to choose and there are some classic flavours to choose from.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (14)

Seafood add on during dinner only.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (15)

with the sides add on. .

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (16)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (17)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (18)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (19)

Besides that, Mikoshi Shabu Shabu meat is top notch especially they have ox tongue, and finely cut chicken (which i would rarely hit on and this is pretty good), pork slices, fish, lamb and beef. Lamb is much better than beef for my personal preference.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (20)

How to eat your steamboat in Japanese style like the owner is by preparing this 3 item.
1. Signature dipping sauce (Ponzu, Mommijiotoshi and spring onion)
2. Kampung Egg
3. Sesame sauce

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (21)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (22)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (23)

After bathing your meat in the hot broth, just dip into this 2 sauce to get the maximum flavour of it.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (24)

If you are still feeling hungry after all this, then the finale is to get a bowl of rice, spring onion, soy sauce and kampung egg. Break the egg into the bowl, add spring onion and add soy sauce. just eat it like that.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (25)

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (26)

Ice cream to finish off.

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu (27)

This place had become one of my favourite eat all you can shabu shabu place, because of price and ingredients that Mikoshi Shabu Shabu are offering.

Lunch : RM 28 +
kids : RM 20+ (3 years old below FREE)

Dinner : RM 48+ (with more choices of sides, add on seafood range and others)
Kids : RM 30+ (3 years old below FREE)

Add on Sushi @ RM 48 ++ per pax

Suntory Beer Promo – Buy 3 FREE 1

*Non Halal

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, one of my new shabu shabu uplace~ highly recommended shabu shabu place -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Mikoshi Shabu Shabu Restaurant
109, Jalan SS 21/1a, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
电话:03-7733 1184
营业时间: 11am-3pm | 6pm – 11pm

On the 6th Day which is another shopping day request by the Girls, so we cancel all our sightseeing and spend our time mostly in the prime area for malls and the first stop for the day was MBK mall that we spend 5 hours there, from 10am – 3pm.. So walk around as everyone is very hungry and and saw this irresistible deal. Eat all you Can at ShabuShi Restaurant.

Shabu shi (1)

Had a quick breakfast in the morning and as all of them shop till forgot the time and stomach start growling, all of us start to hunt for food till we come over to this floor on the exit side we saw this sign – EAT all you CAn buffet.. every one say..go eat this one, damm hungry.. cow also can eat.. So we went in, and was request to use the front entrance. . .

Shabu shi (2)

Shabushi is a Restaurant offering Japanese Shabu shabu and Sushi for customers to enjoy at a very cheap rate I would say.

When we reach the front entrance, we were like OMG..so many ppl..siau eh~ and took our number, was told to wait 1 hour to come back, so we went to continue shopping and came back an hour after that.

Shabu shi (3)

Its a crowd mixture and one of the main thing that attracted so many people was the price of the buffet which is quite cheap. If I am not mistaken it is about 250 bhat nett per pax (if I remember it correctly) with given 90min/120 mins to dine.

Shabu shi (4)

We storm into the place and quickly place all our things on the table and start to attack on the food as given such a short time frame.

Shabu shi (5)

They have sushi bar counter seating or group seating with conveyor belt offering all fresh steamboat ingredients.

Shabu shi (8)

Many types of drinks available. . .they also have desert corner which I forgot to took a picture of it. .

Shabu shi (6)_resize

These 2 cha boh attack on sushi counter very fast, with offering of lots of sushi and even salmon fish head also available.

Shabu shi (9)

Sushi counter

Shabu shi (10)

fried counter

Shabu shi (11)

Lok lok corner

Shabu shi (12)

At the conveyor belt. . .offering lots of fresh meat, marinated, slice lamb, pork and a few more. .

Shabu shi (13)

Shabu shi (14)

Our soup was clear soup and spicy that taste pretty good though

Shabu shi (15)

Tatt and Steven was taking care of our dining table and by the time we went back to our table, it is already full of ingredients waiting to be pour in.

Shabu shi (16)

Shabu shi (17)

This piece of meat is good with marinated sauce and corn in it. .

Shabu shi (18)

This is how pack our table is. . . The best part is on the conveyor belt, the chef was standing there and we were the last table on the corner and whenever he put new ingredients, we took all of it and till a certain time, he got piss off cuz other customer could not enjoy it and he went to the front to put all the new ingredient…kekekek~

Shabu shi (19)

This is how we eat our steamboat with Malaysian Culture and every one that walk pass by our table, look at us like dinosaur, as our eating steamboat habit is definately different compare to the rest of the people there.

Then after dining, Goft only told us that this is one of a famous Japanese steamboat buffet in the mall that attracted alot people go. If got chance when you are in Bangkok and would want to try something different, try out this Shabushi, value worth and the ingredients are all fresh and good! – REcommended!!

we had a very satisfying lunch that last us till late dinner. 😀

One thing is that you cannot compare the pricing and quality to Malaysia restaurant cuz they enjoy lesser taxes and that’s how Thailand industry grow so well ..

Shabushi Restaurant
3a-24 3rd Floor, MBK Center,
BTS National Stadium, Rama 1 Road,
Pathum Wan, Bangkok, 10330

Operating Hours:
Mon – Tue:12:00 – 22:00
Wed – Sat:13:00 – 23:00
Sun: 11:00 – 21:00

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