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To Kl Folks, I certainly believe that most of you will be very happy of  the opening of Mr Char Koey Teow at Jaya Shopping Centre. One of the eatery that serve Pork Free Penang Street Food in Petaling Jaya. Evolving from family recipe to bring the best of it for us to enjoy.

Mr Char Koey Teow (1)

Since its opening to public 2 months ago, Mr Char Koey Teow had been well receptive by all walks of life. Had since then build many regular within short period of time.

Mr Char Koey Teow (2)

Mr Char Koey Teow (3)

Serving us classic Penang dishes from their best seller Duck egg Char Koey Teow, Hokkien mee (which is prawn noodle), nasi lemak and others.

Mr Char Koey Teow (4)

The sets is famous among the regulars.

Mr Char Koey Teow (5)

Kidnap a few of my friend to try this place out. @ginyi_tan was force to take this short. Love their 3 layer tea, with a good balance of tea and best of all the flavour of gula melaka is pretty solid and well balance. Not overly sweet. Their Lo han guo is pretty good too. GIve you the taste of (sio pak hu) if some of you recall.

Mr Char Koey Teow (6)

Pretty decently price is Chicken Lor Bak Platter @ RM 10.90. Filled with Century egg, chicken lorbak and taufu. (what is missing will be the “Loh”)

Mr Char Koey Teow (8)

Crowds favourite, Duck egg Char Koey Teow @ RM 12.90 is surprisingly good. Filled with wok hei and for a pork free version, it is worth to be recommended.

Mr Char Koey Teow (9)

Har Mee @ RM 9.90 (Prawn noodle) will be quite similiar to some of the Makcik that I have try in Penang.

Mr Char Koey Teow (10)

Pai tee is their new addition into the menu. Good marination and best to eat with their special home made chilli to pair with it.

Mr Char Koey Teow (11)

Mr Char Koey Teow (12)

One of my favourite in this shop is their Mee Rebus. Which is quite on par to the one in Penang. Love the thick soup gravy and the sotong sambal to give the colour and mild spices to lift the taste up.

Mr Char Koey Teow (13)

Mr Char Koey Teow (14)

Mr Char Koey Teow (15)

Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang @ RM 9.90 is also one of the crowds favourite as the rendang being marinated for hours and cook to perfection.

Mr Char Koey Teow (16)

Mr Char Koey Teow (17)

Their new product is Kam Heong Fried Rice. .Those of you love strong flavour of fried rice, might want to consider this.

Mr Char Koey Teow (18)


Mr Char Koey Teow (21)

When it comes to their classic dessert, their bubur Cha Cha @ RM 5.90 is highly recommended. Reminds me of the classic taste I had when I was a kid. Solid strong flavour, slightly thicker soup yet all the ingredients are soft. ended up take away another bowl.  Another is Pulut Hitam @ RM 4.90.

Mr Char Koey Teow (22)


Mr Char Koey Teow (23)

For icy desserts they have the classic Cendol @ RM 6.90 or Durian Cendol (serve with D24) @ RM 9.90 

As for Penang Pork Free Street food, I find Mr Char Koey Teow is worth to pay a visit or an Pork free food in Petaling Jaya.

Mr Char Koey Teow
Jaya Shopping Center
Jalan 14/17, Seksyen 14,
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(next to Texas Chicken)

Operating hours: 10am – 10pm

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