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Not too sure what to buy for a waffle maker? be like me. Pick what I think it is nice. I ended bought PerySmith 3in1 Waffle Maker EasyCooking Series WM360 is at only RM 86 excluding shipping. (click here to purchase) or Lazada : https://bit.ly/Perryblo  As a beginner for waffle maker, I think get something affordable to begin with.  I did thought of to purchase a Breville Waffle Maker but kinda over my budget.
perry smith review

this perySmith is quite compact. The size and depth is just nice. Lets start with this Perysmith review and unboxing. Watch the youtube video below.

how to make waffle

Lets start to test this machine with How to make Waffle? This is my first time doing this. I am turning it into chocolate waffle as not the normal waffle. Then add on with Jobbie Chunky Nut Peanut butter. What ingredients you need to prepare for your waffle are:

  1. Eggs
  2. premix waffle flour
  3. melted butter for fragrant

Perry Smith (3)

add all the ingredients in then slowly mix it up. Add in 70 mil water slowly while stirring clockwise.

Perry Smith (4)

Perry Smith (8)

Tadahhhh. I find this is a simple waffle recipe to begin with. looks silky smooth.

perry smith waffle maker

Testing with this Perysmith waffle maker 3in1. Lets begin with waffle.

perry smith waffle maker unboxing

perry smith waffle maker review

15 minutes later. looks perfectly good but slightly too long. What to do for affordable waffle maker.

Perry Smith (6)

Perry Smith (12)

Next taking a ride with cheese egg waffle and 12 minutes later.

Perry Smith (13)

jobbie chunky nut peanut butter

Spreading my waffle with Jobbie Peanut butter. Yumz! Love the thick creamy actual chunky nut. quite perfect for my waffle.

Click here to purchase JObbie Chuncky Nut 


Laast of course with Sandwich toast. Cheese Sandwich Toast. This is very smooth. Quite perfect for pancake, toast bread.

Click here to purchase: Jobbie Creamy Peanut Butter

jobbie peanut butter

as over all, I think this sandwich maker is kinda cool. Take slightly longer but after using it a few times I think it is overall a good machine for beginner like me.

You can direct purchase it at :

Shopee: Perry Smith Waffle Maker

Lazada: https://bit.ly/Perryblo

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