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One of my latest discovery with whisky is – Johnnie Walker & Sons XR 21 Whisky Food Pairing. One of a more unique whisky that I came across where I always thought Johnnie Walker is only Red, Gold, Green those series only.

XR 21 (1)

The pairing event was held at The Library – Ritz Carlton, KL.

XR 21 (2)

About XR 21 : This bottle is actually a special edition release of Johnnie Walker, this 21 year old expression was inspired by the blending notes of Sir Alexander Walker. Featuring whisky from the extensive Johnnie Walker stocks, the XR 21 Year Old is rich and multi layered blend vanilla, golden honey with sherry oak finish for end taste. Best to have it neat or chill water.

XR 21 (3)

XR 21 (4)

XR 21 (5)

XR 21 (6)

On that night, King George V is one of the best series I have tried under Johnnie Walker & Sons or Johnnie Walker. Indeed it is an expensive bottle and it sure do lift up the expectation on the tasting note.

XR 21 (7)

XR 21 (8)

XR 21 (9)

XR 21 (10)

All of us were pampered with XR – 21 before dinner start. 

XR 21 (11)

XR 21 (12)

XR 21 (13)

With the ambiance all sent in place and a great menu to be tasted in the next 5 minutes, I am all excited to begin with. The menu is designed to awaken our senses with Chef Phoebe had created a unique blend of contemporary French and a twist of Malay flavors using local produce. Bringing all of these flavors together, we use some key elements of the original whisky blending process; BARLEY_SEA SALT_OAK_PEAT/SMOKE_RARE BLENDS_RICH FRUIT & SPICES

XR 21 (14)

XR 21 (15)

Kick start off with one of a premium grade whisky – King George  that have rich brewing history that had made it now in a limited edition bottle and also limited quantity available. The taste is pungent, smokey oakiness, smooth, full bodied easy to drink. Loving it.

XR 21 (16)

Start off – Barley Pair with XR21 – The natural minerals of ocean notes of the oyster along with the toasted barley brings out the best of characteristics of this John Walker & Sons XR 21 whisky. To enjoy this oyster, we were told to push a pump of XR 21 into our mouth, follow by the oyster and end it with the remaining pump. To finish it bite the fried barley at the side and indeed, it does enhance to sweet aromatic note of oyster and fragrance of barley.

XR 21 (17)

Sea Salt – XR21 Glazed King Scallops with Nasi Lemak, Fish Sambal, Cucumber & Olive Oil Powder. This is a very interesting dish where scallop is pan seared to perfection, with a clever presentation of local Malaysian infusion – nasi Lemak with the spiciness of chili is not overpowering yet a sip of XR 21 is able to pull the right balance of sweetness of scallop and sambal together.

XR 21 (18)

OAK – Pan-Seared Rougie Foie Gras, Duck Rillette, Ginger Pickled Cheeris, 10 years Barrel Aged Modena Balsamic, Okra Paper. Among the series, this would be the dish of the night. Foie gras is cook to perfection that it just melt in your mouth and in love with the pungent taste of balsamic sauce in the pump, with just a little drop, it enhance the flavour of it. A sip of XR 21 add on the smokiness of the taste of it.

XR 21 (19)

Peat/Smoke – Hickory Smoked Eel, Green Tea, Bamboo Shoot Pickle, Aromatic Pepper Oil, Squid Ink Crackling. A beautifully cook eel and the little saltiness of squid ink that gives you the little crunch of texture in mouth is what we need. The flavour is nicely balance up with green tea. 

XR 21 (20)

To begin with, The RARE Blend – Pan-Seared Cod, Taro Rots, Parsley, leek Ash, is spread with XR 21 Mist, where it created the aroma of the alcohol. A little hint of bitterness do take over on first taste yet freshness of cod came after that.

XR 21 (21)

XR 21 (22)

The dinner was hosted by Chef Phoebe where she began her career in the culinary world after successfully securing a 4-year apprenticeship, with her base training being French and later on, expanded her culinary knowledge in various countries from all over the world including Scotland, France, Spain, England, Thailand, Japan, China, South America and more. In 2012, she joined Johnnie Walker House to establish the Beijing House and lead three Johnnie Walker Houses in China for three years, which helped her opened up a whole new world of flavours and pairing possibilities with whiskies, that has changed her approach to creating and innovating unique menus since then.

XR 21 (23)

XR 21 (24)

To finish off, the note – Rich Fruit & Spice – XR21 Nitro Ice Cream, Coffee Soil, Spiced Raspberries, Honey comb. Love their sweet ending as the texture of honey comb is perfect, crunchy and not too sweet to pair with the soft berries and the sandy coffee soil built in the bitterness of it and a pull of sweetness from the cotton candy is just nice.

XR 21 (25)

Enjoyed the dinner that Chef Phoebe had created by using some of the local ingredients especially for a foreigner to come out with Nasi Lemak. It is a great experience and get to know another range of great whisky.

Ritz Carlton
168, Jalan Imbi, KL

Tel: 03-2142 8000

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie walker (4)

Hot sunny afternoon, attending a media launch that never stop people from coming in, Johnnie Walker, the most widely distributed blended Scotch Whisky in the world, is rolling out Joy Will Take You Further campaign on that afternoon. One of its biggest campaign in the brand’s history to pull out such a scale along side with Kenji Chai and thrill-seeking photographer, Keow Wee Loong for this brand.

There is no stranger to alcohol drinker when comes to this Keep Walking tagline as most of us would instantly associate it with Johnnie Walker.

Johnnie walker (5)

Joy Will Take You Further is an evolution of the brand’s famous ‘Keep Walking’ campaign which advocates the need to add joy in the pursuit for personal progress. Based on new insights into how progress is viewed by consumers today, it brings to life the concept that joy can be a catalyst to the progress they seek. The new campaign aims to generate a positive culture shift by promoting the idea that finding joy in the journey is part of the recipe for success.

Johnnie walker (2)

Right before the start of media, we are all treated with some signature cocktails.

Johnnie walker (3)

Johnnie walker (7)

In conjunction with the Joy Will Take You Further campaign launch, Johnnie Walker also introduced its Johnnie Walker Highball offering, in partnership with SodaXpress – Malaysia’s 1st Sparkling Water Maker. Available at selected bars and bistros across Malaysia, Johnnie Walker Highball pairs the rich, complex and incredibly well-balanced flavour of Johnnie Walker Black Label with crisp, fizzy sparkling water. It also comes with the choice of apple, peach or mint syrup to be added into the mixture for a sweeter palate, finished with a few ice cubes.

Johnnie walker (8)

Just something very simple and bubbly. Every one just love its new cup for Johnnie Walker

Johnnie walker (1)

Johnnie walker (9)

Johnnie walker (10)

“At Diageo, we believe in building brands with purpose that goes beyond product benefits. The new campaign marks a fundamental shift for Johnnie Walker and the industry as a whole, as we shift into roles of enabler and advocate for consumers to pursue their passion in a joyful manner. The platform will drive the brand forward to the next decade of progress with inspiring stories from people who have truly walked with joy,” said Rajesh Joshi, Marketing Director for Diageo Brands.

Johnnie walker (11)

Both Kenji and Wee Loong will be collaborating with Johnnie Walker to further magnify the campaign’s core values by sharing their stories and passion through multi-platform communication channels.

A bit more on both of them as Kenji Chai, a renowned graffiti artist who was born and raised in Sandakan, Sabah, relates closely to the struggles and hardships of stray animals, thus he advocates for their adoption and care by depicting them through his murals. “When I first came to KL, I switched jobs very frequently and could barely afford my rent. Though some jobs offered me a stable monthly income later on, I didn’t have a sense of fulfillment to what I was doing at that point of time. When I finally found my true passion in graffiti art, I decided to pursue it with all my might. Although it’s a challenging route, I am enjoying every minute of it,” shared Kenji.

Echoing the same sentiment was Wee Loong, law graduate turned avid photographer who developed a true passion in photography after receiving his first DSLR camera about four years ago. The adventure-seeking lad from Kuala Lumpur took the route less travelled, climbing skyscrapers and active volcanoes to capture breathtaking images. His work has since been published on international newspapers and online portals, shared virally via social media.

Johnnie walker (12)

The Joy Will Take You Further campaign, which has activated simultaneously in more than 50 countries, also features stars from the world of sports and entertainment such as Formula One World Champion and McLaren Honda driver Jenson Button, Oscar-nominated actor Jude Law, Chinese actor Zhao Wei, US rock band OK Go and Mexican supermodel Montserrat Oliver alongside a cast of extraordinary achievers who share the brand’s view of how happiness in life is a fuel for success.

For more information on this campaign, stay tuned to Johnnie Walker’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/JohnnieWalkerMalaysia.

Been a while since last attended party scene in a row where this year is getting quite quiet. Got an invitation to attend Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve for their mini celebration that took place at Avalon, TREC. One of a new party place in Kuala Lumpur.

Johnnie Walker (1)

Johnnie Walker (2)

Johnnie Walker (4)

Johnnie Walker (6)

For that night, we were all pamper with free flow Gold Lable Reserve.

Johnnie Walker (7)

Johnnie Walker (8)

On that night I have been seeing these peeps walking around and when it hits the right time and music, they are all in place to amaze you with their performances.

Johnnie Walker (9)

Johnnie Walker (10)

Indeed for this, certainly love their new alcohol box presentation that serve in egg shape.

Johnnie Walker (11)

Ordering a bottle of 2 will get you this presentation.

Johnnie Walker (12)

So drink up and drink responsibly. Keep Walking.

Who would really know that actually in PJ Trade center hidden a few bars and restaurant and a new discovery in the small area we found Gecko Restaurant, Bar & Lounge with a very unique desert that worth to be share with you guys.

Please drag further down then you will understand what is so good!

Gecko (1)

Gecko is located at the end of the stretch of the bar or more visible is next to Ecobar . . .

Gecko (2)

A place that offers comfy dining in a very peaceful environment

Gecko (3)

Gecko (4)

They have tiger and Guinness draft available for you beer drinkers. . .

Gecko (5)

They offer fusion food in the restaurant ..

Gecko (6)

Chicken Merguez Sausage

As below are all the super stars for the night, as for the first time we come across superb alcohol ice cream. So we ordered a few and this is the first one that came.

Gecko (7)

Single Malt 12 years old Macallan – Ice cream is quite solid soft that pairs the taste of Macallan very well, that is not too strong, yet get to taste the alcohol is there and did not overpower the taste of vanilla. – RM 12

Gecko (8)

The super star of the night is this Guinness Flavor! It is exactly like drinking Guinness! I think would be very best to order a pint of Guinness and put a few scoops of this to make it like alcohol float! Recommended! RM10

Gecko (9)

Italian Kahlua, I would say more suits to girls as Kahlua already known by itself its a coffee liquor that is not too strong in flavour and best perfect to pair with milk and it is just right to go along. RM 10

Another Flavor is Johnnie Walker – Turns out to be not bad but have tasted the best above so my taste bud had overpower this flavor. RM 10

Gecko (10)

Bailey’s Mud Pie @ RM 10

Gecko (11)

I often had Mud Pie but never come across this Bailey’s Mud Pie that a soft warm chocolate pie is place on a mini sea alcohol of Baileys. The taste is warm, filled with alcohol and a perfect combination with ice-cream that makes it very unique in taste! – Recommended

Gecko (12)

Peanut Butter Snow Pie @ RM 10

If you are looking for something different for your desert, Gecko is one of the place to hunt for something you rarely try and its good! as for my own personal favourites of Ice – Cream I would choose 2 flavours is a must try is Guinness and Macallen!

Besides that, Gecko offer services such as:

1. Shisha available daily from 8pm onwards til late
2. Live band performances on Wed, Thu and Fri
3. Saturday Happy hour all day long
4. Wine & liqour available
5. Signatures: Italian Sausages, Duck Sausages, Pasta, Grills and especially the alcoholic range of ice cream and desserts

Facebook: www.facebook.com/geckogastrobar
For weddings & private functions: Can contact Joanne: 012-2218422

Gecko Restaurant, Bar & Lounge
Lot B-G-01, Menara Bata, PJ Trade Centre,
No 8, Jalan PJU 8/8A, Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel :03- 749 21035

For the past few weeks, many bloggers had blogged about this exclusive invites to  Johnnie Walker’s Black Circuit Lounge which the location had been kept secret till the day itself I check my email on the location. Arrive at the location and the main entrance was already packed with lots of crowd. .. Johnnie Walker’s Black

with exclusive car Porche being decorated into Black Lable,  being parked infront of the area . . ..

8 lane entry to the pit lounge. . .

Lets Step inside the Black Circuit Longue see what it has to offer. . .

With lots of alcohol being flow all night long . ..

Then we try out a mixture from World Class Raising the Bar Chong Yi Shawn a worldclass bartender . .

that come out with this 2 flavour. . taste super good. . .didnt know that the mixture blend so well . .

Given black lable pendent were given as a door gift. . .

The night was electrify by great DJ line up by Johnnie Walker with DJ Faith, DVDJ I-Tek, half way thru,  Lewis Hamilton gave a speech  . . . . Superstar mix-vixen DJ Sophia Lin really did not dissapoint us with her mixing and Tokyo’s DJ Bento  .. . .

It was a great night to hang out with all my friends with free flow of Johnnie Walker. . I am looking forward for the future 1. .

Jonny walker black circuit is back again, which I had miss it last year. I was so jealous reading some blog post by my friends that had attended this exclusive event last year. On the  9th of April 2011, Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011 again with only special invites to this exclusive, the Johnny Walker Black Circuit Longue is BACK again will be the official Grand Prix Event will play host to the crème de la crème of Malaysian society and even Lewis Hamilton is inviting all of you to this upcoming event!

The venue of this year will still be remain undisclose and I can already imagine the room will be filled with great music spinning by great DJ’s and people enjoying Black Lable  all night long . .It is definately going to be a cool campaign that allows me to experience the lifestyle of formula 1 yearly and I just cant wait to put my left leg and right leg to this Step inside Black Circuit to get tons of pictures of the whole event.

Being leading Scotch whisky in the world is not easy and which is now they also involve in one of the most stylish and sophisticated sport with Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes being one of the winning team is one of the reason that Johnny Walker partner with as they share the same value of innovation, winning and leadership.

Cannot deny that, success and luxury comes with hard work, even Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton learn everything about their car, intense training, classes and today in the sports world themselves, both of them are 2 figures that everyone knows. Johnny Walker has cool inspiration campaign and of course, I want to experience the lifestyle as they does. . .

Luxury lifestyle to pour in when we reach at the top to be a commercial model . .  Jenson Button in Tag Heuer shot . .

even Lewis Hamilton

Fast track drivers not only the have to be caution and act fast in certain circumstances even our daily life is fast pace in our current society . .

“What you have done to deserve the rewards of luxury and a successful lifestyle?”

I guess I do deserve rewards of luxury lifestyle even for a short few hours of it I would be a bless. .  Get to enjoy real feel of it to make me more motivated in achieving my goals and dreams . . I am like most of the people out there, working hard on daily job, and maintaining my blog to ensure the post and content is there all the time, enjoying photograph session to capture all those happy moments and events to share with all the people around me . .  also maintaining small online business which is challenging  and with those many task I have on hand, I sure deserved the reward of luxury and successful lifestyle cuz I want to be there. A night just like that would certainly be a great night for me .

This year Johnny Walker 2011 Black Circuit Event is sure going to be bigger and better!

To get your chance into this MONEY CANT BUY exciting party passes, just log into Johnny Walker FB page to find out more which is happening on next Saturday 9th April.

Lets get a glimpse of it of what Black Circuit is all about:

‘NEVER DRINK and DRIVE’ if you do drink, let someone else drive for you . .Don be HERO as always ended UP ZERO

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