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Heeee, this round for the year 2012 I am now back tracking abit back to 2011 Christmas .. As last Christmas, this would be my very first time to attend a Merry Guinness as I have always wanted to attend one, especially I want to taste food that is infuse with Guinness, as it always look and taste good.

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As for this round, Market Hall (one of my fav restaurant click here for previous entry) which is a concept restaurant that located on the 6th floor of Pavilion which is next to Din Dai Fung, and we are all here to try out the unique combination of Guinness infuse dishes that inspired by Masterchef Adam Liaw, prepare by the chefs in Market Hall.

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Christmas around the corner that time and of course Christmas songs and carolers is a must! Without those lovely voices, it just wont make up the perfect ambiance in the house.

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What is more needed is alcohol and friends are on our table to celebrate this joyful event together. Guinness Draft were flowing onto our table non stop. Well, now lets head to our table and see what had been prepared by the chef on the inspired menu . . .

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Crispy squid with GUINNESS and chili salt, which is very chewy, not too salty and the taste of Guinness taste in there and after biting and then take a sip of Guinness pull up the taste even better. A perfect combination!

merry g (4)

Broccoli soup

merry g (6)

Open GUINNESS® Lamb Shank and Mushroom Pie with Champ Fine and Watercress

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Love the lamb shank, cook till the meat is soft, and juicy as the pie crust is baked till a bit crips and cut a small piece to eat along just right.

merry g (8)

GUINNESS® and Fruit Christmas Pudding

merry g (7)

I just love my black santa hat that I have won from the mini answer session which is a limited edition. A perfect mini gift and Guinness had made my Christmas dinner 2011 perfect. I am now well prepare and ready to accept more of Merry Guinness in 2012. . . Cheers. . ..

Chinese New Year, is just around the corner. . . Most of the families will either have their reunion dinner at home, but this round, I have opted to have a early reunion dinner with my friends first at one of my favourite Chinese restaurant in Prince Hotel, Tai Zhi Heen which is located at level 1 of the Hotel.

prince (1)_resize

Salmon Yu Sheng. . .

prince (2)_resize

Salmon that represents ‘Nian Nian You Yu’

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Lou Sang says who that have to be chinese, with the modern tradition now, 1 Malaysia concept had evolve and involve all races to enjoy this great joyful event~

prince (4)_resize

Usual dinner with start off with ‘Double boil Shark Fin Soup with Chinese Cabbage’. It is clear and aromatic. . . I just do not mind to have another bowl.

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Braised dried oysters with fatt choy, baby abalone, sea cucumber and broccoli, that fatt choi during this festive season is a must have item.

prince (6)_resize

Traditional Style Steam Cod Fish, is another favourite dish that steam till its softe, and the cod are really fresh.

prince (7)_resize

Another signature dish of the restaurant is this Stir Fried Prawns with Pumpkin Sauce, fried to perfection with the sauce well coated by the prawn, and must eat it while its hot.

prince (8)_resize

If you prefer something cool at the end of the meal, then ‘Double boiled hasma with red dates and glutinous sesame dumplings’ is a must not miss desert.

They do have their package for Chinese New Year, as below:

Chinese New Year Prosperity Set
RM 988++ for 10 pax

Chinese New Year Fortune Set
RM 1,288++ for 10 pax

Chinese New Year Wealth Set
RM 1,488 for 10 pax

Tai Zi Heen
Level 2, Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Conlay,
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 – 2170 8888 or email : [email protected]

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