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Maygori is a new kakigori dessert cafe set at the new hit spot theCOMMONS. Some travelers like us may know this brand After You Dessert Cafe whereby Maygori is actually one of their latest new expansion concept.

The Commons (10)

This dessert cafe do resembles space from Japan where it is a small tight space with limited seating inside the shop. It indeed give you the feeling that you will be squeezing with other dessert diners.

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Kakigori is actually a Japanese shaved ice dessert flavoured with syrup with added colour ingredients such as fruits, sweet red bean and mochi.

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As we were stuff from Brunch at Roast and a few more other cafe to hunt by, we decided from 3 choices down to only one.

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The Commons (16)

The Commons (17)

Ume Japanese Plum @ 185 Bhat

The Commons (18)

It is well presented that with cotton candy type of ice on the top where it look so soft and fluffy.

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As we pour on the ume syrup given, we can even smell the sourness of it that already entice on our taste bud.

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As all of us dip into the ice, we instantly fell in love with it. Sourish enough that can give you a quick smirk, where ice is so soft yet instantly melt in your mouth and the base is filled with ume jelly. It is a great dessert for such hot weather.

If you are at The Commons, worth to pay a visit for this Japanese Dessert Cafe.

Maygori, The Commons,
Thonglor Soi 17, Bangkok, Thailand

Telephone: +66(0)2-185-2519

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-22:00
Website: https://www.instagram.com/maygori

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