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Kampachi is a well known Japanese Restaurant known by many. Famous for their quality of food that they are serving and also they have their famous Sunday Buffet Lunch at RM 148nett only in Plaza 33, PJ. It had been a long time since I last came here and one of the rare buffet that I am willing to pay to eat at the moment.

Buffet line starts from 12pm t0 2.3pm. We sat through the whole seating and we are stuffed. This had include my dinner too. Check out what they have in this spread.

Kampachi (1)

Kampachi (2)

Kampachi (3)

Kampachi (4)

We had a welcome cocktail drink that is Sake infuse with fresh green apple and this is very refreshing. We do not mind to have a few more glasses. We got this complimentary drink as my friend book through TableAPP.

Kampachi (5)

Kampachi (6)

Of course starting with sushi and sashimi counter.

Kampachi (7)

My take is usually all the fishes and Tuna is my top choices as the tuna serve here is pretty good!

Kampachi (8)

Kampachi (9)

Duck breast with their special sauce that pairs quite well.

Kampachi (10)

Do enjoy their soba too.

Kampachi (11)

One of my favourite station is this Teppanyaki station. They serve chicken, beef, seafood and fish. A must take item is their beef or seafood!

Kampachi (12)

Kampachi (13)

Outside of the restaurant, they do have a few pop up stations. First, if you are there early, forget about tempura station as it is always gone. Come back again after 1pm where most diners already quite full of what they are having then you have tons of opportunity to stack your prawn tempura up.

Kampachi (14)

Kampachi (15)

These 2 are my favourite stations. Snow Crab, slipper lobster and sukiyaki.

Kampachi (16)

Kampachi (17)

Kampachi (18)

Freshly steam and baked in oven as most of these crab are still warm. I took loads of crab. Not a big fan of slipper lobster. One good thing it is huge and you can enjoy the meat.

Kampachi (19)

My another favourite station is the fish station. You can enjoy the fish head, unagi, pregnant fish and 3 more other choices.

Kampachi (20)

Kampachi (21)

Kampachi (23)

Kampachi (22)

Soups, udons and fried items.

Kampachi (24)

Kampachi (25)

Kampachi (26)

not to miss out their Fried Udon and Garlic Fried rice.

Kampachi (27)

This round we order sake to go along with our food.

Kampachi (28)

Here you go on my teppanyaki beef done to medium. Just perfect. Juicy and nicely grill on the hotplate to give it a nice glistering and topped with fried garlic at the side.

Kampachi (29)

It seems that their green tea mouse is crowds favourite. I do not know how to enjoy it.

Kampachi (30)

Dessert station with fruits, doriyaki with (chocolate, red bean and peanut), Japanese Muar chi is good! and Ice cream at the side.

Kampachi (31)

Kampachi (32)

Kampachi (33)

It is interesting that upon odering sake, the staff will tell you on the sake description and how it is best to enjoy. We tried both as recommended by the staff. Starting off with cold sake – Abekameji Junmai Daiginjo, 500ml @ RM400 which is one of the best seller. Brewed using 100% Kame no O Sake rice. .Light and mellow aroma with medium body.

Next is the hot sake Fusozuru Junmai. Was told hot is the better option as can be enjoyed cold too but the taste is much better in hot. It have slightly tangy aftertaste. RM 55 per Medium Tokkuri and RM240 per bottle of 720ml.

Buffet here is constantly fully book. It is highly advise to make your reservations early. They do have walk in too, but will be seated at bar area instead of proper dining tables.

Kampachi Japanese Restaurant
1st Floor, Plaza 33,
No. 1, Jalan Kemajuan,
Seksyen 13, 46200

Tel: 03-7931 6938

Operating Hours:
12pm – 3pm/ 6pm – 10pm

Was searching for nice Japanese food and Jeslin recommended this Kampachi Restaurant, have heard good food review that they provided here. Been always saying wanted to dine here, and finally get the chance to go with their classy outlook and cozy interior.

This restaurant is pretty huge with its luxury interior settings and spacious. Feel cosy to sit in a place like that to enjoy your meal.

Here are all the shasimi and sushi being prepared by all the busy chef here. All of the raw ingredients looks fresh.

This is what I have ordered. In the menu, the picture looks different from the rest so give it a try. They serve in a set and comes with miso, chawamushi, chicken and the main is Some salmon mix with egg roe. It is a cold dish. Did not know that. I use my chopstick and stir everything in there. Taste a bit weird at first cuz it is cold but then after a while, taste nice. The chicken is nicely deep fried. Chrispyyy on the outside, juicy on the inside. This is ‘Shake Oyako/Wakadori RM35
This is what Ian ordered Teppanyaki Beef Set’. When the set is serve, we were pretty shock of the serving portion. With his size, definitely he ordered the right food. I can’t take beef,so cannot review on it but what he said is the beef is just tender, soft and nice. Not too cook as he order it to be half done. It cost RM48
Jeslin order this as she said wanted to go diet, ‘Sushi Bento. The shashimi is very fresh as this is what I say. It cost RM 48
Jean ordered Unadon & Salmon’. I have no comment on this dish cuz she sat the other end of me, so my hand can’t stretch so what she said was so so only except the Unagi is nice. The dish is RM40

Gyu Katsu Don’ is what Jay Jay have for the night. It is something like Oyako don. This dish I would recommend as it is nicely cook on the chicken meat, the egg is not too cook, nice to blend/mix with the rice. Goes along very well. It is RM40 which I would say a bit expensive for this.

Ian is like a vacuum cleaner, sucking all the sauce and finish the whole dish. Dinosaur. Trying to cover his face not to be identified.

Jeslin too finish everything but I did help her on the last 2 piece of sushi. Trying to avoid too like Ian.
Good meal must always finish with a desert. Jeslin ordered this Macha Zenzai cost RM16. Nothing special about it as a green tea ice cream with red bean sauce and Japanese mua chi. Can get it in MOF on the food court level which is something similar.
This is what Ian get for his desert Goma IC Special’ RM 16. I think it is special because of the biscuits standing tall with red bean, mango, Japanese mua chi and Sesame Ice Cream(which I don like). Special in the deco but taste normal.
After sit, chat and eat by deciding to call for the bill, it comes up the total off RM289. What I can say is the price of the fine dining restaurant. Cant blame for it.
-= KA CHING =-
Food rating 7/10 , Good -Stamped-
– WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Lot 6.09.00, Level 6
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03-21489608
Fax: 03-21482608

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