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Oh well, once a while there will be a huge hype over a ramen. The most recent before MCO 2.0 or 3.0 is this Famous authentic Japanese Kanbe Ramen in Retail 163, Mont Kiara. I was told by many that currently this place is their best ramen in KL. Of course to try this place, do prepare to queue for 45-120 minutes. The queue at times can be super crazy.

this is my 5th attempt only to landed it here as the queue was quite fast on weekdays. 20 minutes.

Kanbe Ramen

the shop is run by 3 Japanese Ramen chef and I was shared by the waitress that they are running the business like many Japanese running F&B. Not to compromise on QC. They prep each bowl by themselves and got to know the soup base is cook for 36-38 hours.

Each ramen chef have their own secret recipe and when I was in Japan, I tried 19 Ramen Shop and non of them came even close from soup to noodle. Each of them is so unique.

Kanbe Ramen Retail 163

Seating area is divided by 2 sections. bar counter and normal seating area. If you are looking to sit at Bar counter, you can request from the waitress and you will be put into the waiting list.

kanbe ramen mont kiara

these are the 2 Japanese chef that prep all the ramen for the day.

Kanbe Ramen menu

Kanbe Ramen Menu is not so direct. First time dining here will give you headache as it comes with 7 different soup base and 1 seasonal, with 8 in total.  I ask the watiress to recommend me as she mention Aka is their recommended and  Kuro (garlic base) which is their next top best seller.

I see alot of diners are aftering their famouns Kanbe Tsukemen also. I will aim that next round when I am there. I would say 1 soup and 1 Tsukemen if there are 2 of you.

A bowl of Kanbe Ramen is ranging from RM 32 – RM 45 but you get free oolong tea.

kanbe ramen order

while waiting in line, I have already put in the order I want, with noodle texture to choose and amount of noodle.

how to enjoy kanbe ramen

Each of the table do have one insertion to guide you how to enjoy best with their ramen. I would advise to eat original half of it before you add on any recommended condiments like below.

best ramen in pj

best ramen in kl

best raman in mont kiara

yuzu ramen

For the day, we ordered 2 bowls. This is Aka Ramen with Hard noodle and Chasu. You get to choose level of spiciness and we were advise to opt for level 2 only. So the paste in the middle spiciness, that do not overpower the soup.

Kanbe Ramen (11)

Kanbe Ramen (13)

Noodle texture is not soo hard as I like it to be as I was shared that some Japanese love to eat their ramen in hard noodle. Since then I have been picking up an option hard if there is. I like it better, cuz nicer texture but again on your own preference.

This is the first time I had different texture of chasu, so soft that near melt in your  motuh. Generous piece as 1 bite will give you a nice mouthful satisfyingly pleasure. Aka broth is certainly thicker than many out there. Soup is creamy and thick yet after taste will give you like collagen goie layer in your mouth. I like it.

Kanbe Ramen (14)

Kanbe Ramen (17)

Next was a recommendation from my friend Ivy as she said Yuzu Ramen is an interesting choice and I follow suit. This bowl is certainly you like it or hate it. I find it first few bites is very interesting as like savoury Yuzu version. Pretty prominent flavour of Yuzu yet did not overpower the soup base.

I would highly recommendd this Yuzu version to be shared. It will be too jelak if you are finishing it by yourself

kakuni ramen

Kakuni is one of the best as I have been searching for this type kakuni after one of my favourite ramen shop in Mont Kiara had went under. This is the next nearest which is melt in your mouth, and seasoning is spot on. If you can finish, I would order Chasu with add on Kakuni.


Kanbe Ramen (18)

retail 163

This is the finale on your table. A guide to enjoy this with mixture into your soup. Both this sides are awesomely good. Well seasoned and could just eat it as a side. I add in everything whats in the table just that carefull on the fried garlic, it is not the usual kind like our Malaysian version or it could be already not fresh (I am not too sure – cuz as you bit it sticks on your teeth) try put lesser of it.

retail 163 mont kiara

Put everything mild to get the flavour you like before you add in more.

onsen egg

Their onsen egg is damm good. Just a side note, it is on the salty side cause of long seasoning. Egg yolk is cook to perfection that goie and stick to your teeth a little.

Would I go back here again? Yes, I would want to try a few more other flavour and their Tsukemen. I just would not bother to queue for more than 1 hour for this.

Another of my favourite Ramen is just across the street at Shoplex- Ichikakuya Ramen if I am craving for Ramen and Kane Ramen is queuing too long.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, love it!!!~Recommended-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Kanbe Ramen
GF-08, 163 Retail Park, 8,
Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 11am – 9pm (or till finish)

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