Kedah Fashion Week 2019 is indeed one of a mesmerizing event for me as attending an fashion show for the first time. Looking at the range of upcoming season from brands that is available and looking forward for the local designers.


Best of all, we got pampers with a private driver that ferry us around with BMW and we stayed at Star City, Alor Setar which is just only 3 minutes walk to Aman Central Shopping Mall.


Kedah Fashion Week (1)

Aman Central is also one of the largest shopping mall up in the north that captures all the shoppers on the near and far around the region.

A short video highlight to those who are keen on what brands is being featured.

Kedah Fashion Week (2)

A nicely set fashion week with massive decor and amazing sound system.

Kedah Fashion Week (3)

Came up here for 2 days just for the event.

Kedah Fashion Week (4)

Kedah Fashion Week (6)

One of our local designer for muslim wear. Find it quite pretty for ladies. Icahfa designs looks more modern and cool.

Kedah Fashion Week (7)

Kedah Fashion Week (8)

Carlo Rino showcasing their upcoming collections.

Kedah Fashion Week (9)

Kedah Fashion Week (10)

Kedah Fashion Week (11)

One of a famous artist with lots of fans cheering for him up there.

Kedah Fashion Week (12)

This is mens wear local designer.

Kedah Fashion Week (13)

This designer is from Penang that combines Chinese classic heritage with modern touch.

Kedah Fashion Week (14)

Kedah Fashion Week (15)

Kedah Fashion Week (16)

Kedah Fashion Week (17)

Find that Taufik Idros wear is very suitable for attending events or being a host.

Kedah Fashion Week (18)

Norman Aim Collection is like a mix of Persian x local culture. quite unique

Kedah Fashion Week (20)

For normal blue collars like us. Alfian & Desuits is really nice.

Kedah Fashion Week (21)

Kedah Fashion Week (22)

Kedah Fashion Week (23)

follow by Cosas United.

Kedah Fashion Week (24)

Kedah Fashion Week (25)

Kedah Fashion Week (26)

Kedah Fashion Week (27)

Kedah Fashion Week (28)

Kedah Fashion Week (29)

Kedah Fashion Week (32)

Kedah Fashion Week (33)

Luve the collection of wedding dresses from Mirol Jonit. Very nice design and clever playing up local cultures.

Kedah Fashion Week (34)

Kedah Fashion Week (35)

Hasfitri Yusof design are elegant, lurve it.

Kedah Fashion Week (36)

Kedah Fashion Week (37)

Seth & Luna is perfect for Spring season.

Kedah Fashion Week (38)

Kedah Fashion Week (39)

Kedah Fashion Week (5)

The man behind the awesome fashion week. Ken Chin

Genre: Hokkien Comedy


Genre: Hokkien Comedy

Last weekend, when I was flliping through newspaper on Friday our local stage play defiantly caught my attention very much as this is the first time a live stage play in Hokkien language and it’s a COMEDY and I thought its worth to give our local scene a chance and persuading hard on my friend to follow me to this play by paying RM35 for this show also. When we reach the place, we were quite suprise is its 90% full. . .

Mark Beau de Silva presents his first full Hokkien play set in Kulim, Kedah, about 2 young boys; Tuah Thou(Big Head) and Huan Chu Thou(Potato Head) and their adventures in front of their mother’s rock garden(taman batu). They want to make a replica of Singapore because their rich Aunty Sien from Singapore is coming back and they want her to feel at home. So, using rocks, dead plants and other dead things, the boys copy the giant statues of flowers and birds that are erected by the gomen at the Penang Community Garden. Their mother; Mama, played by Wei Jun in high heels and shoulder pads is not very happy with this because she thinks the children are more excited over her sister’s coming than her cooking and discipline. She too has a plan of her own, and she enlists the help of her neighborhood sweetheart; Ah Huat, the 4-ekor man(4-D).

As the 2 children and the 2 adults fantasize and agonize the coming of the elusive Aunty Sien, they forget, the train is already coming…Aunty Sien might actually be knocking at the door any moment and the house is still like s***! Who is this woman standing in the shadow by the door. Is Aunty Sien really like that? Big Head and Potato Head is a fast paced comedy with a heart, but a very prickly one. It is created, and acted by Hokkiens! (by VisionKL)

Overall for a show of 75 minutes, on beginning of the show was quite funny and it gets boring after like after 20 minutes and my friend nearly fall asleep, then the flow of the play is very wrong, suddenly filled with anger by throwing bottles every around, smacking on the kid and the role of that mother destroy the scene or I would say not a suitable character to add in, even worst is that their Auntie Sien is back from Sg make the whole play dramatic (which I thought it is suppose to be a COMEDY?) if the play did not filled with good act from Potato Head me and my friend would just leave. The worst part is the ending. Suddenly end like that, and me and my friend were puzzled as the bow to us crowd and wave bye bye. Not to say the suck but there needs a lot of improvement in the flow of the live play especially on comedy.

Hope they improve on their next play.

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 5/10,so so only~

– The play rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –

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