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On and off, there is an invited chef flown all the way to KL to present their skills and heritage all the way from Japan. As for last week till end of the year, there is this Live Presentation and Tasting by Keigo Tamura, from Manshige, Kyoto whom is the third generation in heir of this famous restaurant in Kyoto.

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As ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur is celebrating their 1st year anniversary, most of you Japanese fans might find this interesting, Washoku: Japanese Food for Festivities is a three month three-month fair with the aim to showcase Japanese culture, cuisine and traditions held at the CUBE 1, ISETAN the Japan Store Kuala Lumpur from 27th Oct 2017 to 25 Jan 2018.

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From the cultural and foodie section, we get to attend Live Presentation and Tasting by Keigo Tamuraon 5th and 6th Nov, 2017. Besides this, there are series of activities, workshops and events going on for the whole three-month fair.

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You get to enjoy classic taste of snacks that is prepared from Japanese chef.

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AS part of the recycling program, Japan have created this cute and unique recycle cutleries and plates that is now available to sell at Isetan KL.

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Fans of sake, would love this section as they are selling a tester portion for only RM 10 or RM 15 which is quite a decent size of cup. All the sake is being arranged according to regions.

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After tasting a few, I personally like this bottle. It is so easy to drink, not too strong in alcohol, yet very fragrant in taste. Recommended!

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With a few exchange sips of sake with my friends, we entered into the section to taste special dished prepared by one of Japan’s top chefs; Chef Keigo Tamura the third generation owner and head chef of Manshige, a famous restaurant with a long history in Kyoto. 

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while waiting for other guest to arrive, nice background classic Japanese music being played to lift up the ambiance.

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In Chinese belief, during special occasion we do eat certain items, so does the Japanese as a Whole red sea-bream or Tai fish also known as red snapper signifies a great meaning too in Japanese culture. According to Chef Tamura, Red and White are the auspicious color for Japanese festivities so the ingredients that he used for all his dishes will be most in red and white. Also Chef’s Tamura knives flown in all the way from Japan, do not under estimate the knife, the chef said that the long knife cost about estimated RM 14,000.

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We were there on the 5th to experience and learn about the concepts, techniques, and hidden secrets of Japanese food for festivities and enjoy the special dishes made with the chef’s own hands.

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Temari Sushi ~ Maguro and Tai Fish
When you see this sushi does look simple in preparation, and indeed it does need some tricks to prepare it. Tuna and red sea-bream also known as red snapper is prepared in a ball version that top with some gold dusk . I enjoy my one bite sensation that it is burst with flavours in your mouth. Indeed fresh item . It taste even better with a sip green tea, as it does enhance yet give you a nice clean up seafood refreshing end taste. 

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Manshige Original Braised Auspicious Tai
As mentioned by Chef Keigo Tamura, red and white represent auspicious therefore the Tai Fish is red sea-bream also known as red snapper is great for auspicious celebrations and festivals. Manshige Original Braised Auspicious Tai is the highlight dish of this live presentation and tasting session. I find that the signature of this dish is chef special sauce. Slightly thick yet it works like a paint. Fish is fresh and the gravy give a little hint of soy saltiness, sweetness from Japanese sweet sauce.

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Kyoto Specialised Rice Cake Soup
Have never been to Kyoto and find this pretty interesting. Speciality cake soup make with white miso base. White miso base that gives you a hint of sweetness as to compare the brown or darker soy sauce base. For this classic dish, rice cake is prepared right in the center upon serving. Texture wise is like mochi. I like the soft chewy rice cake together with light miso soup with vegetable like radish, carrots, and parsley. 

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Pear Compote with Ogura Red Bean
For a classic simple ending, red bean (azuki) pair with their pear is interesting. Pear is very juicy and crispy yet azuki cook to perfection. 

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Dining experience with chef is rather interesting and felt priviallge to dine his food in Malaysia rather than fly all the way to Japan, travel and waited for hours.

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As for next month –  Cube 1, ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur on 2nd and 3rd December, 2017. The guest chef for this round is Chef Jeff Ramsey, head chef of Babe, a fun dining restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. Chef Ramsey love for Japanese and modernist cooking make him earn his a Michelin Star in 2008 and taking the title of Seven Sushi Samurai’s Sushi of the Year Award in 2006.
Chef Jeff Ramsey will be demonstrating his fusion culinary skills using Marukome, a Japanese miso pasete in his signature Japanese styled tapas or Japas. There will be 3 sessions per day ( 12pm – 1pm | 5pm – 6pm | 7.30pm to 8.30pm ). And it’s limited to 40 guests per session, if you are interested you can register at https://washoku-babe.eventbrite.com
For more information about Washoku Japanese Food For Festivities and Live Presentation and Tasting at ISETAN The Japan Store, please visit Cube 1 KL 

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