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There is one particular shop that recently open and starting to make waves of crowd queuing in their outlet. I have just paid a visit to Kelate Kitchen over the weekend and the queue is crazy! Hails as the Nasi Kukus Beratur and indeed the queue is speechless. I have waited about near 1 hour to get the dishes.

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This place is hail as one of a classic eatery that serve authentic Nasi Kukus Kelantanese cuisine.  Read that it focus on a few item.
1. Nasi Kukus Classic with Curry Gravy
2. Kambing bakar
3. Ikan
4. Their teh tarik madu special (seems to be pack with alot of bubble foam on the top)

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Everything in here is self service. Well, the queue here is a bit weird and best to come in a group. For first timer like me, queuing along in the long line till you are lost in the middle section where you see a split of line. Then only realize that one queue is for nasi Kukus and another queue is for drink. Both are near to equally long.

Do advise to come in a group of 3. 1 person take table. 1 person queue to get nasi kukus. 1 person to queue to get drink.

I wanted to order Nasi Special Kambing Bakar. It is sold out at the time of 7pm. (maybe I should try to come earlier next time).

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Their Sambal is a bomb. Quite spicy and sour enough. Loving it especially you pair it with your fried chicken.

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First timer here, hit on their signature Nasi Kukus Ayam or known as Nasi Kukus King @ RM 7. A simple dish that just top with their special sambal and curry gravy. Add more if you like spicy sour taste. Then fried chicken is not too bad as it is decent in size. Drench with their home made special curry recipe is da bomb! Love the complicated taste of it as it is quite unique compare to others that I have tried. Thick, fragrant with a bit of mix curry spices. Then I went to request for more gravy to make it Banjir. In the end add telur @ RM 2

The set back of this nasi kukus is that it is not cook enough as the rice are all quite soggy.

Kelate Kitchen (18)

this is how my nasi banjir looks like.

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Came again another round to try out their Nasi Kerabu Kambing Bakar @ RM 14. This nasi Kerabu is quite different from what I had in other places such as: Kesom (which is well known for Nasi Kerabu) as the top ingredient, the taste is quite different. This is slightly more herby and fragrant. Rice is abit sticky and wish it is slightly more cook. After mixing all of the condiments together, it taste much better.

the kambing bakar is way overcook, chewy and it is not worth for a RM 14 dish. Best to stick back with their ayam bakar or ayam goreng.

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Teh Tarik Madu @ RM 5.50 is quite interesting which learn from the malay lady next to me that it is a big hit in Kelantan now. Hence this is their version as in their FB they mention they use wild honey. First few sip is good and after a while it is too sweet for me.

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For a malay food stall, this is one of the place that you should pay a visit when you are in Setapak. I do not mind to come back again for their Nasi Kukus King as it is only RM 7

As I came back second time, the lady that sat next to me saying that this place is serving quite authentic Kelantanese food in KL as it is very comparable to the one back at her hometown.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, love the curries. . Recommended -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Kelate Kitchen
B-G-7 Plaza Prima Setapak,
Jalan Prima Setapak 1,Kuala Lumpur
Waze : Plaza Prima Setapak pun boleh jumpa.
Instagram: kelate_kitchen
Facebook: Kelate Kitchen

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