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When my kitchen wall crack due to weather and poor workmanship from the developer, did a minor revamp for my kitchen wall to change it to the design I like, then change my kitchen hood to Senz. Here is my mini review for Senz SZ-CH9388AC Chimney Cooker Hood.

kitchen hood

Review after 18 months usage:

Senz SZ-CH9388AC

For a Malaysian brand, the quality build is pretty impressive and for the price I paid. I bought this during Lazada Birthday bash for a steal. For around RM 1,100 that fits within my limited budget. I am sure 11.11 coming soon, you will get a bargain deal.

One of the reason I choose this slanting unit because of my height. I am at 185cm tall and do cook quite often. The slanting fits me well, as the classic hood I have to peek thru the hood (as there is a standard height recommendation for the installation)

Another reason I bought this is also of its Auto cleaning function as you can see, hood do not have the blower suction pipe out. I need to rely on internal unit system to ensure the unit is clean.

senz kitchen hood review

Spec of the hood:

  • Sleek and modern design with black tempered glass which makes it very easy to clean
  • Suction power: 1400 m3/h
  • Heat auto cleaning function
  • Exhaust / recirculation option
  • Twin carbon filter
  • Metal oil cup which is 5 times bigger than traditional size
  • LED lights
  • Recommended installation height from gas hob:  400mm ~ 500mm
  • Recommended installation height from electric hob:  300mm ~ 450mm


rubine hood

You can purchase it at: Shopee: https://shp.ee/zr7sdvd

senz kitchen hood

There is the digital signage and the suction comes in 3 level power. The high is not too bad. Where when I do some fried stuff, can see the smoke just goes into the suction.

Far left button is the Auto Cleaning system function that takes about 10-15 minutes for its self cleaning. Follow by LED light , fan power and On-Off button.

senz hood

For maintenance, there is charcoal filter in it by removing this panel. I was told by the seller that, if I am heavy cooker i need to change it once a year, with one pair cost about estimated RM 130 – RM 160.

Heavy user define as daily cooking. For me I cook 3-4 times a so looking at 18-24 months, also depending on what you cook. Oily stuff will be more.

Chimney Cooker Hood

Since this is a temper glass outlook, there are pro and cons about this.


heat auto cleaning function hood

Pro is it look sleek and modern. Cons is after I cook for 2 weeks, and I didnt clean in all the while you can see the oil stain start accumulating. The only way is you need to be hardworking in cleaning up/ wipe up the stain

HeatPro IntelClean Multihood

I use Cif to clean it up and easily wipe off cuz of its surface.

hood review

Worry less that the oil do have a panel to accumulate. You can just remove the bottom panel and wash it off. If you do the auto clean process, the oil also will end up there.

kitchen hood auto clean

Overall, I am happy with this unit. Works well with it is required and fits my budget. Hope my hood review do give you some extra thought. I bought it thru online, and do ensure to talk to the seller if they provide installation for you. If not, will be like me, have to spend RM 200-RM 350 to bring an installer in.

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