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Where to hunt for authentic Korean food in KL? There is one actually, one of the latest addition of Korean food in Solaris is this Kitchen Goheung. Serving one of a classic pork ribs stew pot dish. It is exactly like what I had in one of the shop in Seongsu Dong, Seoul, Korea.

kitchen goheung (1)

Just look at the sign board already tempted you wanted to try it. I have discover this place for quite a while only early this year start giving it a try and to my surprise, I hvae went back 3 times after that. One of the best pork ribs soup you can get. One of the best Korean food in Solaris.

kitchen goheung (2)

This is a shop being patronize by alot of Koreans and usually I am the only local diner there.

kitchen goheung (3)

Their set lunch is quite a bargain menu wise is not extensive. All the basic and signature are there.

kitchen goheung (4)

I have been in for this signature dish a few times already. Pork Bone Stew (M) – enough to feed for 2-3 pax! You can add ramyeon after that. @ RM 55 There are a few ingredient that makes this a great dish which is from the leaves on the bottom right. That gives a slight bitter fragrant flavour yet push it into the kimchi stew soup with their hint of pepper and spicy powder, then mix it all up. The soup gives you a whole new level of taste. Best to go with Soju BomB!

kitchen goheung (5)

kitchen goheung (6)

This 2 mixture do give you a hint of spices that it is needed. A soup base that is sweet, sour, spicy and hint of bitter. A perfect pork bone stew with kimchi pork bone soup base! yumz!

kitchen goheung (7)

kitchen goheung (8)

kitchen goheung (9)

Each of the pork bone are being cook for long as the meat just peel off easily with chopstick!

kitchen goheung (10)

As this round I have more people, then we order their signature Kimchi Spam Fried Rice @ RM 25. A very simple dish yet done to perfection. A taste from sourish kimchi with the fragrant of spam, is blended well. Mix it all up with some spoonfull of pork bone soup is just perfect!

kitchen goheung (11)

Another signature dish that must order is this classic dish that I had in Korea too. Pork Bone with Kimchi Stew @ RM 26

kitchen goheung (12)

Long marinated pork bone wrap with kimchi then slow cooked to compress the sourish flavour of kimchi out. A soup base which is slight thick but punch with flavour. Some of you might not used to the strong sourish taste but it is as good classic dish as it is!

kitchen goheung (13)

When I was in Korea, One of the Ajuma taught me how to eat this dish is by pouring in the cup of rice being served then eat it along. Loving it! Makes them one of the best Korean food in Mont Kiara.

kitchen goheung (14)

Currently this shop makes it to my top 3 best Korean food in KL.

25th November,  finally tried their famous Seafood Stew Pot. Just pretty awesome!



-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9.5/10, One of my top Korean Food! -Stamped- is

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Kitchen Goheung
No.3A, jalan solraris4,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating Hours: 10am – 12am

Tel: 03-6206 1490

Who does not love Korean food? I can have it like my daily dinner meal too. Recently did an arrangement of birthday dinner with my friend over here through a recommendation from my friend. Jinjin Soora Korean Restaurant located in Plaza Mont Kiara is indeed a hidden gem in this area. More like a Korean style homecook food.

Jinjin Soora (1)

I believe they have been operating for less than 4 months and it is run by Korean couple themselves. Most of the food here are quite homecook style and I am loving it as it is quite similiar to Korea.

Jinjin Soora (3)

menu is quite typical as they have their usual bbq section, and bibinbamp and others.

Jinjin Soora (4)

Jinjin Soora (5)

Jinjin Soora (8)

Jinjin Soora (9)

Starting off the fried rice for the kids. Gyran Saeu Bokkumbap – Shirmp Fried Rice @ RM 25. Fragrant, simple and nice.

Jinjin Soora (10)

Love their banchan, as it was requested to refill a few rounds, especially their kimchi, pumpkin or potato (depending on ingredient of the day)

Jinjin Soora (11)

The version of Kimchi Jiggae is slightly thicker in taste and slightly more sourish end. Like this version.

Jinjin Soora (12)

Japchae – stir fried glass noodle. @ RM 29. Very simple dish that stir fried with their house special sauce that make it good. Find it quite authentic tho.

Jinjin Soora (13)

Jinjin Soora (14)

Dwaeji Galbi @ RM 30 – spareribs. Love the marination of this, as it is indeed season heavily and the taste is pack with fragrant in house seasoning. BBQ just nice as you can op to bbq your self or the staff to assist. We asked for the staff to assist.

Jinjin Soora (15)

Jinjin Soora (16)

This is one of my favourite, it is like Korean version of fried oyster. DongGranddang @ RM 28. A plate filled with fried egg omelette oyster. A must to order and must dip with their house special sauce at the side.

Jinjin Soora (17)

Mandu Jeongol @ RM 78 is one of my favourite pot. Felt that it is slightly over price as it is filled with 5 pieces of Mandu and the rest are all veggies.

Jinjin Soora (18)


Jinjin Soora (19)

Fill with kimchi soup base, the taste is not too heavy yet just nice. Their mandu is big in sizes, like 2 pcs of our sui kow = 1 unit of mandu. Pack with meat and veggie in it. Just as I like it.

Jinjin Soora (25)

Jinjin Soora (20)

Depe Samgyeopsal @ RM 30 – thin cut pork belly slices. Simple marination and it is bbq to perfection.


Jinjin Soora (24)

Haemul Bubok @ RM 28. I find that their pancake is so so only as it is still moist in the inside, if it were to cook slightly longer then it would be just nice. A seafood version of egg omelette. Nothing fantastic.

Jinjin Soora (26)

Jinjin Soora (21)

I have been looking around for this snacks and not many Korean restaurant in KL is offering this. Finally this is one of them and it taste exactly like what I had in Korea. Pack with a slice of ham, mushroom and yellow pepper. Sanbok @ RM 28 is indeed quite expensive for 3 sticks.

Did order their Saeu TwiGim  @ RM 16 that comes with about 8-10 pcs of mini fried Gyoza version. Not too bad as the skin is pan fried to crispy. (sorry dont have picture for this)

Jinjin Soora (27)

진진수라 jinjin soora is indeed one of my favourite Korean Restuarant now, with is authenticity of the taste. One of the best authentic Korean Restaurant in Mont Kiara and certainly a recommended place if you are looking for one. Been here couple of time after this dining.

My personal recommendation will be:

  1. Dwaeji Galbi – Shortribs
  2. DongGranddang – fried oyster
  3. Sanbok – egg skewers


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8.5/10, Love this Korean place !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

진진수라 jinjin soora Korean Restaurant
Block C-g-02 Plaza Mont Kiara,
No2, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-6206 3115

Operating Hours: 11am – 10pm

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