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Technology have connected many people around the globe and also inspired alot of young entrepreneur out there. It had also change many of our behavior from dining out to getting a delivery in. Kurin Poke Bowls is set out with a goal to widen the accessibility of clean and wholesome food on-the-go to those with a fast moving work life that also wants to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. They are one of the meal provider that keeps your calories in place.

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since was recommended by my friend, so decided to get the delivery service a try. They were quite prompt as the delivery was less than 45 minutes.

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Open up my don rice – Don White Rice + Classic Salmon Japanese Short Grain @ RM 18. Salmon is fresh and love the beautiful colour ingredients on top of it. Simple yet delicious as the soy sauce base they use is fragrant. Did feed back to them to lessen the soy base or to put it separately to allow us to add in accordingly.

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One of my preferred choice is Niku Tofu – Hardpressed Diced Japanese Tofu torched with our homemade Teriyaki sauce. RM 10(R) | RM 15(L). Simple meal which is good, direct and delicious.

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Among the 3 we ordered, I prefer their Pokeritto + Ponzu Tuna – Diced Tuna whisked and marinated with our soy-based tangy citrus sauce. RM 20(R) | RM 25(L). It sure feels like a giant sushi roll that is pack with ingredients. seaweed is fresh and a nice fresh taste balance if veggie and tuna is pretty good.

There are just a new start up and did feedback to them for improvement. Worth to check them out.

For more info – place your order and check out their menu (HERE)

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