Genre: Romance/ Comedy

Usually I don really watch Thai show unless its a comedy and this movie Lulla Man is one of the show you will enjoy that 3 married couples that their husband constantly went out for fling and wife at home always suspect them of having affair outside. They are trying to gain all evidence against them.

Its a funny movie especially begining and towards the end its more to more touchy part where how their wife sacrifice for them.Worth to watch . .:) Thanks to Jason for the tickets.

– Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped –

Overall ratings 7/10, .  very good laugh at beginning  for me lahh~. .

– The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk –


Sometimes we just love to peek on something, especially on girls OR when we was a kid, when we trying to prank a guy, we set up a trap on the floor stay behind the tree peek and hope he was going into the trap and when that kid/guy successfully walk into your trap then we will celebrate behind the tree jumping and cheering around or laugh nonstop.

It was not until recently, my friend introduce me to this website really meant for people who love to peek on things especially they cheeky ones, besides peeking on someone, why not peeking on something that you like then purchase it at a very good discounted price till 61% off the original value.


Peepnbuy.com is a portal that allows you to peep as many times as you want especially on the item, if you get serious to buy on that particular item, you can try to peek on the price and if the price is right,  just click on the buy me price and whoolaa… you get your item at the special discounted price.

How it works? It is as simple as saying A,B,C and calculate 1,2,3.


Upon successfully registration, you will given 1 FREE Peep Credit that allows you to peep on any item available on the website. Trust me, it is very tempting and makes the curiosity in me to peep on alot of products available in the list.

For example:


Any Jusco vouchure on sale or in bid, I will always click on it to see what is the price or bid on the price that I want cuz in Jusco with that kind of amount I seriously can get quite alot of things in there. The Buy now figure will appear there for 15 seconds and do not hesitate  alot as it appears not that long. Once over 15 seconds, the price will be different again.

Play with the simple link here: http://www.peepnbuy.com/how-it-works/

There are 2 sections that interest me  which is definitely I will not miss, the food category:


See how many vouchers are available there. Just click and peep yet the best of all that I am in love with is this Hand Held Gadgets cuz my Blackberry just officially certified cannot repair and I stare at the smart phones available in there is so tempting that makes me want to Peep on nearly each of the phone available, not only that, there are GPS, i-Phone (the latest craze in the market), Canon Camera and many more.


For girls, definately you will love this section with Gucci, Burberry hand bags up for you to peep which is cheaper than the market price and more items like watches, perfume, costmetic and others for you to check it out.


I have take my Peep and had found something I like. Do you want to Peep what is the value in there?

To register, just log into their website http://www.peepnbuy.com to Peep.

Genre: Comedy

Chinese new year movie is always about the comedy with the cast of Loius Khoo being the emperor and the sister Pearl is on the way back to the palace and during the way, they were attack by the pirates and Pearl fall into the river. When they fish out the girl, and did not realize that its different girl and Pearl had been fish out by another guy. The story continues. . . . and its kinda mou liew also the movie. Like one of the part how they use the lyric of some singers to express their love. .

A comedy movie for mou liew people like me and my friends.

— Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 8/10, good laugh, ~

— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —

Genre: Family/ Comedy

Your day could just get better by watching this movie, that The Rock did not believe in any dream or fairy tales that makes him a destroyer of a child’s dream yet in the ice hokey ring, he is branded as Tooth Fairy. Till one night, he receive a fine from the fairy god mother to punish him to be the tooth fairy.

I laugh through the whole movie and its definitely a movie I am recommending to those people who are to stress, down, emo, this movie would just cheer you up. Thanks to Nuffnang for the tickets.

— Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 10/10, very very funny~

— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —

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