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For year 2015, Chinese New Year is not only around the corner but also Valentine’s Day is just a few days before it, and of course when comes to Valentines Day, usually couples would spend of dinner along with a nice bouquet of flowers for some couples.

As far I as heard for this year flowers are pretty limited because of weather and landslides that have cause it. There is already a sudden price hike on roses as demand are high for this round. Then also suddenly my friend called me up as well and offer me do I need flowers for this Valentines Day and I was like why not. Went over to her place which is located in Damansara Uptown and her shop sits in this huge lot and found that her brand could be as an alternative, LavieFlo flowers would be another option for you to seriously consider.

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LavieFlo is the first in Malaysia to introduce preserved flowers using safe and revolutionary technology by horticulture experts in 2012. The meaning of LavieFlo is the combination of the words “life” in French and the short for “flower” in English.

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I am totally impress with the range that they are offering, from office desk, table top flowers to huge decorative type of flowers, can be done/ cater at your own needs.

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Another great offer that I found out as many wedding couples do spend money on actual flowers as an alternative, surely can consider this, as it can be kept after that and also especially those who are travelling to another desination for another wedding, the flowers can be kept and use again.

Not only that, as they do offer another great package if you want to have great cost savings which is, these beautiful flowers can be rent too. If you are looking to decorate your office/home in theme according to season, they do have this special package to cater for you. You can check them up at their website – http://bit.ly/1wNI35B or call them for enquiries.

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One of the table top flower for wedding dining tables.

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Some of these display preserve flowers are rather impressive as they are near 2-3 years old and still looking good. It had been sent to display in many other occasions and they reorganise it again to give it different look.

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I really like the decorative flowers as its nicely done up, in shape, and careful thoughts of the combination of it.

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This pot is one of my favourite, because of its colour combination and it would be nice to put it at office or house.

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For those who own big bungalow/ offices, this is for your consideration and also if you do have a nice vase.

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The flowers are being nicely box up as a gift pack and ready to be carry out.

leviflo (20)

Just my own preference as I always prefer mix colour roses as it looks nicer.

leviflo (17)

leviflo (18)

Nicely wrap with its high quality ribbon, and grip at the bottom. Best of all you do not have to worry on the spill of  water when you place it vertically.

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Comes along with a mini card for your own personal message.


I find that their price is very reasonable and best of all, after spending XX amount of money for rosses and let it site at one corner, died after a few days, now you can recycle it by decorating in your house or office. (for my own personal thought)

Good news is that now they are open for PRE-ORDER PROMOTION FROM

JAN 10 – 31, 2015
100% Real Flowers, Preserved to Last! Gift your special someone a unique
bouquet this year with LavieFlo’s Preserved Flowers.
Enjoy our 20% discount for Valentine pre-orders from January 10 – 31, 2015!
Place your Order Online @ http://bit.ly/1wNI35B
Limited Quantity Available. Book your ever lasting bouquets today to avoid
MORE INFO : [email protected] OR 03-77288333


Tips of taking care of the flowers:

• Do NOT water
• Do NOT expose to direct sunlight and strong light
• AVOID direct contact with anything wet
• Store and display at temperatures below 35℉C
• Keep humidity levels at approximately 40% – 60%
• Blow with hairdryer from a moderate distance when dusty

Lavieflo International Sdn. Bhd. (980261-D)
32 Jalan SS21/1
Damansara Utama (Uptown)
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: +603-7728 8333
Fax: +603-7728 8334

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