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Legoland. Who is not a fan of Lego? I believe most kids would wish to have a set of it even when I was a kid. Great news was when it was first announce a few years back that it did make a buzz that finally a theme park that is what Malaysia need instead of those tons of water theme park that keep rising that do not make any special attraction at all. Still Sunway Lagoon top in the list compare to the rest.

Legoland Malaysia which is first of its kind to be landed here and did make a huge buzz over social media where most of my friends do pay a visit even the theme park was fully completed. I was keen to go too and lucky enough to win a few pairs of ticket to visit here. Therefore I drag a few more other people to come by to make it more fun of course.

We needed a place to stay here too, so I book Amansari Residence Resort. Its a bit far but price is quite alright.

Legoland (1)

Getting here is a bit confusing is where like Putrajaya when they first started. Road signs are all over and you have to guess which and which to reach here.

legoloand 2


Legoland (2)

For a theme park like this, I find it super expensive which is for 1 day pass adult is RM 140 and both park is RM 175

Legoland (3)

 Here we are with the rest .. .

Legoland (4)

 Upon entering, you will be seeing all structure in Lego format built up.

Legoland (5)

Legoland (6)


Legoland (7)

In the map it looks big but we finish the park within 2 hours. That shows you how interesting the park is.

Legoland (8)

IF you do have budget, do stay in their Legoland Hotel that is filled with a few theme room which is very interesting. Check them out here: Lego Hotel

Legoland (9)

 As when we are there, it was still on Christmas Mood.

Legoland (10)

 The Tweety Bird Lady . . keke, Anna trying to be the Tweety Bird. . .

Legoland (11)

 As in the park, we head to the right starting off with Lego City.

Legoland (12)

Legoland (15)

 Lego City is a place more for kids as everything in here is cute and in kids size.

Legoland (13)

 Kids get a chance to drive their own car. . .

Legoland (14)

Legoland (16)

Legoland (17)

Legoland (18)

Legoland (19)

 Safety driving school

Legoland (20)

Legoland (21)

 Boating School

Legoland (22)

 The Shipyard for kids playland

Legoland (23)

Legoland (24)

 Kinda like the Market Restaurant as its all nicely done ..

Legoland (25)

Legoland (26)

Legoland (27)

Legoland (28)

 Was told by Anna to make a wish must sit on Santa’s lap like how she does it.

Legoland (29)

 City Stage, it was under maintenance that day.

Legoland (30)

 Fire drill area.

Legoland (31)

Legoland (32)

 Then head to Land of Adventure next.

Legoland (33)


Legoland (35)

Legoland (34)

One of the ride where by you are given a gun in the car and shoot as many item as you can.

Legoland (36)

 Another 2 more area under maintenance.

Legoland (37)

Legoland (38)

Legoland (39)

Legoland (40)

Legoland (41)

 Head to Imagination zone next. . .

Legoland (42)

 of course we pose accordingly. . .

Legoland (43)

 Try out their 4D Lego Studio, effect were pretty disappointing compare to other theme park that I have went before that offer the same thing. One of the longest queue.

Legoland (44)

Legoland (45)

Legoland (46)

 Lego Kingdom is one of the area that attract me the most cause of the build up. Its very in old Castle type.

legonalnd 5

legoland 6

legoland 7

and of course after walking around disappointed and this is the only ride that attract me the most is the roller coaster for adult.

legoland 8

 Wheeee. . .Kau tim in less than 90 seconds.

Legoland (47)

 The rest is to entertain ourselves we try to sit in too . . .

Legoland (48)

Legoland (49)

Legoland (50)

 Then we hop into the observation deck . . .

Legoland (51)

If you love to take alot of pictures, this section might interest you the most as Miniland is build with lots and lots of Lego blocks to assemble all the main unique structure in the world.

Legoland (52)

Legoland (53)

Legoland (54)

Legoland (55)

Legoland (56)

Legoland (57)

Legoland (58)

Legoland (59)

Legoland (60)

 Before we head off, for more modern area is their Lego Technique section.

Legoland (62)

Legoland (61)

Legoland (63)

Legoland (64)

 of course before existing, souvenir shop is a must enter section to grab some items. . .Price here is is still near the same as outside area. Some item might be cheaper and of course half of the item are only available in this theme park section, (if I am not mistaken cause I do not see Lego Item often)

Legoland (65)

As a conclusion, for young adult, teens, I would not find this place interesting as it is much suitable for parents with kids in between 2-12 years old as most of the rides/items are build for this age group. This is how I manage to complete the whole park less than 2 hours. Imagine yourself.

For such a price at RM 140 its too pricey that prevents many people going in and if you are comparing with other international theme park with this price, they are offering more option or I would spend a bit more to go Universal Studio in Singapore.

Opening Hours
LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort is open most of the day in 2014 from 10 am until 6 pm. Longer opening hours apply on weekends (till 7pm), during school and public holidays (till 9pm) for LEGOLAND®Theme Park. The Water Park on the other hand has a fixed opening hours: 10am til 6pm.

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort
7, Jalan Legoland, Bandar Medini,
Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +607 597 8888
Waze: LEGOLAND Malaysia
GPS Coordinate: 1.427361, 103.62987

From the North-South Highway / Senai Airport
– Take Tuas / Nusajaya / Pontian / Tanjung Pelepas EXIT 253 > Proceed to Nusajaya EXIT 312 > LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort signage will lead you to the destination!

From Johor Bahru / CIQ / Singapore via the Coastal Highway
– From Danga Bay, proceed straight via the Coastal Highway > Proceed all the way to Nusajaya > LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort will be seen before reaching Kota Iskandar.

From Singapore via the Tuas Second Link
– Proceed until you see the Nusajaya EXIT 312 > You will see LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort signage

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