Just right before I went back to Penang for my friends wedding 2 weeks ago, few days before that I received an email from my ex-colleague that some one mention in a blog that a blogger mention Pulau Aman served nice fresh Prawn Mee aka Mee Udang in Malay, then as I am excited and decided to go explore this round, and to double confirm I went Google up about this place, surprisingly quite a number of bloggers been before since as early as 2008. Then I told him I am going during Raya Break, then he said, u sot liau..Raya who opening for you including Ramadan? I was like super disappointed but yet lucky to go back early and just ngam ngam a day before bulan puasa start.

In adventurous mode, so went back to Penang can call my best friend and propose this and timing is so ngam that they also do plan to go to this island which is just perfect. Woke up early on Sunday morning look at Google Map that to travel there is very straight forward. Just head towards KL bound highway then exit at BATU KAWAN exit, –> find Batu Kawan Stadium then just head alllllll the way straight only till and turn left at a junction. It is just about 30-45 minutes from Penang island.


Pulau Aman (1)

 Then you will reach this place with a huge carpark and we are amaze with one thing.

Pulau Aman (2)

Hidden deep inside here and a beautiful future mini port that just build up which I believe going to host some cafes or restaurant that over look the sea and Penang Bridge, shows that there are quite alot of crowds coming here.

Pulau Aman (3)

You can just park your car anywhere as you can find a spot and you will be charge RM5 which certainly alot more expensive compare to the ones in Penang if you consider this kind of place. . I guess its tourist attraction then.

Pulau Aman (4)

Then you will see this mini jetty that will take us to the opposite island which is known as Pulau Aman.

Pulau Aman (5)

This is the list of schedule and rates to take us over the other island as according to the boatman or the ‘penjaga’ there are no specific pick up or departure time. Just come to this jetty and just wait for the boat as they charge RM6 for 2 ways which is quite reasonable.

Note: the boat start as early as 8am (depends on luck as official start around 9am then last boat depart from the island back to the jetty is 5.30pm). IF you cant get back there are damm less accommodation and I would just wish you good luck in getting back.

Pulau Aman (6)

 my 2 best friend which is the 2 siau poh’s . .Collen and Nancy and cam whore abit while waiting for our boat ride.

Pulau Aman (7)

 Yayyy… finally our small mini wooden boat had is coming with the slow sound of engine ‘tutt ttuttt tutttt tutttttt’


Pulau Aman (8)

This is how small the boat is and maximum I think can transport around 25 pax.

Pulau Aman (9)

This is how small and low the boat is and I think I stretch my hand out I can touch the sea water already.

Pulau Aman (10)

 This is what I mean small boat and quite a lot people purposely travel there for fishing.

Pulau Aman (11)

 about 10 minutes slow boat ride we finally approaching Pulau Aman. Pulau Aman which is actually a small fishing village.

Pulau Aman (12)

Pulau Aman (13)

Pulau Aman (14)

Pulau Aman (15)


Pulau Aman (16)

 We are surprise to see here got a map to tell us where we are and what do they have, and best of all, we do not know where the restaurant is located. The island seems small in this map and if to walk, will take quite a while. Then something struck our mind, just follow where everyone is going, you wont be wrong. Either ended up in 2 places, fishing area or the restaurant.

Pulau Aman (17)

 this is what they have in the island for tourist attraction . . at this junction we took a turn on LEFT where everyone is walking.

Pulau Aman (18)

 they have road names tooo!

Pulau Aman (19)

See, I told you wont be wrong as its just a few steps a way from the Pulau Aman Jetty that you turn left at the T-junction then you will reach this RESTAURANT TERAPUNG PULAU AMAN.

Pulau Aman (20)

As I mention here is a fishing village and according to a few blogger you can grab mantis prawn and crab at a cheap rate. SO you choose what are the seafood you want then you bring the pale to the restaurant and let them know that you want them to help you cook.

Pulau Aman (21)

For being a virgin in this area, we do not know the rate of it and order Mantis Prawn and just 4 pcs cost us RM89 I was like .. kena chop already . . Then ask the other customer around there cuz I saw a big group of teenagers and ask how much is their price and a table sit next to us how much was theirs. Apparently there are 3 rates:

Small medium Size: RM50-RM60 per KG (recommended this size)

Medium Big Size : RM60-RM75 per KG

BIG SIZE : RM 85 above per KG

Please be remember to ASK the price and do not go on Sunday as very less boatman went out to sea to catch fish or anything,

Pulau Aman (22)

As many bloggers mention the signature dish here is Mee Udang, so that must not be miss and we order the rest of it. What is the different between Biasa (Normal) and special, as the difference is less prawns and more prawns. So I would advice just try on their BIASA can already.

Pulau Aman (23)

It was just 10.30am in the morning and its nearly full already.

Pulau Aman (24)

Here comes our order which is the signature dish of the restaurant known as Mee Udang / Prawn Mee malay version. I would say, the soup is not bad as you can taste from the sweetness from the fresh prawns and you just have to squeeze the lime to make it taste a bit sour. RM 6

Pulau Aman (28)

Pulau Aman (25)

Nasi Goreng Udang turns out to be quite good too, that many stores that I have tried in KL on the road side is not as good as this @ RM6

Pulau Aman (26)

Bihun Udang @ RM 6 that this plate certainly beats alot of malay stores out there which is quite fried quite fragrant.

Pulau Aman (27)

 Mee Goreng Udang @ RM 6

Pulau Aman (29)

 Koey Teow Soup Udang @ RM 6

Pulau Aman (30)

 Our Giant mantis prawn and flower crab. The Auntie Charge ADDITONAL RM5 jus to steam on the seafood.

Pulau Aman (31)

Pulau Aman (32)

 This is how giant our mantis prawn is and there is one even longer than Nancy’s face

Pulau Aman (33)

One of the reason not to order big mantis prawn is hard to peel the skin off as its shell is filled with a bit of torn and if you do not handle it properly while cutting you might hurt yourself. So the simple step for me that how I usually do it is

1) Cut the head off

2) cut all the legs

3) cut the side shell

4) just peel from the tail up to the front and just becarefull.

Pulau Aman (34)

After eating we had a short stroll to explore around what to see in this area and reliase that there is a Telaga Emas to see ( Gold Well) then walk for 10 minutes we find that its quite far and decided to turn around and also the area and the area is very Kampung and resides mostly malay here.

Pulau Aman (35)

Then I think there is a chalet here just 4 units. Then we head back to jetty and return. IF you ask me would I return, I would say yes, just for fun . . I will return again another round during Raya Week as the uncle said he will be opening.

What to order – Mee Udang and you can try out the Prawn Mantis small size.

Note: last boat is at 5.30pm


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, quite okay, because its fresh~ ~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

120 Pulau Aman, 14100 Simpang Ampat, Penang, Malaysia.

Contact: 016-495 5125, 019-476 6125

Opening Hours: 9.30am- 5.30pm (daily)

GPS: 5.268310, 100.391495


Chinese New Year is just around the corner and this round, Sidney had come out with a wonderfull idea which most of us also up for it. When I heard about the plan, I got all excited, in my life for the very first time be a model *dreamingggg…. When all decisions are confirm, the result is to dress ourselves in Chinese traditional dress and head to this great location at Bangsar One, House of Tangs. Cny Menu click here.

It was a great sunny first yet cloudy day for the shot, with the perfect lighting and all of us got all hype up and thinking how to pose for it but all thanks and credits to House of Tang for the location and also Carven Ong Couture for the very nice Cheongsam to the girls.

Foodie CNY

Although I am not yet back to Penang for my reunion dinner but I had great gathering with my friends, that state our very first gathering for Chinese New Year. This was our very first shot

Foodie CNY (2)

Its all about the warm of friendship.

Foodie CNY (3)

Sunny, told you not to be naughty liau loh..see what happen..Kena Tangkap.

Foodie CNY (4)

Welcome to House of Tang that serve exquisite food with very homey ambiance that suits modern Chinese New Year, most families have opted to eat outside for reunion dinner compare to eat at home therefore, most of the restaurant now are bracing and working harder to cater for most of the crowd even on eve and the first day of Chinese New Year.

Foodie CNY (5)

As you can have all your kids playing around in the garden and like us Kung fu master wanna be(its not easy to stand up in the wood, u need to master the art of balancing in order to strike this pose). Then with our mom will be shouting, come in eat d la..play play play..how many time want to say..later only play lah~

Foodie CNY (6)

Reunion dinner is always about the warm and bond of a family, most of us have not seen each other for quite some time with our busy schedule yet this is the only time where everyone sit down together, have a great laughter and updates on what’s happening with all of us.

To me, family value is very important as I was tought since when I was a kid, therefore reunion dinner is a must not miss thing.

Foodie CNY (7)

Foodie CNY (8)

This is when girls talk are always on the table and guys will always talk by the side and this is when how a great family and friends get together in ushering Chinese New Year.

Foodie CNY (9)

Then the head of the family will always come later and then to be seated last as a respect from the young ones.

Foodie CNY (10)

Then the reunion dinner is on…

Foodie CNY (11)

Master Chef Koh is going to present us the method of Yee Sang/ Lou Sang.
Foodie CNY (13)
This are the basic ingredient needed for lou sang.

Foodie CNY (14)

Salmon Fish

Foodie CNY (15)

Foodie CNY (12)

Presenting you the lou sang and preparing it.

For Chinese culture in Malaysia and Singapore during Chinese New Year, Lou Sang is one of the norm that most families and friends will not miss. As the ingredient in such as fish signify abundance, homophone for Yu Sang, therefore by doing Lou Sang it means increase abundance and prosperity.

Foodie CNY (22)

All of us waiting to Lou Sang.

Equipment needed: A Pair of Chopsticks!

Foodie CNY (16)

Another norm in Yu Sang which is everyone will have to equip themselves with chopsticks and dig into the dish and while tossing together and wishing your wish for the year. The higher you toss, signifies greater fortunes and wish will come true.

Foodie CNY (17)

We all got excited and toss so high that the Yu Sang is flying all over. This is best when do it together.

Foodie CNY (18)

Too all the ladies that cooking at home and out of idea of what to cook, let us share with you some of a simple recipe to cook for all relative and friends.

Chrysanthemum Rice Cake

Ingredients A:
– Boiled water 1.3kg
– Chrysanthemum 10gm
– Vietnamese Rice Net Wrappers10 pcsIngredients B:
– Glutinous flour 1.2kg
– Tang flour 240gm
– Santan flour 1 pack
– Corn flour 240gm
– Cooking oil 120gm
– Sugar 600gm

1. Boil the water, put in Chrysanthemum and let it soak for about 20 mins. Sift the Chrysanthemum and keep the water for use.
2. Mix Ingredients B then mix the Ingredients A evenly. Pour onto a plate and steam for 2 hours. Let it cool.
3. When it is cool, cut it into pieces and wrap with Vietnamese rice net wrappers. Deep fry till golden brown and serve.

Foodie CNY (19)


Ingredients A:
– 2 large prawns
– Huge cabbage 2 pcs
Note: Slice the prawns into half to butterfly shape, add a little salt and pepper to marinate for about 5 mins. Then fry the prawn till cooked.

Ingredients B:
– carrot 20gm
– Enoki mushroom 20gm
– Mushroom 2 pcs
– Celery 20gm

Ingredients C:
– Chick peas 20gm
– Green peas 20gm
– Corn 20gm

– Garlic 1 tea spoon
– Oyster sauce 1 spoon
– Sugar 1/2 tea spoon

1. Boil the cabbage till soft, sift and let dry.
2. Slice Ingredients B thinly, boil, and sift dry.
3. Sauteed the garlic and pour in the Ingredients B and stir fry.
4. Wrap the ingredients with cooked cabbage into roll, and cut half.
5. Sauteed Ingredients C with butter and add sugar 1/2 teaspoon and salt 1/2 teaspoon. Cook with medium fire for 3 mins and pour onto the plate.
6. Serve the prawn on top of the cabbage roll on the plate with Ingredients C.

Foodie CNY (20)

Coco is trying to think how is she going to pose with this with the director Ken as the choreographer.

Foodie CNY (21)

and tadaaa…..

Foodie CNY (23)

This is how we enjoy the food from House of Tang, simply delicious as with Mei Yee, Xin and Jessica.

Foodie CNY (24)

Foodie CNY (25)

The tam chiak guys, Sunny, Saucer and Me

Foodie CNY (27)

Next let us present you ‘Baked Pork Ribs’.

Foodie CNY (28)

Pork Ribs

– Pork ribs 1kg
– Ginger in fine slices 20gm

– Garlic 1 spoon
– Oyster sauce 1 spoon
– Sugar 1/2 tea spoon
– Tapioca flour 1 tea spoon
– 1 egg

– Water 1 spoon
– Black vinegar 1 spoon
– Sugar 1 spoon
– Dark soy sauce a little bit
– Sesame oil a little bit

1. Cut the pork ribs into square for about 2 inches, marinate with the ingredients above for 3 hours.
2. Place the pork ribs into pre-heated oven till 180c to bake for 15 mins till golden brown and cooked.
3. Deep dry the fine ginger slices in hot oil till crispy and place on top of the pork ribs, and pour the sauce over, and serve.

Foodie CNY (29)

We just love the pork ribs so much, juicy, aromatic yet soft tender meat with the bone juice oozing onto the meat that makes it so flavorful. All of us getting more hype up with the food and our tam chiak look had come out..Pai seh pai seh.. start with Shirley eating nicely, then me and Coco..starting off with the trend.

Foodie CNY (30)

Jessica, Xin and Mei Yee still eating politely..not until when it comes to

Foodie CNY (31)

me…eating and sucking all the juice from the meat and bone…yummm…

Foodie CNY (32)

Sunny eating out deliciously.

Foodie CNY (33)

Saucer enjoying every bite of it….

Foodie CNY (35)

Last of course Shirley all thumbs up for the food here.

Foodie CNY (36)

Little piece of advice, when there is a camera around, please eat nicely if not, you will be caught in this moment of ugliness..like me kena capture in makan’ing.

Foodie CNY (37)

Comes to an end, Pastry Chef Sunny Yaw from Bigboysoven showing us his latest creating by adding on the umph of Chinese New Year by welcoming year of Tiger.

Foodie CNY (39)

Little cute tiger…

Foodie CNY (38)

Nice and colourull cupcakes and cakes can be order thru him or at http://www.bigboysoven.com/

Foodie CNY (40)

Chinese New Year would not be fun if did not celebrate together with
 Gong Xi Ni, Gong Xi Wo, Gong Xi Ta Jia…

Foodie CNY (41)

And last but not least wish from all of us to all the readers, Gong Hei Fatt Choi, wishing everyone of you a Happy & Prosperous Tiger Chinese New Year and also a double happiness 2010 celebration as to all the Love Birds out there, Happy Valentine’s day.

Foodie CNY (42)

All of us signing off with, a great start of the year…

Everyone that Balik Kampung please drive save and those who are on holiday..Happy Holi Holidayyyy….. Wooohoooooo~

Foodie CNY (26)

All of us had a fantastic time and it was a great experience and the last crew I wanted to thank is the people behind the scene which all credited to them for the efford of choreography, photography and pictures.

Ken Chan – http://www.foodpoi.com/
Alex Ang – http://www.foto-memoire.com/
Chai – http://www.mypixelgallery.com/
Andrew Quah – http://www.travelfoodies.com/

House of Tang for the location, food and recepi. Carven Ong Couture for the ladies Cheongsam.

Host: Sidney – http://www.bigboysoven.com/

Food: Master Chef Koh

House of Tanghttp://www.houseoftang.com.my/, One Bangsar

Cupcakes: Pastry Chef Sunny Yaw – http://www.bigboysoven.com/

Jess – http://www.thejessicat.com/
Mei Yee – http://www.iamthewitch.com/
Coco – http://www.icoco.me/
Xin – http://www.sloppychick.com/
Bok – http://www.taufulou.com/
Lionel – http://www.lionelong.com/
Sunny – http://www.bigboysoven.com/
Mei Yee’s Cheongsam: Carven Ong Couture – http://www.carvenong.com.my/

The last day at Redang and return to the mainland which is Terengganu for a day trip. Alot of my friend told me not to waste my time to go there but I still remember that, when I was young, everytime thought of Terengganu will think of Turtles lay egg. Even did once when I was in primary follow school trip to came here to see turtle lay egg, mana tau, after wating whole nigght with lots of ppl tarak anyting. Even the turtle ghost bayang also tarak!
But still decided to go ahead and follow my buddie Tatt and his gang for the day tour. The bloody thing was me and my friends waited for him for 4 hours. We were sent out by the hotel in the earliest boat and his hotel send them out the latest boat. WTF>!
The best part is, when he keep asking where am I and I asked him where is he for the 1st sms, he said on the way, then me and my friends were sitting in one of the stalls nearby just to wait for him. Hours past and the shop also wanna tutup liau, so we went to his jetty to wait for him.
2nd sms came, saying that reaching liau, the boat is parking. Suprrisingly, the boat just passby us which is from Laguna and not his and ngam ngam parking also, thought that he took that boat. Mana tau 45 mins later also didnt see him. Just ignore then.
3rd sms came. Just finish cornaring..parking soon. I straight away told him..Tiu..where got boat park, I am at your jetty, no boat also. Then no reply.25 mins later his boat arrive. Sial betul.. 4 hours wait. from 10.30 – 2.30pm
The first stop of the day as we requested was the market where I get to read the brochure saying that a great place to stop by. Just follow loh~

Bazar Warisan is one of the new buidling but we found out that, most of the items sold there are Batik’s. Noting much to see and many shops havent really open for biz yet also but me and my friend were wondering, are there any ppl goin to go buy ah?

At the pasar, as you can hardly spot chinese in this market. Onli like 1-3% only. This outdoor market is more like Chee cheong Kai style price average~

Me and Tatt at the pasar~

Candy that we are going to buy.

The stuff here are very ‘cheap ah~’. Buy more got free ah, don want to be also Free ah! Get free to taste lots of the food here as the kakak is very nice. Let us try a few so we decided to buy from her also, since she so good in talking.

Inside the market were selling about the same thing also. But since we arleady bought it, just walk walk around loh~

Then saw this, as I remembered that a month ago, my colleage did treat me eat this which is very very very nice. I just bought a small pack only.

I tell you, when the gurls Colleen and Nancy walk pass that time, the saw this and shout…..WOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…Faster faster come and see what is this, then me an Tatt ran over and see what’s so special la.. It was really special, the sweets that was extinct already. All of us used to eat this when we were very young. Like bout 5-11 like dat. One of the hit thing in those days. So we did sapu quite alot packet also. I just share with my bro cuz too sweet.

Then go walk walk around. The whole upper floor sell the same thing which is Batik and Malay traditional clothes. See their pricing is not really cheap but then only 1 more comment. The design are very nice!

After this, the rest were suggesting we head to the floating Mosque. It is like around 15 mins from there so okay loh~
Then instead of going to the floating Mosque we saw this place which is kinda amazing. Did not even know that this exist in Terengganu. Then we question ourself, Y here? Not some other states. This is the :
Taman Monumen @ Terengganu
Shows you all about the most in the world in minature form. We saw the structure is quite unique and just wen in then. The entrance fee is RM10 per pax.
Operation and last time of the day detail.
You were given a book of passport to check on your identity wheter are you legal to go in a not…
Ceh…I also have my passport ma!
This is the first structure that you will see as I didnt know that the Chinese culture buiding is here and was told that they follow the strong influence culture of the religion.
Thailand mosque. Masjid Patani.
One of the architecture when saw sun and books.
The famous Taj Mahal. . . .

Work in progress.. Please siam chit ehhhh….!!
Inside one of the minature mosque.
heellllppp..there are alot of wind.
One of the nice mosque in Europe
This gives me the feel of more like PG Fort Cornwallis.
After the whole visit, we walked very fast and run ah….cuz was running out of time. If continue leisure chances of miss flight is quite high. The Floating Mosque in the state. The si Kicap bring us to tempat makan eat. Chin Chai Chin Chai only.
After this 4 days 3 night, wouldnt want to say good buyyyy but still have to leave and get back to reality.!

After our satisfying dinner, then the first thing that came in my friends mind was ‘ Lai lai…cepat!! Pong sui, Pong sui’ to combine and go gamble. On that day itself, who ever say things that lose lah, things that go against the luck kena Tiau.
But actually our very original schedule was to head to ‘Hong Kong Disneyland’ but it was me that influence them to change their mind to go Macau. All the while I know that Macau is just a gambling island or I would rate it as mini Vegas but I did not know that they had develop till so nice. I got inspired that I must visit this island when I was watching this romantic movie acted by Andy Lau and Shu Qi – Look for a Star. Cannot deny that it was a great movie and also the whole film mostly film at Macau that they film it so nice till I wanna to there so badly. How I influence them was most of my friend did watch this movie, so just relate and describe..kekek
Our dress code for the day, White and Blue.
So every 1 contributed HKD 100 each and created a mini tou san group.
We are on our way…Macauzzzz…. And my friend were asking auntie Cyndy whether she can vomit a not..cuz she so old liau. Can tahan or not. Then gave her a pill and told her its ‘Feng Tau Yuen’.

The seating in the ferry and we have the front row. Cant really see the view as the front part is kinda high. This is how much it cost to go Macau for 1 way.

Finally, excitement mode on, reaching the new Pier as what the Macau tour guide told us and in front of us is the Macau International Air Port. Where he ask us where are we from, told him that from Malaysia and he directly mention that Air Asia also fly in here very frequent and a lot of his client take Air Asia. Something should be proud off.

When we learn to pronounce the word in the board, it totally sounds ugly, funny and damm weird, we were laughing all the way with our stupid facial expression and tongue twisting.

From far, that building with 3 colours, is one of a building that I am amaze off, its MGM Grand Macau Hotel which is very famous in Las Vegas and now in Macau.

One of the place that we will be heading with all classic Portuguese style building are in there. Picturessssss….
One of the old Pier that previously all the ferry and boats from China and Hong Kong would stop by. Now they have diverted to the new Pier.

I didn’t know that Macau have Grand Prix till the tour guide told us. That its one of a famous event that held over here annually. Its something like Singapore, they are using the normal road as their track.
When no more grand prix event, so what do they normally do with the track? It’s a grand prix for busses.
This is their starting point.

Ladies and Gentleman, please start your engine. . . . . . Passengers, please fasten your seatbelts.

Those who have high blood pressure, heart attack, pregnant women, old folks above 55 and other sickness, please choose another alternative public transport. Your safety and after effect, we will not be responsible.


Then after this, normally for a tour guide, they will bring you to a particular shop for you to stop by and buy souvenir. In this shop we bought a interesting lighter which is a size of a chip the I forgot to take a pic but will later posted under souvenir post. Found out that in the very back part of the shop in a small cupboard I found this little cute souvenir.

Tadaaa….learn your skilss. . . .

Next destination. . .

One of Macau’s most famous landmarks, whereby every 1 that visited the island will NEVER miss this historic place. It’s the ‘St’Paul Church’ which was build on 1582 by the Portuguese and be one as the largest Catholic church in Asia at that time. 300 years later around 1835 was burn down by fire during a typhoon.

Till today, what is standing tall is the main part of the church and behind it had become a historic place to be visited.

I like the style of the surroundings, where at the bottom of the church, their building style is so classic and feel like you are in Europe like something similar in the movie of Angel and Demon which they show more about Rome.

From these moments onwards, we were jumping like hooligans to take the best pic. Just from this point, I think we jump quite a lot of times till the tourist scratch their head and thinking what they hell are this group of ppl trying to do.

This is what they have behind the main entrance, a heritage site that mention about how the church grow and so fort. As we were given limited time, so this is the onli pic I took.

Inside with this priest.

One of the best traveling vehicle in Macau is motorcycle. The tour guide told us, if you lost your key or don need a transportation, just simply use a key and open one of these bike, just pump and ride. Lol…that’s mean stealing. He said no. Just borrow to get to destination A to B.

After he mention that, there is a couple and the guy with a hot chick and the girl just put on helmet, took off with that guy. In Malaysia, if you were to ask a girl to ride on a bike with you for a date, I think they rather go back to their house or fine, this will be the last time I am going to see you.

They only have 1 way street and the street is damm narrow just enough for fei hai like me to walk.

After jumping and running around that makes us sweating like hell or the weather in Macau is just killing us even though that the weather for the day is cloudy. Thank God! We are heading to Macau Fisherman’s Wharf. A place for dining, Shopping, Convention, Fun and Hotel’s are located in this mini area. Click on the link, it’s a cool website to visit.

Our lunch had been arrange and was eating in this restaurant. The food was totally disappointed and I never careless even to take a picture. The only thing that interests me to take the pic is the 70’s car concept dining area.

A safari if not mistaken.

Then we trail down the road on the side and lead us to Rocks Hotel. After I came back from the trip and read in the newspaper that Star Metro was featuring this hotel I was impress as it is a 5 star hotel. They have very cool classic room interior design. The find out more about the hotel click here Rocks Hotel.

 I don know which part is consider which part. The back or the front.

Trying to act cute infront of the hotel. So all ended up Hamster style~

After photo shooting there a lot and slowly trail back to the other end. We reach back here which is the Babylon Casino which is the restaurant that we had lunch and this building was next to it.

It’s a long way to reach to the there end which had a mini Coliseum. The weather that day, is seriously killing us.

This area was build upon to very Portuguese style.

This is one the scene where the movie of ‘Look for a Star’ by Andy Lau took place.

Non stop of taking pictures all the way~
A gila pic took place when can come out with something weird by trying hard to polute the water.
Finally we had reach the Coliseum, and my very first pic, running and jumping around…weeeeeee~~~~!!!
Another pic we trying to create.

One of the alley.

When me and my friend saw this lady, I fast fast took the pic of her and my friend were saying, she must be ‘Ngor Tai’ standing here pretending to hold the broom and look at opposite. Come come, faster take, the feeling of ngor tai police in action mode.
While walking back to our bus, then the tour guide suddenly tell us about her daughter, that to maintain a girl in Macau is the same as the 1 in Hong Kong which Sg’rean have their 5c’s but them are even worst, head to toe all branded, go holiday this and that. Then ask us any 1 interested in her daughter or not. Lol. Forgot to take the pic of her daughter, but her daughter is quite pretty. Then one of my friend like wahhhh..uncle, correct 1 or not, or you download from the net and put in your pic. Then the tour guide like suddenly, U dou chi sin ge! She is 19 years old this year. A funny old guy, like that promote the daughter.

After this place, we were so freaking tired. Wanted to bring us to a temple and we just cancel it, lazy to walk, jump and run anymore. Tour us to Li Ka Sing very first house in the island. Then told us about his 3rd wife, how he manage to marry this wife as before marriage, he gave the wife a blank cheque and ask her to write what ever figure you want. Then if not mistaken she tore it off and told Li Ka Sing something touching that is how she is one of Li Ka Sing wife’s today. To know more about the story, please google up.
Quickly ask the tour guide bring us to casino. Then suddenly my friends eye like ‘ting ting ting’ with stars at the side, no longer feel tired. Straight away *gambling mode on. On the way, she was telling us how to bet, what to do when win, what to do when lose. Then I said ok ok.. No problem. I asked her, got wear red pantie boh? She said no. Then I said haiya…how to win like dat.. No Ong la!!!

On the way saw this building which looks like bottle, the tour guide told us that the building was build with a feng shui purpose. To ‘Ong’ the company. In Macau you will get to see a lot of nice and weird building because its all about feng shui and all gambling area where Chinese believe.

The tour guide bring us to the biggest Casino, Hotel and Shopping area in Macau which is ‘The Venetians’. All in one area. You can gamble and you can shop and you can stay The pricing in the mall is not cheap even for food. Its like Genting, when you go up there everything increase in price.

But I was totally impress at the place, they had make it a mini Venice in there. The sky on top is fake but it looks bloody real. The sky color changes accordingly to outside. If its cloudy outside then it’s the same in here.

They had a lot of performance in Italian style exactly you are in Venice. Singing, street performing really an eye catching mall. Looks very plain from the building outside but once you step inside, its another world. It was weekend and the place is full of ppl especially the casino.

This is how it looks like with the sky on top. Does it look real like you are outside?

One of the main area and this is the south gate if I am not mistaken. After taking some basic pic, all my friends are ready to go in and gamble. Lai Lai lai..huat ah…Then I told them I do not wan to follow them, I want to walk around, taking pics and do some shopping. So left a few person with me as the Malay cant go in so I am with them.

I told my Malay friends, see now they go in so excited. Ask them they must see the after effect which is I told them, if you see they all talk very happily and come out excited means the win. If the come out look very tired and speechless means the lose. Of course I hope them they win cuz my share is in there.

Then I make my mark in the toilet by taking my very own sweet time baking my hot chocolate cakes. When I was sitting in there, I knock on the toilet door, it was a solid sound on it and the thought in my mind how nice if I can steal this door and sell it.

This is the boat that they use to take the tourist or the passenger around the mall and the guy that row the boat will sing all the way. Forgot to take that pic with the guy in it.

One of the shop that I came across which find it pretty interesting is, by knowing that how crazee of the people to Hello Kitty, there is actually the whole shop selling the items. Its very nice. Should check this out.

This is the human statue. They are so proffesional till that no matter how or what kind of reaction you did to them they wont laugh, unless you use your finger to poke them. The catch is you put money he will dance for bout 30 sec then stop.
In this pic he close his eyes what right, how to catch he open his eyes is you stuck your hand towards the money area, then he will suddenly stare at you. Damm geng.. He also can know~!
Camwhore around the shopping mall.
One of the coffee area.
Inside the mall walkway.
For all the Man U fans out there, please do not miss this shop. Its a very huge shoopppp with all Man U items.
After this place, we head back to the pier around 4.30 pm to catch our 5 pm boat and head to Avenue of stars~

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