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Tap Beer At Bamboo Hill, Segambut KL might be one of the first local brew beer that we can ever get. If the fact is correct, then their beer is certainly quite impressive. For both IPA and stout. Tap Room is indeed a perfect place for gatherings. A huge space that able to cater private events.bamboo hillCurrently they are at their hype as it is highly advisable to make reservation before you head over. If not you will ended up like me take chances. I waited for a spot for 45 minutes on that day as half of the section is close for private event. also was lucky cuz there are reservations that did not turn up then we took over the table.


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I read some of the reviews that they are also well known for their pizza.  I would say if you dine in the early evening like 6pm and if weather is right, like just after rain it is a perfect place to be. Enjoy the sound of waterfall, beer on your hand and pretty decent food will be the perfect mood to end the day.

Morning sun is still bearable and if it hit afternoon, do not bother to sit outside. It is really hot unless you are like Guai lou love sun and heat then yes.
bamboo hills uoaTap Beer At Bamboo Hill outdoor seating area.
brewary in kl

This is their bar, as you can see the copper piping flying around, its is connected to behind the wall. I am only assuming the fresh beer brew is directly tap out instead of decor. kl beer brewary
tap room menu

Tap Room Menu is pretty straight forward. A menu with Italy, local and American.

local beer

this is their Paperkite Stout. It is easy to drink, hint of caramel and a bit of coffee bitter end but overall it is smooth. @ RM 22.

Watermelon Meze @ RM 9 – watermelon, chuka wakame, crush peanut and Thai Dressing. Refreshing dish as order this for my niece to try.
mushroom soupMushoom soup turns out to be better than expected as ingredient is grind – MOB soup @ RM 17.80. Interesting profile as they add in fish flakesDSC00712Charming Chic is certainly a dish that fits very well with healthy person. It is a flavourful plate with chicken well season, grill and the spicy sauce enhance it. Quino as the best replacement for rice.
restaurant in bamboo hills bamboo hills Botanica+CoMeaty Platter @ RM 129 is a fun combination with beef (medium rare) nicely grilled pranws and soft of like tandori chicken kinda taste is a great platter to go after.

The fun begins after you start adding in green spicy sauce(which is not spicy actually) it add on the flavour which is needed by each beef and seafood. Do give it a try eat it as it is then add on the spicy sauce. BEST!
 italian restauran in klCreamy Mushroom is nicely plated but nothing fancy to go after.
4 cheese pizzaFormagio @ RM 52 is sort of like thin curst pizza. Nicely burnt on edges yet the cheese is fragrant. The cream make it more interesting to enhance the pizza flavour. This is best to go along with their IPA beer. 
what to eat in bamboo hillsMoonlight Pesto . I am not a big fan of pesto but this is certaily okay. The pesto herb taste is not that strong yet well balance. It is interesting as it is topped with an egg yolk, after you break it, becomes slightly creamier and balance well with the pesto. Chicken is crispy and slight juicy.ginger kl bamboo hillsFor something clasisc, Pad Krapow Rice bowl @ RM 19.80 is a worthy dish to order. Generous with chicken mince meat, topped with crispy egg is a dish that would not disappoint as it is cook flavorful. Better than expected.dessert waffle in klBerryful Waffle @ RM 29.80 there is nothing to shout about as I feel that Inside scoop waffle ice cream is better and cheaper. DSC00697I have read in some reviews that their food was not up in standard, again as a new F&B operator their kitchen usually will take time to stabilize. I was lucky on that day as my service and food were above my expectation. 

Tap Room Bamboo hill

Tap Room Bamboo hill is certainly one of the place I would recommend for gathering and certainly do not mind to come back again for drinks and pizza. Their Tap Room Paperkite Beer could be one of the best Local beer if that is really produce in there. IPA Beer would be recommended if you do not like Stout.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, great ambiance, beer and pizza!!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Tap Room KL Bamboo Hill

Lot P10, Bamboo Hills off Lebuhraya DUKE,

Taman Bamboo, Segambut,

51200 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 11am – 1am

Tel: 0129428525

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