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I have always miss Indonesian food, especially on their street style. When I was there often few years back, there are a few things I will always eat, their sate, roti bakar and a few more. Guess what? Recently I found a place that sell one of my favorite savory originate from there known as Martabak Manis or Terang Bulan pancakes at Waroeng Oma.

Yap, you can say it is something similiar to our local market Ban Chang Kuih where you can find it in pasar malam or Pasar Pagi. The only big difference is the ingredient they use.

mbi (1)

Operate by 2 young lads, one of the owner of The MBI Martabak Manis actually originated from Jawa Indonesia and to make it better, they operate this little stall in this restaurant that also sells authentic Indonesian food which I will be blogging next.

mbi (2)

mbi (3)

Pricing for the Martabak Manis is very reasonable as they are huge in size and the ingredient they added in is very generous. Martabak Manis comes in 2 version one which is Original – means the thicker version and Tipker means the thinner or you if you love crispy then go for Tipker.

mbi (4)

All of this are prepare fresh upon order. It takes very fast for them to prepare one as, it takes a few minutes for them to get 1 piece ready for you.

mbi (5)

My all time favourite order would be .. . . .  when the base is form till the side is crispy, then first layer they spread with butter .. .

mbi (6)

 Follow by Cheeze ..

mbi (7)

 Follow by Chocolate Rice and peanut. .

mbi (8)

 Lastly, added on condense milk ..

mbi (9)

 Then my they cut it and you can hear the cracking sound of the edge. . .

mbi (10)

This is my order, Original Martabak Manis Special @ RM 10. Rich in ingredient and very aromatic compare to our local stall. Just exactly like what they offer in streets of Indonesia. It might look sinful at first but after first bite, you will continue eating till its gone. Pretty addictive. Of course cant compare in price as its way too different. Cheeze that they use, taste nice and fragrant as event though they using Kraft and its imported all the way from Indonesia, as the owner find it our local one is more mild.

This portion I would say its pretty huge and best to share at least with 2 people.

mbi (15)

 Next order is Original Cheeze with Milk @ RM 8.50

mbi (11)

After getting our thick version then we hope onto their Tipker version which is done like paper thin and the pieces that they cut all crack . This is best to eat it while its hot and not advisable to make it take away as it turn soggy very fast. Unless you go something of the ingredient that doesnt have wet base like peanut and chocolate rice, it might last a bit longer.

mbi (12)

Our next order is Tipker Pisang Special (Tipker Banana special) @ RM 11 filled with, chocolate rice, cheeze, condense milk, peanut and banana. The whole plate was gone in seconds and order another same portion again. It is so crispy and fragrant that make all of us hard to resist.

mbi (13)

Then last order we go for our favourite style which is filled with corn and peanut only. Never disappoint as the way they do the skin is already good.

If you are hunting for nice/ authentic Indonesian snacks and food, this shop surely can cure your cravings and it has now falls to one of my highly recommended place to hunt for.

M.B.I @ Waroeng Oma
No.42-1,Jln PJS8/2,
Sunway Mentari Plaza.46150 Selangor
Bandar Sunway
(few doors away from McD)

Bunisess hour 1.00PM – 10.00PM
Tel No: +6 03 – 5637 7255


I guess by now most of you out there already have your favourite taiwanese drink, where some of my friends love ChaTime, Gong Cha, and a few other brands and I am sure that we are all spoilt with choices with the latest addition of another Taiwanaese brand Desert which had just landed to Malaysia which is Zen Q Desert also origins from Taiwan and this is their first outlet in Sunway Pyramid.

[Close down]

zenQ (1)

I would rate this shop more like a Chatime and Snowflakes cross over to come out this if you are saying on our local market that filled with Taiwanese desert brand.

zenQ (2)

More on green colour on ceiling and wall also on their bar counter.

zenQ (3)

They do not have long list of menu but a menu which is simple enough for us to make our choices.

zenQ (4)

After you place the order, the people from the bar counter will start to prepare accordingly.

zenQ (5)

zenQ (6)

zenQ (7)

Our first try order for the night is : ZenQ Signature

zenQ (8)

ZenQ Signature that comes with taro, grass jelly, pearl crystal jelly and a few more

zenQ (9)

The ice base is covered with grass jelly flavour, taro balls is quite chewy and like the crystal noodle as overall i prefer snowflakes brand over this.

zenQ (10)

This is something which I do not really enjoy is this Taro Sago @ RM 6.90 where the base is filled with sago then taro base soup is pour ontop. For the first few sips it taste awefully good, as the time proceed, I find it more and more ‘jelak’ as we only manage to eat halfway true. I do not know how to enjoy this.

zenQ (11)

One thing I am really impress of this brand is their drinks series, which we bought ‘Milk Tea’ which really can be on par with Chatime that the taste is quite strong in taste, not too milky n sweat and ‘Aiyu Baby Pearl Winter Melon Tea’ is the best Winter Melon Series so far that easily beats all other outlets. [email protected] RM 5.90  (in my opinion haaaa. . .) – recommended

Yay, now I do have another brand to choose from, and you are seriously pampered with many choices.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, quite good, i don mind to come again~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-




ZenQ Desert,

level 4, next to Burger King.

For me, I would say I am a big fan of bubble tea. Still miss the time when I was studying in Melbourne and take bus back to my house will pass by this bubble tea located at Box Hill Train Station which will definitely walk pass by there. Me and my housemate got addicted till we had 4-5 cups a week till we know most of the people working in there and get to have special mix combination that not in the menu. Chatime had landed in Malaysia.


After so long, to get a very nice bubble tea in KL is very hard, not until recently I heard one of my friend mention that one of our friend opening a famous Bubble Tea from Taiwan very soon and asking me to watch out. It was not till I heard they are the master owner of this very famous brand for Malaysia market Chatime which located at hottest shopping location area, Level 4, Pavilion (in front of True Fitness). Not to mention I have recently came back from Taiwan and only realise that actual bubble tea is so much different compare to our local market that they have in the mall or pasar malam. They acutally have a very original taste of tea of the mixture rather than most of them are using powder.

chattime (4)

Chatime is quite a well know brand which spread its wings with more than 300 outlets across the globe. One of the drinks to look for is that they do not really use powder but nicely brew tea, mix and match of alot of flavours. Upon ordering we are able to choose less sugar or more sugar just like it is as I experience in Taiwan.

chattime (3)

They have long list of drinks available but this are so far their signature or recommended drink.

chattime (2)

chattime (5)

For me the usual way to test the best out of the drink is always go for their original drink ‘Original Milk Tea with Pearls’. Aromatic of tea flavor and milk that doesn’t not taste too condense milky along with the ngam ngam mixed pearl is just good, would just easily beat any of the stalls out there.  RM5.90 – highly recommended

chattime (6)

Another recommendation by one of the staff is ‘Japanese Match Red Bean Smoothie’. If you are looking something cold, then this is an good option, strong green tea flavor that combines well with the red bean that make it solid in taste, and I just forgot to add pearl, it would have been more perfect. RM5.90

So far I like both Snowflakes and Chatime Bubble tea range, something that I would definitely want to have when I go to Pavilion.

For all parties that are interested in getting their Chatime Franchise, please contact them at : 03-77850580

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, Very Good ah~ Recommended~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Lvl 4, Pavilion
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Continue on wedding season for all the love birds and congratulations to all the newly weds as for my self, I still got a few wedding cards invites on hand. I guess when reach around my age, the red bomb that I received is going up which indicates that my pocket hole is burning. How big the damage did not know yet but recently I get a glimpse of what Princely Wedding Fair is all bout. The fair was participated with more than 26 wedding partners that covers from groom’s suites, photography, video, cakes, gifts and decorations.

Bridal Fair

One of the local talent on wedding cake baker which is no longer a stranger to the local market that some media had showcase on his work which is Sunny Yaw.

Bridal Fair (2)

Yet with macarons is quite famous in foreign countries and unique at local market, he would be one of the few that made this in local.

Bridal Fair (3)

This is Sunny Yaw.

Bridal Fair (4)

Besides that, one of our lucky friend, ‘Cheong Man Yuk’ got selected to be one of the models for the day with make up from bubblybrides.com and gown from De Rain Atelier.

Bridal Fair (6)

At Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur had what it takes to transform your wedding into a memorable event. The Prince offers you a host of specially tailored wedding packages and benefits that will definitely lend a touch of class and elegance to your wedding. In addition, there is also the choice of orchestrating the whole event to suit your taste and requirements. Which ever you choose, you are assured of the Prince’s special Touch.

Bridal Fair (7)

With a many of the designs and packages to choose from.

Bridal Fair (8)
Types of wedding deco for tables.

Bridal Fair (5)

Then we head for the lunch that had prepared and the desert area that tempt me the most with the deliciously looking cakes.

Bridal Fair (10)

This two was caught in action for eating too much..keke

Bridal Fair (11)

Ken, Carven Ong and his friends.

Bridal Fair (12)
Start off the fashion show with Carven Ong Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. To view more click here.

Bridal Fair (13)

Bridal Fair (14)
Carven Ong’s latest design for wedding gawns.

Bridal Fair (15)

Bridal Fair (16)

Bridal Fair (17)

Bridal Fair (18)

Bridal Fair (20)

Bridal Fair (21)

Bridal Fair (22)
Love this piece with its nice fabric and design.

Bridal Fair (24)

Bridal Fair (25)
Miss Malaysia and Carven

Bridal Fair (26)

Bridal Fair (27)
His design never fails to impress.

Bridal Fair (28)
Besides that, if you were to put a Just Married sign behind this car, its just as good as it seen on cartoons. :p

Bridal Fair (29)
This is the lucky with that had transform to a pretty Witch and another lucky lady got chosen to be a model too.

Bridal Fair (30)
This are the two couples are going to get married very soon.

Bridal Fair (31)
Of course must camwhore with her a bit.

Bridal Fair (32)
bubblybrides.com the owner that put on the make up for Witch. Its simple that doesnt look like put on heavy make up yet bring up her features or I would say, simple and nice.

Bridal Fair (33)

Bridal Fair (34)
Then we got a chance to shoot them for their Beta version of wedding.

Bridal Fair (35)

Bridal Fair (36)
Head onto one of the Honeymoon suits that offer by Price.

Bridal Fair (37)

Bridal Fair (40)
and also get pampered at Mandara Spa at Prince. Just love the ambiance in it, relaxing yet soothing and just makes me feel like I am at another dimension.

Bridal Fair (39)

Bridal Fair (38)

Bridal Fair (41)

Not only that, all the couples that had made a reservation and hosting their wedding dinner at Prince Hotel will stand a chance to walk away with the exclusive prize that had arrange by Prince.

Princely Wedding Contest 2010 Prizes


1st Prize – 3 Days/2 Nights *Vacation at Prince Hotel Waikiki Hawaii2nd Prize – 3 Days/2 Nights *Vacation at Prince Hotel New Takanawa Tokyo

3rd Prize – 3 Days/2 Nights *Vacation at Prince Khum Phaya Resorts & Spa Chiang Mai

* Vacation is inclusive of a 3 days/2 nights stay accommodation at the said hotels with return air-tickets for two persons. Other terms and conditions apply.

In addition to that, a total worth of RM30,000 cash vouchers sponsored by the wedding fair partners are up for grabs and are exclusively available to couples who sign up and confirm their wedding dinner reception at Prince held from January to December 2010!

The wide range of facilities offered in this Wedding Fair makes it a perfect place to hold a wedding reception. If you are planning to pop the question this year, do check out with the hotel’s wedding planner at [email protected]

Every Princely wedding package includes a complimentary one-night stay in the romantic heavenly decorated Bridal Suite complete with complimentary wedding gifts followed with a Princely Wedding Breakfast the next morning.


I have witness on that day for the draw of 2009 and one of the lucky couple that host their wedding dinner at the hotel got their whole dinner package refunded which is around RM50 000. I believe that couple really had an awesome wedding dinner yet being this lucky. Congrats to them.

* I am giving away a voucher worth RM600 (tnc) to be redeem at Carven Ong Couture Botique with one conditions: what is your most romantic marriage proposal? ( can be imaginative, or real experience) the most romantic comment will walk away with the voucher.
Prince Hotel
Jalan Conlay
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 2170 8634

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