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I was on my way driving back and oh hell, forgot to ask the number of my friend, where she just came back from Melbourne and was at Ipoh. Totally forgot about that. Then dropping by at this Ipoh town where every one been talking about the Ipoh Nga Choi Kai at Restaurant Onn Kee. Came here for the 3rd time but the other stall did not open so try up this stall. No Choice. Either this or that. So it is this.

ippoh (1)

onn kee (1)

Trying out at restaurant Ong Kee. It was around 6pm and the tables was nearly fully occupied. This shows how good the business are but of course cannot compare with Murni @ SS 2 or Steven’s Corner @ OUG / Jln Genting Klang. They are crazee. Occupied the whole street.

onn kee (2)

onn kee (3)

 Not only that. They are quite well known for their chicken feet too.

ippoh (2)

As some of them order chicken skin with some spare part like chicken gizzard, none of the people on my table eat it besides me. Smooth chicken skin with soy sauce just make it simple and nice to chew.

ippoh (3)

To be in this town and eat chicken rice, their fatty juicy tauge (bean sprout) is not to be miss, and why is their tauge is thick and juicy. Well, I was being told by my friend that they grow in natural mineral water flowing from moutain. That is why the tauge here is fat, juicy and crunchy.

ippoh (4)

One of my favourite in this stall is their pork ball and fish ball. Something nice to chew and dip onto their chicken meat sauce.

ippoh (5)

Find that Onn Kee ‘Ngah Choi Kai’ a.k.a ‘Tauge Ayam’ taste much better than Lou Wong. Simply because of the method that they cook it differently. On my personal opinion i think that the chicken texture here is soft tender and juicy and of course what stood out is their sesame and soy sauce base make them more outstanding. This is because I had lunch on Lou Wong had dinner here. That is how I manage to taste on the difference even though I came here many times.

ippoh (6)

This is the Koay Teow Soup’ that to be eat with the dish. It is either this or rice. Usually all the people that eat here will take Koay Teow but honestly, after you finishing the whole bowl, a little tip. Prepare a bottle of mineral water after that. You will be very thristy with their secret weapon in there. You really need it. That is why with their secret weapon the food will definitely taste nice no matter what. (This was my tip on 2009) 😀

Looking at the way how I blog last time its funny~ kekekeke

This new edit post is a blend of my 2009 writing style and 2012. Spot the difference~ I find that overall, I like Onn Kee more also just realize that I have not blog about Lou Wong before.
-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 7/10 , If compare this shop over Lou Wong-

WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

51, Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Opens for lunch and dinner (about 10-11am onwards, until about 1-2am)

Genre: Romance

I never thought that, I would get addicted to this show, I guess any drama series related to cooking/food or dance I would always never miss it, in any language as long as I can understand I would not miss it.

For those who had been following me on my tweeter or as my Facebook friends, that I have been craving for Italian food recently, the cause and damage of it was from this movie that my friend had send me, as she said since I love food, why not watch this series.

This show is more on romance as it was about a dream of a young woman that dreams to become the elite chef of La Sfera restaurant and work hard on her way up. Of course, love happens when the restaurant hire a new chef that had vast experience from Italy that had made him one of the recognize chef in Korea. This is where the love spark started.

This movie also constantly makes me crave for Italian food because of the way of the food presentation and also its in fine dining concept yet also makes me consider going back into relationship, with the assistant young chef innocent and shy look. Lol~
If you love food, then this movie would definitely worth a watch.

Remark: if you crave of Italian food, please do not blame me.

You can watch the series at this website

Genre: Horror/ Mystery/ Thriller

The poster give me an idea of what to expect its something like what my friend show me on a few series of a group of HK people came down to Malaysia to track those paranormal activity and this is the Western version of it. While I was taking tickets, the warning sign was, patrons might be dizzy watching it..then I was like shit…camcorder version like one of the last show which I have forgotten the name of that movie and of course thanks to Nuffnang for the invites.
The show is kinda boring most of the time till like most of the scene in the bed room we kept our eyes wide open to see where the ghost is and got scared a few times and the best part of the movie is the last 20 minutes is the spookiest scene on the movie. Footprint, shadows, picture frame glass broke and got scratch on the picture, the gal got drag, and the girl kena posses is the most Geli part and I keep having goose bumps.

At the end of the show, its very funny that my friend ask me to accompany him to toilet cuz he ‘kiok yuen’ lol and now understand that western ghost and asian ghost is different.

— Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 6/10, not bad la……~

— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —

This month is totally full of birthday, it comes in a row that now my pocket had got burn a big hole. First was my mom, then colleage, and 3 more friend and last and upcoming next week is my best friend Yeong. Usually I got kinda phobia when it comes to birthday which usually buy Secret Recepi cake and eat till want to vomit already. Its always those few flavours and then change to Beard Story or History cake which I cannot remember but it is located in the lower ground of Mid Valley in the center court as that shop do sell nice and cheap cakes.

Till then it came to my mind that why not I order a cake from a good friend of mine, Sunny which he had baking history of more than 15 years yet he did feature in newspaper a few times. I did try out his cake before and the taste does come to my liking which is one thing. Not too sweet. With the price about the same as secret recipe of course I do rather choose him over that shop.

For the very first order we did came up a prank as plan with Kebbie to give them a little surprise. Then called up Sunny and ask him is he able to do that cake or not. The response was a big YES and requested 3-D look alike with a few features, he also mention that 4-D also can loh….. Then both of us were very excited yet very curious how it is gonna look like.






Our very own design of ‘Walnut Cake’ in Ku Ku Ciau version, then the whole camwhore session involve and was told not to post any of the pics beside the ku ku ciau cake in the blog. If not I will die very terrible like terrorist plot and attack against you. Kekek.

The cake is good, moist enough which is not too dry yet when you bite on the cake, its soft and get to enjoy biting on the chunks of walnut.

Next a cake ordering is for Kebbie’s son, Hamburger which had turn to 1 years old. Lol, why hamburger is that the son is so cuteeee and so chubby that looks like Hamburger yet we do have another nick for him as he grow then will turn into whopper but every time we mention this, sure kena kick or walap 1 without this mischievous person we could not get a good laugh, Karen. The demon.

‘Pancake Marble Gauteaux’ consists of vanilla mousse, chocolate ganache, chocolate cake and end up with a thin layer of pan cakes which makes it very flavourful. All of us were attacking on that piece. The cake we moist and the flavour is there exactly what been made off. A cake that we would miss.

Florence order ‘Mango Moose Cake’ for our boss birthday. A carefull bend of the chocolate swirl that added on it with a few of the Macaron were requested as its good that taste something like cookie but its not.

The bosses got surprise when try on the cake as the were expecting the cake to be sweet but it does not as it suits to their liking. Most of them had more than 1 pieces and some even took more. For us we like it as it was build on with a layer of mango, a layer of sponge cake, a thin layer of moose and end up with a thin layer of icing. The mango were very sweet and blended well with the soft sponge cake. It was best to be eaten it cold as the flavor of mango was preserve. Surely we are going to get more order from Sunny in the future.

And thanks to Sunny from Bigboysoven for meeting up our fussy request and for cakes order they can be contacted at their website.

Sure this is one of the even that had been talking about for the past few days. My colleague, my best friends surprising my parents(didnt know that they are into this kind of things). I do believe this campaign had been 1 of the successfull campaign to create awareness of an earth. For me, during my time in Melbourne, I was thought in this kind of awareness already just that alot of things in Malaysia have not been implement yet. Like now, I go hypermarket I have my own recycle bag that I used to carry along to avoid using plastic bags, and to coffee shop or normal MacD purchasing I will try to avoid taking plastics bag also if I can take the whole thing by myself.
Well, do believe that every 1 contribute abit to the earth will sure makes alot of difference and sure do look forward how will it be like in KL. I will just switch off my mobile, drive in the dark lol, what every have to do with electricity I will turn it off. Heee, so the best thing of me I will just gang up with my friends and meet some more and stay there for 1 hour. hehehe and one of the most funny thing that I got an sms from my buddies. This is what he sms to me

‘Tonight we’re not opening light not only on 8.30 to 9.3o. We dine at candle light then followed by disco light! Save the world pls…’
Sure he does. Although me the part me and my friend contribute is not much but still a contribution…

This is my first time step into this mall, interesting which is the mall is still brand new and the wonderful thing is the parking is free. Lol. As I thought this shopping mall would be a very nice place to shop but it turns out to be like another Mid Valley, but of course what interest me the most is there are alot of types of restaurant in this mall which other place do not have and there is one restaurant tat I first saw was the famous Japanese restaurant from Indonesia has landed here. It is Sushi Tei. Which my Indonesian friends always bring me to eat when I visit them at Medan or Jakarta. Will try next round.

But back here, was very hungry and was late in the afternoon. So was walking around and looking around on all the restaurant available. What makes me choose this 1 was it was Vietnamese food and it has been along time since I last eat a nice Vietnamese food and the staff there was very friendly when I was standing and browsing through on the menu, one of the guy which is not local, came out and introduce me all their signature item and that had attracted me to go in because of the guy.

But from the outlook itself I had already made my choice up already and just that wanna go see what are the other choices of food available in the mall since it is not big.

Surprisingly, it is a large franchise chain as it stated all the places that it had branches in the country. Open kitchen concept.

Their seating area also very comfortable and with a bit like bamboo on the wall which makes like a bit natural and jungle feel.lol~
It even had a website to visit for further detail of franchise opportunity and the company background itself.
A traditional type of Vietnamese food menu. Do not need many fancy pages only 2-4 pages. Done. Which they are always famous for their beef noodle. Signature I would say but damm, I cannot eat beef…*drooling because of praying. Not superstitious but a piece of advice from ppl around me.
When I saw this in the menu, thought of it was very unique ‘Vietnam Coffee Milk & Ice’. So order included when it came, surprise me also, the coffee is like freshly brew and was like dripping inside as they pour the hot water from the top and drop. Very strong and nice coffee smell although I am not a fancy coffee drinker as it brings me the opposite effect(means sleepy). The ice they gave me was like the whole glass they put into the frozen area and brought it out I thought that they are giving me a beer mug but nope for me to pour over and the best is they help me to mix it and it taste perfectly nice. RM4.90 for this cute little thing.
As for traditional Vietnamese food which I never miss which is the entree, ‘Summer Roll’ or what I called it Vietnamese popiah..lol~ of course when you start to eat, you have to put alot of the thing in the sauce plate. It goes on very well, it gives me the feel like eating in one of the best restaurant when I was in Melb. RM3.55 for this.
Hrmmm…..here comes the main dish, a very traditional and signature of Vietnamese food or which I would say must try, the ‘Vietnamese Noodle(brisket,tendon,and another 2 cow parts) which I claim to be the cow spare parts. If you love spare parts, you gonna love this food and in the menu, let you choose on which part of the beef you want. Some comes in a combo. Last time I usually take combo which means everything also have. hehe. The soup is just very nice and sweet full with the base of the beef soup that I am expecting. I did curi try to drink the soup abit and my friend finish the whole bowl. Yummy good as what was said.RM15.99
This is my dish as I cannot eat beef (damm disappointed) but then this looks good also. Comes with 2 popiah and chicken which is called ‘Grilled Chicken & Fried Roll’. I did not start to eat the rice first but this time try to eat the chicken. When the first bite into my mouth, I was like…ermmm…..damm nice taste of the chicken, perfectly grilled and the enough taste on the chicken with its own seasoning. When tried on the popiah, took the whole thing into my mouth and spit it out again as it was too hot. hahah(tam samcantonese) but taste not bad. RM12.99 for mine. As total bill came into RM41.15 as I think the price is very reasonable.
The friendliness of the staff there had been very helpfull and the captain came by and ask us how is the food there as he wants to get some feed back as it is newly open. Of course my feed back was more than satisfying never got disappointed.. Will come and dine again by introducing more friends and blog food readers. 😉
-= KA CHING =-
Food rating 10/10 , Si Pek good AH-Stamped-
-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Pro Hoa
Lot L1-52, First Floor,
Tropicana City Mall,
3,Jln SS20/27 47400
Tel:03-7728 1714

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