Lotus Root


Any one of you fancy China food? I do, as I have dine before many good authentic China food before and definitely not in Malaysia. One of my best friend introduce me her all time favourite sze chuan food that located in Jalan Alor (click here). Then recently, I am being introduce to another type of China food which hail all the way from North China. Dong Bei is actually a province in North China and the owners have migrated to Malaysia, hence that is how the Dong Bei Restaurant is name after. The family came to Malaysia as early as 1992 and also known as one of the pioneer of authentic China food back in those early days. As now the restaurant is located behind Times Square, can you see that area is like a mini China eatery street.

Dong Bei (1)

In China, there are many province and taste definitely different for any other town that they have, it is the same as Malaysia too, as the East coast and WEst cost taste bud are very much different. So what is the difference for Dong Bei Food. The food have more sourish end and not that spicy. ( as the owner have localize it)

Dong Bei (2)

Its a simple restaurant and indoor seating is a unique dining experience as they have design in a way to give a little ambiance of what Dong Bei dining feels like.

Dong Bei (3)

Dong Bei (4)

 this is the first time I came across utensils are properly wrap to kept the cleanliness of it.

Dong Bei (5)

Beancurd Dong Bei Style (风味干豆腐丝)RM18. Import all the way from China as its hard to find this kind of texture that originate the authenticity of it. Its a cold platter with chewy texture and hint of garlic and spicy chili oil taste. Pretty good to start off with.

Dong Bei (13)

Crisp Potato (香辣土豆片) @ RM18 for a start would be another good option.

Dong Bei (7)

This is another unique dish which is Dong bei Da La Pi sheet with Cucumber Salad (东北大拉皮)RM14. AT first glance I thought it was pig skin that finely cut then its not. Sprinkle with some garlic and eat it sheet by sheet, that taste a bit like jelly fish and pig skin texture cross over. 😀

Dong Bei (6)

Sauerkraut, stir-fried with glass noodles (酸菜粉) @ RM18

Dong Bei (8)

Stewed Eggplant, Bean, Potato and Meat Dong Bei style (东北大乱炖) @ RM25. This is rather simple as I would rate this North China Curry, thick n creamier gravy and its a little sweet in taste at the end. Well fried and I quite like it. Goes well with my rice.

Dong Bei (9)

Hot & Spicy Seafood (麻辣香锅)RM28

Amount so many dishes, this would turn out one of the most spicies compare to the rest, the spiciness is not to the extend to make our mouth numb, as I find its well balance, even though cook with lots of dry chili, do not let the look to scare you off. I love how they cook along with lotus root make it crisp on the bite and prawns is fresh.

Dong Bei (10)

Boiled Fish with Sour Cabbage and Spicy Soup (酸菜鱼) RM32

Dong Bei (14)

This turns out to be one of the favourite among my table, as strong sourish taste with veggie and fresh fish. Those who like mild spicy, this would be a good option.

Dong Bei (11)

“Gardens”Prawn, Lotus Root, Potato and Vegetables (田园小炒) RM28

Dong Bei (12)

I rate this is super star for the night as Sweet & Sour Pork ( 锅包肉 ) was fried to perfection and its so cripsy outside and the pork inside its not overcook. Taste with a bit of sour vinegar taste with soy sauce that turn it a good [email protected] RM18 – recommended

Dong Bei (15)

Lastly, we did not order the Dumplings (10 pcs) (饺子) but looking at so many tables order dish its like a must have thing and ended up we order 2 portion. One is steam @ RM10 and another one is [email protected] RM8

Great starter to go along and if mix with a bit of chili oil with ginger and vinegar, I just like mine to be in that way. 😉

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Restoran Dong Bei
No. 280, Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah,
off Jalan Pudu, 55100

Tel: 03-2148 7694
Business hour: 12pm – 12am daily

What do you have first think in your mind when this word pop up, RENOMA? Most of my friends or people would associate it with Underwear, including myself. Even more funny part is when I check on that day, my friend even watsapp me what are you doing in that cafe? Buying underwear or they giving free underwear? Renoma Cafe Gallery

[Update: – No longer in Operation]

One thing I am proud of is that Renoma Cafe Gallery is actually one of its kind cafe that set foot right in the heart of Bukit Bintang that makes them the first Renoma Cafe Gallery in ASIA. The concept of Renoma Cafe Gallery in its first outlet is located at Paris with the philosophy of Mourice Renoma, Stylist, Designer and Scenographer who is in sync with the latest fashion and design trends and enrobes this space in his visionary and sometimes scandalous imaginary. Over the years, it had gain its reputation that make them one of the places to be seen in Paris. (click here)

Renoma Cafe (1)

This is something new to me as lets side backtrack a little about Renoma as during 1990-2000’s, Renoma venture into furniture & crockery.

I always thought that Renoma is actually a local Malaysian brand till now found out that Mr. Mourice Renoma then began his artistic career by breathing new life into men’s Wear during sixties by introducing ready to wear men’s fashion and ladies high fashion, and accessories.

Renoma Cafe (2)

Now with the new outlet that open its door from September 2012 onward had made it a spot for executives, corporate people and cool artist to gather and chill at this outlet. Its a huge outlet with a combination of an art gallery, fashion boutique and chic bistro that make it a showcase for food, drinks, fashion, art and music living all under one roof.

Renoma Cafe (4)

Now let me walk you through the cafe as you walk pass the main entrance,you will be greeted with Champ Gallery,  that have all the latest fashion range by Renoma for Men’s and Ladies.

Renoma Cafe (5)

You can even purchase the item there as they do have a counter ready for you.

Renoma Cafe (6)

Decor and ambiance of the place is unique with some combination. European inspired design with presense of neo-classical sofas and armchairs with a nouveaute appeal. Black and white images featuring its Mythologie series (shot of striking animal heads clad in elegant or casual outfits) where you will see more later, digital printed sofas and tables makes it distinctive a personality on its own.

Renoma Cafe (7)

Head up to their mezzanine floor where on the right you can host your private functions by booking the VIP room.

Renoma Cafe (8)

The room is called George V Suite is a well equip private VIP room with karaoke system and comes with 2 bar person that will be ever ready to make you drinks. Nice visuals on the wall that makes the hidden toilet behind it.

Renoma Cafe (9)

A spacious room that is just perfect to host it privately especially for exclusive events, meetings or any celebration (good for bachelor night :D) with leather sofa .. .

Renoma Cafe (10)

Huge dining area

Renoma Cafe (11)

Private bar

Renoma Cafe (12)

and one of its kind chair.

Renoma Cafe (13)

Private toilet behind the paintings. . .

Renoma Cafe (14)

At the same level as you walk accross the VIP room, is Salon Lounge which has a Verandah View of the city.

Renoma Cafe (15)

Sitting at the bar would be ideal lovely as you can order your favourite beer right at the counter.

Renoma Cafe (23)

Fresh from the tap and choices you can order

Renoma Cafe (16)

Renoma Cafe (17)

You can even sunk yourself at this cozy sofa area.

Renoma Cafe (18)

and I think i-darts is a trend now with many places starting to have this machine.

Renoma Cafe (19)

Take the lift down as you will be nearby the main entrance, greeted with outdoor seating area. ..

Renoma Cafe (20)

La Terrasse is the section .

Renoma Cafe (21)

Along with a unique wall painting.

Renoma Cafe (22)

Allee is another outdoor seating area flanking the Wine-Cellar whereby you can comfortably be seated while using your computer.

Renoma Cafe (24)

As you walk pass the glass door, you will be greeted back the main dining section Salle that is located right after the fashion gallery.

Renoma Cafe (26)

Decorated with different types of dining chairs and unique images hanging on the wall, cozy with chill wind blowing around along with soft music background makes it a perfect place for dining or gathering.

Renoma Cafe (27)

there will be a live jazz band playing on every Thursday to Saturday

Renoma Cafe (28)

Renoma Cafe (29)

I just love this oval bar .  . what is the best of it?

Renoma Cafe (30)

One is the happy hour that they have is cheap ..

Renoma Cafe (31)

Second is they serve a few types of single malt. .

Renoma Cafe (32)

All of us ready to hunt for food. . .

Renoma Cafe (33)

Upon our arrival, we were serve along with their signature cupcakes first but I decided to keep it last. 🙂

Renoma Cafe (34)

As I open on their menu, they have quite a unique menu with unique names along that makes me explore on the whole menu. . RCG serve French cuisine. . .

Renoma Cafe (35)

Price are pretty decent. . .

Renoma Cafe (36)

Then we were shown to one of its kind in the world is their very own home brand Renoma French Wine – Grand vin De Bordeux. Its a wine that stole all our heart away with its easy to drink, smooth with great body, and pair almost well with most of our dishes. For the first time I found some French wine that I love. Just cant stop drinking.

Renoma Cafe (37)

1) Refreshing Summer Cooler – Virgin Mojito and under this hot weather, its definitely a thirst quencher and refreshing.


3) Classic Margarita Cocktail and if you love this drink its a must not miss, well balance of alcohol which is not too strong that blend very well with the lime. Some of us ended up having more than 2 glass. That shows how  good it is. – highly recommended!

Renoma Cafe (38)

Assorted CanapesRM20 featuring “forest, sea and farm” elements. Fresh mushroom ragout, smoked Scottish salmon, beef pastrami and air-dried Muscovy duck on slices of toasted brioches is a perfect way to kick start your meal with. Different blend of flavours that play along on your taste bud.

Renoma Cafe (39)

How we end up ordering this dish is by the name itself and we have not tried before anything with Duck breast. Cured Muscovy Duck Breast Salad @ RM28. When it was presented we were like whoa, egg yolk smack right in the middle and colour of the french duck is very tempting as we been told its cured with cammomile tea. We poke on the egg yolk to let it flow then mix it. A perfect combination with its unique taste with its dressing makes it extra kick. With a bowl of green like that, this is certainly the winner.- RecommendeD!

Renoma Cafe (40)

Nicoise Salade with Scottish Salmon @ RM28 – silky smooth salmon, grilled artichoke, heirloom tomatoes, anchovies, quail eggs and and a robust red wine vinaigrette. If the salad I have tried this first, then it would have been a good dish, as now my mind already stick with the awesome duck salad.

Renoma Cafe (41)

After salad, soup is our next attack. Forest Mushroom & Foie GrasVelouté of Black Trumpet, Oyster and Cepe Mushroom
with Goose Liver Purée and Crème Porcini. I have always love Mushroom soup and a soup with foie gras in it is extraordinary. Thick and rich in taste that I only manage to drink half it and if the chef tone down the salt, it certainly will be gone in 60 seconds.

Renoma Cafe (42)

Rock Lobster Bisque @ RM32  same with this soup as its slight over saltiness but the winner of it is little medallions of rock lobster decorated on top of the soup serving of fried crispy whitebait along with drizzle of spicy cream makes it good. What goes well with it is the bread.

Renoma Cafe (43)

French Onion Soup @ RM20 Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée. Caramelized Onion in a Beef Bouillon topped with toasted bread and Melted Comté cheese.

All the 3 soups above its best to go along with bread and dip along that make them stood out perfectly. Without bread its slightly hard to finish the whole bowl by yourself.

Renoma Cafe (44)

Mini Snails Parcels @ RM18 looks weird in the menu as snail as my dish its just a big no no but its a oven-baked Burgundy Escargots in puff pastry with lotus root chips act as the cap of it. Paired with a bunch of micro cress drizzled over with sauce Madere. I just pop one ball into my mouth and it taste hmmm . . impressive with the sauce with slightly salty from the taste of cheeze and the gravy balance it well.

Renoma Cafe (45)

I rarely have Foie gras as main as in this menu its under appetizer section and I am sure this well presented yet heavy or rather huge of 120g portion will knock you off. RM78 for a start I would not say its expensive, I would say its a great value, that grilled to perfection till its still moist and juicy in there, every bite is filled with aroma and the fruits presented along create a well balance taste in your taste bud.

Renoma Cafe (46)

there are 2 version of this with one is  Croque Madame @ RM28 and Croque Monsieur. How do you see the difference? Apparently  the former has a poached/fried egg on top because that fried/poached egg looks like an “old fashioned lady’s hat”!

This classic sandwich serving in here is filled with  Gruyère Cheese, Cured Beef, Muscovy Duck, Turkey Ham & Black Truffle Egg.

Renoma Cafe (47)

With one accident poke onto the egg yolk it will make you a messy sandwich. Burst with plentiful of flavour in your mouth that makes it one of the best sandwich I have come across. – Highly RecommendeD!

Renoma Cafe (48)

Hehe, how often do you see a burger price and your eyes grows as big as an egg. What if I tell you the burger patty is made from grass-fed Beef Striploin (220g), with rillette of Muscovy duck and a piece of foie gras stuff in the middle, served with a rocket salad? How much are you willing to pay?

Renoma Cafe (49)

L’Artisan Burger @ RM 58

Renoma Cafe (50)

A burger you will never regret to order, serve with fresh toasted bread, juicy moist 2 patty and without any sauces it taste amazing as it looks and smell. However with their very own home brand wine, it makes it a perfect combination of all.

Renoma Cafe (51)

Their burger or sandwich comes with hand-cut pomme frites (French fries) and 2 dipping sauce.

Renoma Cafe (52)

Another dish that would fall onto my recommended list is this Oriental Rack of Lamb @ RM60. Price at the rate I would say its a value grab with 2 huge pieces of lamb, stacking on each other that char-grilled to perfection. Its prepare medium and once cut the meat out, you can still see the juicy pinky meat. Well marinated and serve on a bed of saute’ed vegetables and sweet Shimeji mushrooms.

Renoma Cafe (53)

Dish after dish coming and it never fails to impress us by far and every food presentation capture our yes and smell of most of the food just Hypnotize us on keep eating. Boeuf Bourguignon – Slow-braised Beef Cheek @ RM58. If a piece of meat is braise for 8 hours of  with red wine how would it taste like. SUPERB is just one of the word I can define. A gentle poke with fork easily tear the meat apart.

Renoma Cafe (54)

How many places that you eat on steak can grill a perfect one. Handful I would say. For a 220g  Ribeye Wagyu @ RM128 score very high in our list.

Renoma Cafe (55)

With juicy and tender meat that to grill to perfection with wagyu is not easy. I had half slab of this myself. . kekek~ with red wine, I am in food heaven.

Renoma Cafe (56)

Cod Meuniere @ RM62– Wild Caught Cod Fish Fillet Poached in Brown Butter, Seasonal Vegetables, Capers, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Lemongrass & Orange Maître d’hôtel Sauce. Those of you do not take red meat, then this is rather one of the best dish to hunt for. A cod is seasoned with salt and pepper and herbs infuse with Lemongrass and Orange Maître d’hôtel Sauce. You imagine on the taste. . :p

Renoma Cafe (57)

Coq au Vin ( Burgundy Style Spring Chicken) @ RM36– the Coq au Vin is essentially spring chicken slow-braised in red Burgundy wine . Button Mushroom, Smoked Duck, Pearl Onion served with seasonal baby Vegetables is a easy dish to eat along..

Renoma Cafe (58)

As we look thru thoroughly on the menu most of us have the same thought, and next question pop out,  Rock Lobster Thermidor is just classic that long see this offered in a menu. Price at RM148 with a whole rock lobster serving on the plate.

Renoma Cafe (59)

Blame on my mindset as I still prefer the shell of the lobster to be serve along to show that actually I am eating a lobster. Fresh juicy meat that serve along with Porcini mushrooms, crustacean veloute and melted Gruyere cheese.

Renoma Cafe (60)

Valrhona Chocolate Fondant @ RM20

Soft & Melted Centre Chocolate Cake With Vanilla Ice Cream and Wild Berries Stew

Renoma Cafe (61)

Ooze of the chocolate filling in flowing out after a slight cut. .

Renoma Cafe (62)

Peach Melba @ RM18

Flavour After Six French Vanilla, Chocolate Marshmallow, Rum & Raisin (Alcohol), Strawberry Stripes

Renoma Cafe (63)

Orange Vanilla Creme Brulee @ RM18

Renoma Cafe (64)

Le Cafe Gourmand @ RM18 comes with a shot of Espresso with 4 other assorted RCG sweet patisseries – Macaron, Mango Millefeuille, Eclair and Croquignole (double-baked biscuit).

Renoma Cafe (65)

Among the deserts, this is one of the desert I would recommend to try. Its a well balance of sour, bitter and sweet.

Renoma Cafe (66)

Among the woderfull dinner that I must say that Chef Alven Tan (Chef de Cuisine) right certainly know’s how to handle all the red meat that makes them every bite of it a awesome dish and Chef Amanda Lim (Chef Patisserie) have her creative side too.

Renoma Cafe (67)

And we got our limited edition Renoma mug that is perfect for my morning cup of coffee and tea. Loving it.

We all enjoy this dining experience, with its great food that the chef can handle, as much as picky as the rest its sure to impress and hope that both the chef’s can their standard. For a restaurant that operate less than 3 months to have such dish is good to impress. Certainly I will be returning more with other friends.

Renoma Cafe Gallery had fall into my recommended list with its overall service and food quality.

All pictures and video taken with Samsung NX 210 

Renoma Cafe Gallery
Lot 510 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2143-9919

Open: Sunday-Tuesday: 12.00pm to 11.00pm
Wednesday-Saturday: 12.00pm to 1.00am

Website here

I guess to many of us that when we dine in Lammeeya, it is pretty straight forward that they are famous for their signature Lammeeya, Lam Mee. One of their outlet in Uptown Damansara offers more than that. That they do offer home cook delicious dish on their extended menu which mostly had started off with this menu.

Lameeya (1)

I have heard many good things about this branch that their taste is always consistent and in tip top that hardly disappoint you. This is not my first time here, as I have came here a few times that I did not blog about it till  now. 😀

Lameeya (2)

If you come here during lunch time, you will have a massive hard time finding carpark as Uptown already famous for their congested area, and one of the best time to come and dine of course after work hours, which is much easy to find car park compare to day time. Not only that, to find  a seat in the restaurant would be much easier too.

Lameeya (3)

In this outlet, interior of the outlet which is a bit more contemporary compare to other outlets you have seen and you shall see more of the new concept from Lammeeya on other outlets as they plan to upgrade.

Lameeya (4)

In this outlet they also offer cakes which is made by them too . .

Lameeya (5)

I am usually a big fan of their healthy drink with many type to offer and some of the combination they made out create a curiosity for me to give it a try too.

Lameeya (6)

Lameeya (7)

1) Kasturi, Cucumber & Lime @ RM 8.80

2) Lychee, Celery & Pinapple @ RM 8.80 – Recommended

3) Watermelon & Lychee @ RM 8.80

4) Carrot & Orange @ RM 8.80

Lameeya (8)

1) One of the unique drink that caught my attention is – Lotus & Chestnut as we never thought that lotus root can make into a drink and it pair very well with chestnut and its refreshing. @ RM 8.80 Recommended


Lameeya (10)

Lam Mee @ RM 13.80

Lameeya (11)

Their Lam Mee including prawns and own home made pork ball, and soup base gravy is thick as I usually eat and to make it more best, I usually add on two mini bowl of sambal they provide as I love mine to be spicy.

Lameeya (12)

If you have work outside quite often and miss some home cook soup, they do offer some double boil soup to please you and the taste of the soup is just there, brings out the right amount of taste that pair very well with inside ingredient that they have added in.

1) Watercrest Soup

2) Old cucumber soup


Lameeya (13)

If you want some simple dish to make you satisfy or craving for some sort of Penang, Char Koey Teow, they do cook it very near to our style and its a recommended dish by me as the koey teow is cook to perfection with wok hei and its not spicy. For me I just love mine to be extra spicy, one thing that make it good is because they cook along with Duck Egg.

Lameeya (14)

Another super star dish of the night which is Stew Pork with Potato.I know, I know, its simple dish that we used to eat it from home cook or economy rice? How many actually can cook it till very nice and this is exceptional that when it was serve with the aroma flying around our nose, it was instantly rape and gone within seconds. – Recommended! @ RM 19.80

Lameeya (15)

A simple ladies finger that been soft boil in hotwater for a while add on with soy sauce and some finely mince chili with garlic to make it chewy and nice to bite, along with it, its a simple nice dish to start off with.

Lameeya (16)

Pork Leg Vinegar  @ RM 23.80

Lameeya (17)

Chu kiok chow.. one of the favourite terms that my friend always like to use as it is one of his favourite dish, as whenever he come across the availability he would never miss to order it as he always compare back with his grandmother style. For this round, he hardly commented because it was perfectly cook, with the meat is soft, and some juicy fats is thick yet it had been boil for long enough to make it soft that nearly melts on your tongue. The salty sauce is just right not too salty yet with enough of rice wine to make it aromatic. To go along with rice is the perfect combination for this.

Lameeya (18)

Wine chicken that cook along with herbs and lots of ginger. Some of you might like it or hate it with one of the reason the wine is pretty powerfull. Well, to me i am good with it as for a dish like this, I always prefer it to be in stronger taste.

Lameeya (19)

Hee, why why we do not go for white rice as they have the option of Pork Lard Oil rice that cook in mini claypot. Surely, it brings the omph in with so many dish that we can pair along.

Lameeya (20)

You and I might have the same thought on looking down this dish which is Ginger & Wine Omelet @ RM 19.80. This simple dish proves us wrong when we had a bite of it. With strong fried egg taste and did not over cook as the wine taste just blend in very well.

Lameeya (21)

One of my childhood favourite dish, simple yet delicious. Steam Pork with Dong Choy @ RM 19.80 – REcommended

Lameeya (22)

Lameeya (24)

 3 Types of steam egg

Lameeya (26)

 Another simple good food that welly cook.

Lameeya (23)

Now we are having something like more towards to Ipoh fehmous Chee Chong Fun is show how similiar and available too .Pickle Chili & Sweet Sauce Chee Cheong Fun @ RM 10.80

Lameeya (25)

Mushroom with Mince Meat Chee Cheong Fun @ RM 11.80, hehe,  I prefer the normal dry version to my likings. Some of them they prefer this, well again depends on you. 😉

Lameeya (27)

I tell you, this girl can really eat and what we could not finish, she just sapu all. Just do not look down on hungry slim girl.

Lameeya (9)


Lameeya (28)

We were super full when the dish all was served and desert coming up, also must have space for that.

1) Tiramisu


3) Oreo Cheeze Cake

4) Chocolate mud cake which is pretty good that is not too sweet, warm with chocolate oozing out. – REcommended

Lameeya (29)

For desert, the super star that blew our mind away is this Banana Crepe with the warm banana dressing which is cook and  made on the spot, that pairs very well with the aromatic crepe. Ice cream to compliment along with the hot and cold sensation enough to make your teeth numb. – Highly Recommended!!

Now its my turn to share with you all on this great food that this outlet have to offer, that for the next few days we dine there again for lunch as they have set lunch available. Again never disappoint us with most of their food are pretty good. This branch top in my chart that is worth recommending. . 🙂


Damansara Uptown:
45G & 47G, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama, PJ
tel: 03 7725 9513

I have long been craving for very nice Szechuan food, the last I had best was in my study time in Melbourne. . . It was not until recently, my friend bring me to this store located at Jalan Alor which is their favourite food for Szechuan, which is Kedai Makanan dan Minuman TKS.

szechuan (1)

This post will be a bit awkward due to all their menu is written in Mandarin and my friend order all the dish, therefore there will be no proper pricing and food name ..

szechuan (2)

For those who cant really eat Spicy szechuan food, then can try out this Lotus Root, fried till crips, a bit mild in taste with very mild spiciness with a bit of wok hei, I love it~

szechuan (3)

Another dish, the finely cut potato cook till it taste like cripsy vegetable. Taste mild spiciness. . .

szechuan (4)

szechuan (5)

This soup base is one of the best, not too spicy that is just perfect, soup base is very sweet yet spicy and I kept drinking this soup till its last drop.

szechuan (6)

This is super spicy with lots of chili oil floating on top and the meat cook till its soft and tender. . . The first sip of the soup my sweat instantly came out yet I am loving it, thick in taste yet super spicy

szechuan (7)

This is another different pot that cook with fish meat, smooth meat and do not underestimate this, as it is very spicy also.

szechuan (8)

Fried Dumpling, pan fried till the bottom its a bit crispy, inside filled with soup base and add in with vinegar and ginger with the dipping chili oil my friend specially mix on it is super nice. We order 2 plate of this.

szechuan (9)

So far, in KL, I find that this is the best stall that served Szechuan food . .total bill came around RM110 and we are tottally satisfied.

Its a recommended store by me if you love Szechuan hawker style spicy food. . .

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 10/10, Sipek Hoh Liau~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Kedai Minuman & Makanan TKS
Jalan Alor (nearby Wong Ah Wah Kopitiam, store located on the right stretch)

The task of trying out a few eat all you can Tim Sum with Jonathan had comes to a satisfaction meal. We have been hunting for quite a number till I banned from going to eat tim sum as got phobia of it not until got persuaded to try out the very last one. (today will be a simple post, as with my work load is pilling up.)

Opulent Court

Opulent Court (2)

Never thought that the restaurant here would be decorated so nice but we were lucky on that day as on the night itself, they are hosting a wedding dinner but the best part is, we were there at 11.30am and till 12.30pm we were still the only table there, makes us feel like so boss (book out the whole place).

Opulent Court (3)

With their offering in the menu, it looks pretty impressive with the whole long list and range that they are offering at the price of RM27.80nett.

Opulent Court (4)

Opulent Court (5)

Jelly Fish in Thai Sauce and Japanese Octopus

Opulent Court (6)
Vegetarian Goose, Pork ribs Almond, Fried Prawn, and Barbeque Pork with Sesame

Opulent Court (7)
first 1 forgot. -Chicken Feet, Pai Kuat, Bean Curd with Fish Meat in Japanese Sauce

Opulent Court (8)
Pork ribs with Salted Egg, Siew Mai(meat dumpling), Prawn Dumpling, Glutinous Rice with Chicken

Opulent Court (9)

The Roast Pork, Yam Dumpling, Century Egg and Fried Banana Fritters

Opulent Court (11)

Prawn Chee Cheong Fun, Lotus root in Salad Sauce, Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun

Opulent Court (12)

Recommended on the porridge

Opulent Court (13)

Opulent Court (14)

Egg tarts

Opulent Court (15)

Water Chesnut, Longan with Sea Coconut, Sea Coconut with Ginseng and Herbal Jelly. 
By the end of the meal, we were very satisfied with what we are paying, with the quality of the food and services in this restaurant, we totally have no complain.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, worth the value~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama
58000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603 – 7983 1111


Now is the Vegetarian season and in KL to do that is really a pain in the ass, that’s why I have hold up this posting and decided to posting around this time. I have to thanks to Sidney (BigBoysOven) for the invites. If its not him, then would not have known this shop.

This shop is currently managing by the daughter and the mom is responsible on most of the dishes. All their ingredient are very pure and some are important from a few countries.

Renovated with very nice and cozy interior that really suits on what they are serving.

A variety of food you can get there which is the same as the normal menu in any restaurant but its just that in vegetarian form.

The aroma of the dish was flying around the area and it smells good. Can’t wait to eat it. The food presentation is like the wedding dinner set. If I am not mistaken, this is the ‘Combination Platter’. A dish that you would not want to miss.

I like this the most, ‘Vegetarian Baked Bacon’ very chewy and abit crispy, the sauce that topping on top is a kick on your taste bud. Once eaten, it just cant stop cuz its taste very the same.

‘Shark Fin Egg’ well fried with ‘wok hei’ yet the structure is very similar and you will wonder how they make it till it taste so good.
‘Cuttle Fish with Satay Sauce’ chewy and springy texture, enjoying every bite of it with very fragrance satay sauce top on top.
Deep fried till the outer layer is crispy and preserving the softness of the prawns in it. The own made mayo had make it a great combination taste will be the ‘Golden Prawn Mayo’.
‘Ginseng and Turnip Soup’ taste like home cook, deliciously finish the whole bowl till the very last drop.
Toufu Topped with Preserve Vegetable’ salty enough yet mix well with the taste of the toufu.
‘Mixed Veggie’ a perfect fried of vegetable that the lotus root is abit crispy and the aroma of the nuts jus sunk in make it a good dish that you would not want to miss.
‘Sizzling Spicy Fish’ Sizzling hot plate with the gravy pour upon still boiling and the sauce taste so good that it had mix well with the fish. The homemade gravy is one of the signature in there. Anything that with this gravy, it’s a good try.

‘Stir Fried Prawns in Sweet and Sour Sauce with Man Tou’. Man tou was friend to perfection as expected the crust is crispy yet inside is very soft. Makes it a great couple. As we tried out the prawns, we could not believe the texture of it. Taste so similiar with springy feeling.
‘Terriyaki Mock Duck with Scramble Eggs’. Love the terriyaki sauce that brings up along the aroma of the vegetarian duck meat. If I were to go there for lunch, this would be a great order.

We enjoy the whole vegetarian meal is a good experience yet the food there is first class yet their price is very reasonable as you can see in the menu. Since now is the season, and having a headache where to find one nice Vegetarian Restaurant, this restaurant is highly recommended.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 10/10, Very veryy good, Recommended…~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Yishensu – A Vegetarian Connoisseur
Ground Floor-Old wing (in front of TGI)
1 Utama Shopping Mall,
Petaling Jaya

Te:03 77294313

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