Some of you might be wordering when you saw a group of smart people wearing tux and dress and smack right in the middle of some shopping mall over past weekend with many people standing in the middle photoshooting and video.. What do they do actually? Well, of course its something mysterious.

s4 (1)

 Playing off some beautiful tunes from a group of 3 violinist and cello. . .

s4 (2)

s4 (3)

 Moments later, you will see a young girl slowly walking out and start singing along with the beautiful tunes. . .

s4 (4)

 Not only one, there is actually 4 of them. . .Of course this event is related to this Brand. . .

s4 (5)

and if you actually listen to their lyric correctly, they are actually promoting new features of up coming phone that will be available in the market on very soon, which many user are looking forward to change their phone and hands on this new unit.

s4 (6)

Yap, that is right. Many of you have seen and what you heard from the previous launch in US weeks ago and  they are actually singing and dancing with tunes of new upcoming Samsung GAlaxy S4 – Life Companion features. Arent they cute. One person one cute face.


Well, many of you are anticipating this unit, do head to the nearest Samsung Retail outlet when it is launch in whole Malaysia.

What can you expect in S4? Here you go a glimpse of it.

Genre: Comedy

Chinese new year movie is always about the comedy with the cast of Loius Khoo being the emperor and the sister Pearl is on the way back to the palace and during the way, they were attack by the pirates and Pearl fall into the river. When they fish out the girl, and did not realize that its different girl and Pearl had been fish out by another guy. The story continues. . . . and its kinda mou liew also the movie. Like one of the part how they use the lyric of some singers to express their love. .

A comedy movie for mou liew people like me and my friends.

— Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 8/10, good laugh, ~

— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —

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