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I guess most of you have read in many blogs about this new Ramen place – Ippudo Ramen, with so much hype at that time for the first 3 weeks after its opening. Till now I manage to pay a visit to this what so called famous ramen to many people.

ipudo (1)

IPPUDO was founded in 1985 in Japan’s ramen capital of Hakata by Shigemi Kawahara, the internationally renowned Ramen King and CEO of Chikaranomoto Company, which encompasses some of Japan’s finest restaurants. There are over 65 stores in Japan, and globally in places such as New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Shanghai. IPPUDO has become the most popular ramen restaurant over the years. Kawahara was crowned Ramen King in 2005 and holds a place in the Ramen Hall of Fame after winning the championship 3 times consecutively between 1995-1998, on “TV Champion Ramen Chef,” a reputable Japanese television show produced by TV Tokyo. (source from Ippudo)

ipudo (2)

Interior of this shop is very much different compare to other ramen joints as instantly you can know that this place does not comes cheap. As right at the main entrance, this outlet also do have a bar area. I guess during the night, they do serve alcohol along.

ipudo (18)

Love their second session of design that I would say more like the original dining area that design in contemporary yet ambiance of Japan eatery feel.

ipudo (3)

ipudo (6)

Menu is pretty straight forward that only comes in a few pages. Most of them are filled with Ramen and some appetizers. My guess is correct that its surely does not come cheap.

ipudo (7)

ipudo (8)

As we place our order, we were ask to choose our type of noodle Soft, Normal or Hard and I ask what is the best preferred. The guy answer Hard. Ended up order 1 bowl of hard ramen and normal ramen.

ipudo (9)

I order Akamaru Shinaji  Special @ RM 36, slow cook till its a bit oily and liquid, creating a rich and flavorful Tonkotsu that enhances the essence of pork-bone topped with IPPUDO secret miso, garlic oil, belly chasu and spring onion of course have to add an egg.

ipudo (10)

 Soup looks pretty decent and the aroma of the soup definitely smells good.

ipudo (11)

the broth is not bad that its a hint of sweetness and light end spicy taste from this flavour, noodle for this bowl is Hard, its a bit springy towards al dante side and I like it.

ipudo (12)

Next came as we order somethng more origninal which is Shiromaru Motoaji Special @ RM 34 serve along with belly chashu and egg also.

ipudo (14)

one thing I like the most is their juicy slices of belly charsu. . so soft that it nearly melts and with a good balance of fats in between.

ipudo (15)

this bowl have the normal texture ramen and my friends loves it. I don find it any much different. If they can standardize it all Normal I am okay too.

ipudo (16)

Egg is abit tasteless without running yolk too. Original taste of this soup is a bit more pale and add in some pepper and chili powder.

Overall, I find that its overrated by many people and price of the noodle here is slightly more expensive than the rest as the portion is smaller.


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 6.5/10 , so so lah -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Ippudo Ramen
Lot C4.07.00,
Connection Level 4,
Pavilion KL.
(same row as overtime)

Tel: 03 2110 6233

11am – 11pm (daily)

IT was a series of Puma event that took place recently, with first to kick off at Whitebox Publika that I won myself a pair of suede thru the Instagram contest follow by their next unique event with Old School vs New School and their finale event took place in Capsquare by converting the whole space to street style ..

Puma (1)

Puma (2)

and of course, would want to try hard to win another pair of suede (ahem, I am wearing my winning shoe – blue and red suede, loving it)

Puma (3)

They have a nice graffiti wall next to the main entrance and I must say, with our talent for this art, its getting better.

Puma (4)

 At the scene, many people arrive early, already partying and enjoying themselves.

Puma (5)

Next act after I arrive is one of our best local artist,  K Town Klan. Some of you might heard their hitz before in hitz.fm.

Puma (6)

 Surely many of the attendees know their song, by singing and dancing . .

Puma (7)

Puma (8)

Then the night also do have catagory of best shoe designer that will walk away with RM2,000 worth of merchandise and I find some of the designs are creatively done.

Puma (9)

Puma (10)

 With Elwin, Chou Yin and Anna.. .

Puma (11)

This is what happens when the crowd are getting rowdy after some drinks ..

Puma (12)

haha, this pic is so funny when whole night I keep hearing, lai lai, half half and this is what happened when too many half half down with Henry laughing at Ben. SEe la who cannot half now!

Puma (13)

HEre we are at the party with the usual suspects and finally JQ won herself a pair of suede thru Instagram contest during the night.

petronas (1)

How many of you actually went to Petronas twin tower for a tour? I am sure only handful of you. .. I guess most of you ended up in KLCC shopping or transit for public transportation. kekeke. Petronas Twin Tower

petronas (2)

Honestly, this would be my first time entering the main entrance of the Petronas Twin Tower sky Bridge entrace. I read it in the internet, it used to be free few years back and now it is chargable when you pay a visit up there.

petronas (3)

Here are the charges. For local with my card its RM25 and for tourist would be RM 80. According to the guide that I have spoke to, they will tour 3 levels. First stop would be the Sky Bridge at lvl 41 then after that will head to another 2 upper seleted levels with highest is about 100th floor for observation deck. Each will comes with a tour guide.

petronas (4)

Before the entrance or after the exit, you will encounter with this huge giant LED screen. Its actually a interactive screen. I was a bit blurr when I was standing there what this whole thing is. Till I ask for assitantce and enquire on what is it about. Its actually an interactive panel which is by Petronas Motorsport.

The interactive wall is using a technology, Kinect that senses movements of visitors standing in front of the screen. You will notice in the screen you can see on the left are filled with liquid and metal elements on the right. What you have to do is to make the two elements clash with each other, then a short animation comes on. We see a mercury-like swirl and what emerges out of it is one of 5 things: mechanic heart, diamond grille, piston, shark, and headlights.

How it is interactive? You will need at least 2 person to make the 2 elements to blend together. Watch the video I have capture.

Have fun when you visit this Petronas Twin Towers Sky Bridge Visitor’s Center. This interactive panel will be there till 18th January 2013.

Here is the actual video on how you can play with it. 😀

What do you have first think in your mind when this word pop up, RENOMA? Most of my friends or people would associate it with Underwear, including myself. Even more funny part is when I check on that day, my friend even watsapp me what are you doing in that cafe? Buying underwear or they giving free underwear? Renoma Cafe Gallery

[Update: – No longer in Operation]

One thing I am proud of is that Renoma Cafe Gallery is actually one of its kind cafe that set foot right in the heart of Bukit Bintang that makes them the first Renoma Cafe Gallery in ASIA. The concept of Renoma Cafe Gallery in its first outlet is located at Paris with the philosophy of Mourice Renoma, Stylist, Designer and Scenographer who is in sync with the latest fashion and design trends and enrobes this space in his visionary and sometimes scandalous imaginary. Over the years, it had gain its reputation that make them one of the places to be seen in Paris. (click here)

Renoma Cafe (1)

This is something new to me as lets side backtrack a little about Renoma as during 1990-2000’s, Renoma venture into furniture & crockery.

I always thought that Renoma is actually a local Malaysian brand till now found out that Mr. Mourice Renoma then began his artistic career by breathing new life into men’s Wear during sixties by introducing ready to wear men’s fashion and ladies high fashion, and accessories.

Renoma Cafe (2)

Now with the new outlet that open its door from September 2012 onward had made it a spot for executives, corporate people and cool artist to gather and chill at this outlet. Its a huge outlet with a combination of an art gallery, fashion boutique and chic bistro that make it a showcase for food, drinks, fashion, art and music living all under one roof.

Renoma Cafe (4)

Now let me walk you through the cafe as you walk pass the main entrance,you will be greeted with Champ Gallery,  that have all the latest fashion range by Renoma for Men’s and Ladies.

Renoma Cafe (5)

You can even purchase the item there as they do have a counter ready for you.

Renoma Cafe (6)

Decor and ambiance of the place is unique with some combination. European inspired design with presense of neo-classical sofas and armchairs with a nouveaute appeal. Black and white images featuring its Mythologie series (shot of striking animal heads clad in elegant or casual outfits) where you will see more later, digital printed sofas and tables makes it distinctive a personality on its own.

Renoma Cafe (7)

Head up to their mezzanine floor where on the right you can host your private functions by booking the VIP room.

Renoma Cafe (8)

The room is called George V Suite is a well equip private VIP room with karaoke system and comes with 2 bar person that will be ever ready to make you drinks. Nice visuals on the wall that makes the hidden toilet behind it.

Renoma Cafe (9)

A spacious room that is just perfect to host it privately especially for exclusive events, meetings or any celebration (good for bachelor night :D) with leather sofa .. .

Renoma Cafe (10)

Huge dining area

Renoma Cafe (11)

Private bar

Renoma Cafe (12)

and one of its kind chair.

Renoma Cafe (13)

Private toilet behind the paintings. . .

Renoma Cafe (14)

At the same level as you walk accross the VIP room, is Salon Lounge which has a Verandah View of the city.

Renoma Cafe (15)

Sitting at the bar would be ideal lovely as you can order your favourite beer right at the counter.

Renoma Cafe (23)

Fresh from the tap and choices you can order

Renoma Cafe (16)

Renoma Cafe (17)

You can even sunk yourself at this cozy sofa area.

Renoma Cafe (18)

and I think i-darts is a trend now with many places starting to have this machine.

Renoma Cafe (19)

Take the lift down as you will be nearby the main entrance, greeted with outdoor seating area. ..

Renoma Cafe (20)

La Terrasse is the section .

Renoma Cafe (21)

Along with a unique wall painting.

Renoma Cafe (22)

Allee is another outdoor seating area flanking the Wine-Cellar whereby you can comfortably be seated while using your computer.

Renoma Cafe (24)

As you walk pass the glass door, you will be greeted back the main dining section Salle that is located right after the fashion gallery.

Renoma Cafe (26)

Decorated with different types of dining chairs and unique images hanging on the wall, cozy with chill wind blowing around along with soft music background makes it a perfect place for dining or gathering.

Renoma Cafe (27)

there will be a live jazz band playing on every Thursday to Saturday

Renoma Cafe (28)

Renoma Cafe (29)

I just love this oval bar .  . what is the best of it?

Renoma Cafe (30)

One is the happy hour that they have is cheap ..

Renoma Cafe (31)

Second is they serve a few types of single malt. .

Renoma Cafe (32)

All of us ready to hunt for food. . .

Renoma Cafe (33)

Upon our arrival, we were serve along with their signature cupcakes first but I decided to keep it last. 🙂

Renoma Cafe (34)

As I open on their menu, they have quite a unique menu with unique names along that makes me explore on the whole menu. . RCG serve French cuisine. . .

Renoma Cafe (35)

Price are pretty decent. . .

Renoma Cafe (36)

Then we were shown to one of its kind in the world is their very own home brand Renoma French Wine – Grand vin De Bordeux. Its a wine that stole all our heart away with its easy to drink, smooth with great body, and pair almost well with most of our dishes. For the first time I found some French wine that I love. Just cant stop drinking.

Renoma Cafe (37)

1) Refreshing Summer Cooler – Virgin Mojito and under this hot weather, its definitely a thirst quencher and refreshing.


3) Classic Margarita Cocktail and if you love this drink its a must not miss, well balance of alcohol which is not too strong that blend very well with the lime. Some of us ended up having more than 2 glass. That shows how  good it is. – highly recommended!

Renoma Cafe (38)

Assorted CanapesRM20 featuring “forest, sea and farm” elements. Fresh mushroom ragout, smoked Scottish salmon, beef pastrami and air-dried Muscovy duck on slices of toasted brioches is a perfect way to kick start your meal with. Different blend of flavours that play along on your taste bud.

Renoma Cafe (39)

How we end up ordering this dish is by the name itself and we have not tried before anything with Duck breast. Cured Muscovy Duck Breast Salad @ RM28. When it was presented we were like whoa, egg yolk smack right in the middle and colour of the french duck is very tempting as we been told its cured with cammomile tea. We poke on the egg yolk to let it flow then mix it. A perfect combination with its unique taste with its dressing makes it extra kick. With a bowl of green like that, this is certainly the winner.- RecommendeD!

Renoma Cafe (40)

Nicoise Salade with Scottish Salmon @ RM28 – silky smooth salmon, grilled artichoke, heirloom tomatoes, anchovies, quail eggs and and a robust red wine vinaigrette. If the salad I have tried this first, then it would have been a good dish, as now my mind already stick with the awesome duck salad.

Renoma Cafe (41)

After salad, soup is our next attack. Forest Mushroom & Foie GrasVelouté of Black Trumpet, Oyster and Cepe Mushroom
with Goose Liver Purée and Crème Porcini. I have always love Mushroom soup and a soup with foie gras in it is extraordinary. Thick and rich in taste that I only manage to drink half it and if the chef tone down the salt, it certainly will be gone in 60 seconds.

Renoma Cafe (42)

Rock Lobster Bisque @ RM32  same with this soup as its slight over saltiness but the winner of it is little medallions of rock lobster decorated on top of the soup serving of fried crispy whitebait along with drizzle of spicy cream makes it good. What goes well with it is the bread.

Renoma Cafe (43)

French Onion Soup @ RM20 Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée. Caramelized Onion in a Beef Bouillon topped with toasted bread and Melted Comté cheese.

All the 3 soups above its best to go along with bread and dip along that make them stood out perfectly. Without bread its slightly hard to finish the whole bowl by yourself.

Renoma Cafe (44)

Mini Snails Parcels @ RM18 looks weird in the menu as snail as my dish its just a big no no but its a oven-baked Burgundy Escargots in puff pastry with lotus root chips act as the cap of it. Paired with a bunch of micro cress drizzled over with sauce Madere. I just pop one ball into my mouth and it taste hmmm . . impressive with the sauce with slightly salty from the taste of cheeze and the gravy balance it well.

Renoma Cafe (45)

I rarely have Foie gras as main as in this menu its under appetizer section and I am sure this well presented yet heavy or rather huge of 120g portion will knock you off. RM78 for a start I would not say its expensive, I would say its a great value, that grilled to perfection till its still moist and juicy in there, every bite is filled with aroma and the fruits presented along create a well balance taste in your taste bud.

Renoma Cafe (46)

there are 2 version of this with one is  Croque Madame @ RM28 and Croque Monsieur. How do you see the difference? Apparently  the former has a poached/fried egg on top because that fried/poached egg looks like an “old fashioned lady’s hat”!

This classic sandwich serving in here is filled with  Gruyère Cheese, Cured Beef, Muscovy Duck, Turkey Ham & Black Truffle Egg.

Renoma Cafe (47)

With one accident poke onto the egg yolk it will make you a messy sandwich. Burst with plentiful of flavour in your mouth that makes it one of the best sandwich I have come across. – Highly RecommendeD!

Renoma Cafe (48)

Hehe, how often do you see a burger price and your eyes grows as big as an egg. What if I tell you the burger patty is made from grass-fed Beef Striploin (220g), with rillette of Muscovy duck and a piece of foie gras stuff in the middle, served with a rocket salad? How much are you willing to pay?

Renoma Cafe (49)

L’Artisan Burger @ RM 58

Renoma Cafe (50)

A burger you will never regret to order, serve with fresh toasted bread, juicy moist 2 patty and without any sauces it taste amazing as it looks and smell. However with their very own home brand wine, it makes it a perfect combination of all.

Renoma Cafe (51)

Their burger or sandwich comes with hand-cut pomme frites (French fries) and 2 dipping sauce.

Renoma Cafe (52)

Another dish that would fall onto my recommended list is this Oriental Rack of Lamb @ RM60. Price at the rate I would say its a value grab with 2 huge pieces of lamb, stacking on each other that char-grilled to perfection. Its prepare medium and once cut the meat out, you can still see the juicy pinky meat. Well marinated and serve on a bed of saute’ed vegetables and sweet Shimeji mushrooms.

Renoma Cafe (53)

Dish after dish coming and it never fails to impress us by far and every food presentation capture our yes and smell of most of the food just Hypnotize us on keep eating. Boeuf Bourguignon – Slow-braised Beef Cheek @ RM58. If a piece of meat is braise for 8 hours of  with red wine how would it taste like. SUPERB is just one of the word I can define. A gentle poke with fork easily tear the meat apart.

Renoma Cafe (54)

How many places that you eat on steak can grill a perfect one. Handful I would say. For a 220g  Ribeye Wagyu @ RM128 score very high in our list.

Renoma Cafe (55)

With juicy and tender meat that to grill to perfection with wagyu is not easy. I had half slab of this myself. . kekek~ with red wine, I am in food heaven.

Renoma Cafe (56)

Cod Meuniere @ RM62– Wild Caught Cod Fish Fillet Poached in Brown Butter, Seasonal Vegetables, Capers, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Lemongrass & Orange Maître d’hôtel Sauce. Those of you do not take red meat, then this is rather one of the best dish to hunt for. A cod is seasoned with salt and pepper and herbs infuse with Lemongrass and Orange Maître d’hôtel Sauce. You imagine on the taste. . :p

Renoma Cafe (57)

Coq au Vin ( Burgundy Style Spring Chicken) @ RM36– the Coq au Vin is essentially spring chicken slow-braised in red Burgundy wine . Button Mushroom, Smoked Duck, Pearl Onion served with seasonal baby Vegetables is a easy dish to eat along..

Renoma Cafe (58)

As we look thru thoroughly on the menu most of us have the same thought, and next question pop out,  Rock Lobster Thermidor is just classic that long see this offered in a menu. Price at RM148 with a whole rock lobster serving on the plate.

Renoma Cafe (59)

Blame on my mindset as I still prefer the shell of the lobster to be serve along to show that actually I am eating a lobster. Fresh juicy meat that serve along with Porcini mushrooms, crustacean veloute and melted Gruyere cheese.

Renoma Cafe (60)

Valrhona Chocolate Fondant @ RM20

Soft & Melted Centre Chocolate Cake With Vanilla Ice Cream and Wild Berries Stew

Renoma Cafe (61)

Ooze of the chocolate filling in flowing out after a slight cut. .

Renoma Cafe (62)

Peach Melba @ RM18

Flavour After Six French Vanilla, Chocolate Marshmallow, Rum & Raisin (Alcohol), Strawberry Stripes

Renoma Cafe (63)

Orange Vanilla Creme Brulee @ RM18

Renoma Cafe (64)

Le Cafe Gourmand @ RM18 comes with a shot of Espresso with 4 other assorted RCG sweet patisseries – Macaron, Mango Millefeuille, Eclair and Croquignole (double-baked biscuit).

Renoma Cafe (65)

Among the deserts, this is one of the desert I would recommend to try. Its a well balance of sour, bitter and sweet.

Renoma Cafe (66)

Among the woderfull dinner that I must say that Chef Alven Tan (Chef de Cuisine) right certainly know’s how to handle all the red meat that makes them every bite of it a awesome dish and Chef Amanda Lim (Chef Patisserie) have her creative side too.

Renoma Cafe (67)

And we got our limited edition Renoma mug that is perfect for my morning cup of coffee and tea. Loving it.

We all enjoy this dining experience, with its great food that the chef can handle, as much as picky as the rest its sure to impress and hope that both the chef’s can their standard. For a restaurant that operate less than 3 months to have such dish is good to impress. Certainly I will be returning more with other friends.

Renoma Cafe Gallery had fall into my recommended list with its overall service and food quality.

All pictures and video taken with Samsung NX 210 

Renoma Cafe Gallery
Lot 510 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2143-9919

Open: Sunday-Tuesday: 12.00pm to 11.00pm
Wednesday-Saturday: 12.00pm to 1.00am

Website here

I am excited as setting my foot for the first time in this restaurant Lai Poh Heen in Madarin Oriental. I have read many good feedback about this Chinese Restaurant and further more, one of my favourite chef is here, Chef Ricky Thein that I got to know him when he is in Prince Hotel Tai Zi Heen.

MO (1)

MO (2)

As you walk thru the main entrance, you will be greeted with friendly staff then follow by a huge open concept kitchen that the chefs are happily greeting along too.

MO (3)

Then you will reach this porch huge dining area that is well attended with  many of the waiter. It is a newly refurbish restaurant.

MO (4)

If you are in a group or need some private space, can request for their close door dining area.

MO (9)

As for this round, we are invited along to sample their mooncake creation for this year  2012

MO (5)

As I see the display that prepared for us, I just cant wait to sample any of those. It just look appetizing as mooncake is a once a year celebration and I always ended up eating alot.

MO (6)

The molding of Mandarin Oriental logo is so nice on the traditional mooncake.

MO (10)

If I got a chance to skip nutty mooncake I would just skip it, as I just do not prefer these nutty type, but the rest were enjoying every bite of this as they said its just lovely. Rich in ingredient and fragrant.

MO (11)

You may say I am classic yet I still prefer the classic Lotus paste with single yolk. Lotus paste is smooth, and I just love the skin texture as it  is a bit like smooth sand, and aromatic skin. Perfect!

Besides this, they do offer other classic mooncake too such as  white lotus paste, lotus paste with single yolk, lotus paste with double yolk, red bean and lotus paste with single yolk and diced chicken ham with almond.

MO (8)

MO (16)

pandan flavour mooncake & Durian mooncake – Back: Blueberries and grated coconut

For Durian snowskin, this is by far one of the best I have come across as they use D24 to make it along and it taste exactly like eating durian yet in chill version. – Recommended!

MO (7)

Jeng Jeng Jeng, this is by far the section that I am staring at the whole night. For the first time I come accross Chocolate mooncake!

MO (12)

Available in 4 different flavour and 4 if it looks very tempting and mouth watering.

MO (13)

Dark chocolate with star anise and red bean ganache

MO (14)

White chocolate with orange ganache and cream

Milk chocolate with peanut butter crunch If you give me 4 pieces of this, I would be very happy, as among the other 3 I prefer this more. I guess I am bias one side as I just love anything with peanut butter. Not too milky chocolate and the peanut butter just pair well. It just give you the feeling like you are eating Reese peanut chocolate.

MO (15)

Dark chocolate with salted caramel ganache

MO (17)

I just love double boil soup. As this was place infront of me, I can just smell the sweet scent of soup occupying the air as I quickly capture the picture and get a soup of it. It just taste awesome sweet as like how the smell occupying that instant moment. Imagine how good the soup would be that is filled with huge scallop and abalone that is juicy and chewy. It is something worth spending on this Double-boiled Abalone Soup with seasonal dried deluxe seafood and baby cabbage at RM 188.

MO (18)

Jasmine Tealeaf Smoked Chicken, chicken meat is soft and if flavourful with tea leaf flavour. Slight moist with the sauce that pair along and eat along with the garlic just make the whole taste more outstanding. @ RM38

MO (19)

Another eye opener as Crispy egg noodles with Assorted Seafood and Vegetables @ RM 48. Crab is succulent sweet with huge scallop and noodle been deep fried that store along with gravy.

MO (20)

something which might look simple to cook along yet Special seafood Fried Rice being cook evenly fragrant that filled with wok hei that makes every one enjoy every bite of it.  RM36

MO (21)

Durian pancake @ RM38 – for 3 pieces

MO (22)

One of the best pancake you can get around the area, as I gulp this whole big piece in one bite and let the aroma burst into my mouth. Strong taste of durian detected with a good quality durian being included as the meat, wrap along with thin fried egg slice then chilled along. Taste awesome!

As one desert just make our craving engine started, and every one just browse thru the desert menu on what to have. Guess what we order in the end. We ordered the whole desert menu. 😀

MO (23)

1) Chilled Mango Puree

2) Chilled Almond Bean Curd

MO (24)

Black Sesame Panna Cotta

MO (25)

Lemongrass Jelly

MO (26)

1) Warm Sweetened Red Bean Puree

2) Double Boiled Five Treasures

3) Hot Gingko Nut and Snow Fungus

MO (27)

Chinese Inpired Chocolate Coconut Dome

MO (32)
MO (28)

Double Boiled Sweetened Ginger Tea with Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Dumpling

MO (29)

Banana Split among so many desert, this is one of the best on my preference and something that worth ordering.  @ RM22

MO (30)

Coconut Pudding and Pea-shaped Green Tea Dumpling

MO (31)

Mango Pudding with Chocolate Twirl

In the end of the meal, we were all very satisfied and you can place your mooncake as the form above and do go for their Chocolate version, Snowskin Durian and classic lotus paste with single egg yolk.

Lai Po Heen Chinese Restaurant (Pork Free)
1st Floor, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel No.: +603-2179 8885
Website: www.mandarinoriental.com/kualalumpur/dining/restaurants/lai_po_heen/
Opening Hours: Lunch (12.00-2.30pm weekdays / 10.30am-2.30pm weekends), Dinner (7.00-10.30pm)
GPS Coordinates: N 3 09.360, E 101 42.700

Continuing my food hunt in Jakarta that my friend bring me along to a few nice places. One of it is this Paulaner Bräuhaus that I have heard my Indonesia friends talk about it alot last round and here am I, hunting for this place. It is located next to Grand Indonesia, right below Hotel Indonesia Kempinski.

beer houz (1)

Night landscape of the hotel is very nice with multi colored Led lighting around that  building that constantly changing colors. This are the main entrance to the restaurant.

beer houz (2)

For those of you who loves German food, this outlet certainly will impress you as it had emerge as Jakarta’s most popular German restaurant and micro-brewery for both visitors and locals.

beer houz (3)

As I step into the outlet, I am blown away as it looks like a classic mini beer factory and my friend told me that, it used to be a beer brewery that serve fresh beer to customers and due to some issue, it is no longer producing here.

beer houz (4)

Interior here are just so nice, that makes it a perfect place for friends and family to hang out.

beer houz (5)

This is what I mean that it used to be mini brewery with all the necessary tools are being install.

beer houz (6)

beer houz (7)

beer houz (8)

beer houz (9)

They have live band performing on weekends like Friday and Saturday.

beer houz (10)

beer houz (11)

Asparagus Soup @ RP65,000 is some how a bit tasteless.

beer houz (12)

Sausage Pork @ RP 90,000

beer houz (13)

Sausage pork is grill to perfection by maintaining its juiciness and its soft. Potato salad with pork ham if I am not mistaken that make it not too creamy and just to my liking.

beer houz (14)

In Indonesia, every one just love their food to be spicy and Heinz come out with Sambal Pedas.

beer houz (15)

Order the classic Paulaner and Mango flavour Paulaner beer. Girls would love the mango flavor beer as it have sweet after taste.

beer houz (17)

most of the staff here wore classic German clothing as I have seen in many of German restaurant.

beer houz (18)

This is another entrance to the restaurant or I would say the back way from the mall or hotel.

Overall, this place is certainly a great place to hang out and it is constantly full or pack with crowd over the weekend.

Paulaner Bräuhaus Jakarta
Hotel Indonesia Kempinski
Jakarta, Jl. MH Thamrin No.1,
10310 Jakarta

Tel.: +62 21 2358 3871

E-Mail: [email protected]

Opening Hours
Monday-Thursay: 11.30am – 0.30am
Friday/Saturday: 11.30am – 01.30am
Sunday: 11.30am – 0.30am

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