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#Throwback some of my memory last year where this outlet still emerge one of a better food that I have come across for serving breakfast or brunch. This brand Le Pain Quotidien (PQ) is founded in Brussels nearly 25 years ago, the Le Pain Quotidien brand of bakery-restaurants has spread its wing across the globe, from New York to London, Mexico City to Mumbai to Moscow, Istanbul to Tokyo to Sydney.

PQ (1)

Been walking pass this outlet a few times and constantly it is pack till our final day for the trip we head here to try out their food.

PQ (2)

PQ (3)

Love the outlet interior with its wooden concept that gives the feel like a home bakery and no doubt that they have great range of french patisserie and also delicious looking good desserts.

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PQ (7)

They are also well known with their jam that I bought 2 flavors back.

PQ (8)

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As you are seated, you will be serve with complimentary bread with a sampling of spreads of their best seller jam.

PQ (11)

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With the huge crazy bunch of foodie from both Malaysia and Singapore, this are the food damages that we have done. Nearly ordered 70% of the menu and I must say the food here is near to perfection that every single dish that is serve out not only on time but also on perfection of taste. Hard to find any error in there and service standard here is a whole new level if were to compare to Malaysia.

I would certainly recommend this place for brunch or lunch as they do serve great food. 


Le Pain Quotidien
Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

IHOP initially stand for International House of Pancake which is quite a well known joint from California,US. Being quite establish in the market since 1958, they have gain its popularity among many local diners since its penetration into the UAE market since 3 years ago.



Ambiance & décor is pretty straight forward where in one glance you will felt its a comfortable family-friendly place with its menu concentrated on pancakes and waffles.  



Being a Pancake House of course their specialty will be pancakes.



There is this flask sitting in nearly all the table. There is a reason for being there as it is empty. Upon ordering, it will be filled up and for this edition, its free flow. 


Coffee latte to kick start off with. Not too acidic yet just nice. Just too hot for me.


At first I was very curious on the small little jug placement on the side and till I read it it’s a IHOP signature sauce. Among the 4,, Old Fashioned is my top favourite as its quite a classic maple syrup. Other syrups and sauces are available too for their savoury version.



Love their lemonade as its thirst quencher . 


This is our first day and my pair partner is Sean. We ordered quite alot for us to test on the food.

To kick start for pancake stacks, we were advise to try on their classic original to see the differences of it. Indeed, its fluffy and bouncy and can be stayed at that condition for 30 minutes. Impressive. 


Next is this New York Cheeze Cake Pancake @ Dhs 42. Built with layers of cheese in between where you can get the sweetness of strawberry and the jam yet to pair with mild salty from cheese to balance it up. Just perfect.

Something which is rather new to me is Chicken & Waffle @ Dhs 45. Never had this combo therefore could not really get into my brand. However, do eat it spate then will be pretty good, as the waffle can par with their own in house waffle.


Next there is something quite unusual is the Breakfast Sampler @ AED 46. Love their hash brown series, as its more like a slices of potato being pan fried together. Serve with veal sausage and egg.


When comes to omelette, this is not our ordinary omelettes as this Beef Bacon Temptation Omellete is serve pretty huge. Rich and punch with flavors of cheese yet its quite addictive, quite generous with its ingredients too. @ Dhs 46


Next if you like something healthy, then Chicken Fajita Omellete. Its not a bad dish as you get the strong flavour of spinach and the cream cheese to balance it up.


Move on next, we got ourselves a savoury crepe stuffed with scrambled eggs, spinach, Swiss cheese, mushrooms & onions, topped with hollandaise sauce and diced tomatoes is not bad. @ Dhs45


Simply Stake Staker @ Dhs 44 is a food what we thought a disaster by its look turns out to be something impressive. Steak slices do look overcook however upon eating eat, the flavour of melted cheeze that cover with its meat yet cook to perfection is something that would could not ask for more.


There is nothing to shout about for their Beef Burger @ Dhs44, since their pancakes and waffle have won our hearts over. 


Its a pleasure to meet Sean in person finally and I must say, if this hits Malaysia, other cafe with Panckes and Waffles do watch out. Its by far one of the best that I have come across.

IHOP – International House of Pancakes
Dubai Emirates Mall
Near Food Court, Level 1,
Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

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