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Heineken Ibiza Final


To football fans out there, I am sure that many of you knowing that its coming to end of the season and also means that many of the international league along side with great competition like Champions League is coming to an end too. With top club battling for the top spot, as Heineken is launching of its ‘Heineken Ibiza Final’ campaign to celebrate its seventh consecutive year sponsoring the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

This year, Heineken takes its campaign a notch higher by rewarding its fans with the chance to watch the screening of the UCL finals in the world’s party capital – Ibiza, Spain. Moving beyond just a viewing event, Heineken Ibiza Final is set to bring together the best of football and the best of music in one spectacular night to create an unbelievable VIP experience.

Fans are encouraged to engage with the Heineken Ibiza Final campaign via social media activity or from on-pack and in-bar to be one step closer to this incredible once in a lifetime prize. As the campaign reaches its climax, fans will then have to display their skills through a combination of charm, imagination and inventiveness to be rewarded with this ultimate football experience.

Jessie Chuah, Marketing Manager of Heineken Malaysia said, “We want our consumers to really engage with the brand and the campaign, and ultimately, to enjoy watching the UCL final in a uniquely Heineken way. This year, we are very excited to offer them the opportunity to celebrate the legendary moments of football’s greatest final with Heineken at a very exotic location; Ibiza, Spain.”

“Seven years on and we still feel immensely proud that the world’s most prestigious club football tournament, the UEFA Champions League, is sponsored by the world’s most international beer brand, Heineken. This year’s campaign has plenty of excitement, with a few surprises along the way, so we really do hope consumers enjoy the ‘Heineken Ibiza Final’ campaign as much as we have when we developed it,” she concluded.

The Heineken Ibiza Final campaign will go live from 1 – 20 April 2013 online at Heineken’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Heineken) and at all participating Heineken outlets in Malaysia.

Tiger year had been a roaring year and a lot of people are taking advantage on this very great year. Most of the friends that I know they had a great start and with the year of tiger that associate with the brand Tiger Beer, they had take this advantage to launch their latest beer ‘Tiger Crystal’ at one of the well known place, SKY Bar.


An open concept area that makes us very comfortable and enjoying a great scene that overlook well lit up KLCC during the night.

Tiger (2)

Most people would choose to be seated in this sofa area for the great view. Either you have to go very early or you would be seated some where else.

Tiger (3)

Tiger (4)

The all new Tiger Crystal drinking lager is brewed with all-natural ingredients using the unique Cold Suspension brewing process. This proprietary technique filters the beer at a crystal cold temperature of -1 degree Celsius to lock in the most desirable flavors and aromas inherent in Tiger Beer, whilst providing a refreshingly crisp new sensation for all drinkers.

Tiger (6)

I just love my glass of Tiger Crystal beer with the first sip down you can taste the fresh aromatic taste(something like barley) yet it is very mild and very refreshing and what we feel that girls gonna love it.

Tiger (8)

In the hot weather like this, me, Coco and Derek are enjoying ourselves with the compliment beer from Guinness Anchor.

Tiger (9)

Mark Jenner, Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad gives a simple speech and officate the event that aiming to continue to give our loyal consumers unbeatable new experiences.

Tiger (10)

With Tiger Beer marking their new range of beer. . . .

Tiger (13)

Mark Jenner, Marketing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad, Sean Koh, Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer and Charles Ireland, Managing Director of Guinness Anchor Berhad kampai with every one to the launch of the all-new, limited edition Tiger Crystal.

Tiger (14)

Me and the tiger crystal girls.

Tiger (15)

The Tiger Crystal girls were certainly dressed to match the cool, clean, minimalist lines of the Tiger Crystal bottle.

Tiger (16)

Me and Alicia one of a great photographer too.

Tiger (17)

Finger foods were serving and till this very cotton candy seriously caught my attention which was put on a LV cosmetic look box. Wish to have it, as it looks so classic pale wooden colour.

Tiger (18)

After a few hours and a lot of drinking, we felt like we are moving into another dimension by the play of visual playing of lights.

Tiger (19)

Tiger (20)

Tiger (21)

Tiger (22)

Tiger (23)

Tiger (25)

And of course not to be miss is a group picture that all of us cannot deny that we had a great time in the event, (front row L-R) Derek, Thomas, Alicia, Coco, Wilson, Joshua, Me and the rest of the great crowd from Europe, all thanks to GAB.

Tiger (26)

only now I am in lurve with their new Tiger Crystal, for more information check out their website – http://www.tigerbeer.com.my/

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