I find this piece of news is rather interesting as never knew that McDonalds over sea is using different approach. Collaboration is my of my all time favorite marketing tool to enhance both brand publicity by riding over 2 brand audiences. One of the latest news I read is, McDonald’s x Nicholas Tse in Hong Kong with previous successful collaboration last year in China and also this year they are adding in star chef Ramón Freire to launch limited signature crafted burgers over China. Each star created one special burger and named after himself.

McDonald’s Collaboration with Nicholas Tse in China (2)

picture source from: www.facebook.com/FokMani

The collaboration with McD started in China last year for a special menu of burgers and desserts. As for this round, this special menu will be extended to Hong Kong and most of them are getting excited over this.

Check out the video promo below:

Abit of Nicholas Tse if you guys are not sure who is he. He is one of super star in Hong Kong and with over recent years, Nicholas Tse’s (謝霆鋒) have then move towards hosting his own reality show Chef Nic <十二道鋒味> and has established his own brand of cookies. He also move around the world to taste some great food along to challenged chefs to culinary duels in the show: Celebrity Chef: East Meets West.

McDonald’s Collaboration with Nicholas Tse in China (4)

picture source from: www.facebook.com/FokMani

McDonald’s Collaboration with Nicholas Tse in China (1)

picture source from: www.facebook.com/FokMani

So those of you travelling to Hong Kong within this short period like Oct or November, I think you will get a chance to find it at McDonalds Signature Hong Kong.

Another video of him in McDonalds. (click here)

Every year, some of my friend are looking forward for their prosperity set from McDonalds . This special limited edition burger had gain its popularity since 1994 and capture some of its loyal fans throughout the years. This limited edition burger is also only available in Malaysia back in those days and not only that, it has been so successful that countries like Singapore and Hong Kong have followed suit, serving the McDonald’s Prosperity Burger in its restaurants to a growing number of fans around the region.


The McDonald’s Prosperity Burger consists of meat patty made with 100% beef. Dipped in a signature black pepper sauce layered with crunchy slivered onions and tucked in warm sesame bread, all it takes is a single bite to discover the great taste of the McDonald’s Prosperity Burger. Also, complete your prosperous meal with the deliciously seasoned Twister Fries and the refreshing Prosperity McFizz. McDonald’s Prosperity Burger is available for a limited time only, from 26th November 2012 to 17th February 2013.


Every year, comes to any big festive season, its actually time to give back some to the community known as ‘Prosperity Gives Back’ . As for this year, which is the 3rd year and in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of the Prosperity Burger, the prime franchise in Malaysia is dedicating 19th and 20th January 2013 to raise proceeds for more than 60 local charity homes.

Not only that, the word ‘PROSPERITY’ stands for 10 values that McDonald’s holds dear, ” Happiness, Friendship, Love, Satisfaction, Peace, Abundance, Sharing, Family, Affection and Joy”. Prosperity Gives Back marks the first 2013 community initiative by McDonald’s to touch as many lives, as far reaching as possible across the nation. On these 2 days, RM1 will be donated to the ‘Prosperity Gives Back’ campaign with every purchase of a Prosperity Meal.

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Nicholas Ong, radio announcer of OneFM; Melati Abdul Hai, Head of Marketing for McDonald’s Malaysia; Phat Fabes, radio announcer of FlyFM; Sarah Casanova, Managing Director of McDonald’s Malaysia and Regional Manager of McDonald’s Malaysia & Singapore, Leya, radio announcer of HotFM

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The campaign comes with a  huge success that help many of the center.

“Thanks to a generous donation from McDonald’s Prosperity Gives Back program, we were able to settle a significant portion of our expenses including the deposit and rent for our premises, at a time when we were in a desperate need for funds. This timely contribution ensured that the folks under my care continued to have a place where they could call home,” said Norma Safa, caretaker of Nur Home for the Disabled.

Log on to www.mymcd.com.my/prosperity to read stories of true ‘PROSPERITY’ shared by our fellow Malaysians.

Find out more about McDonald’s Prosperity Gives Back Campaign and the Prosperity Burger on http://www.facebook.com/My.McDonalds

Be part of the Prosperity Gives Back movement on the 19th and 20th January by purchasing your favourite peppery treat at the nearest McDonald’s counter.

I will be there at Kota Damansara Outlet. See you on the date if any of you pop by.

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