Starting my wine tour in Yarra Valley as time is pretty limited, I was highly introduce to visit this 3 wineyard from the 2 ladies at Tourist information center in the City. Of course Domaine Chandon is in my list to visit along with their recommendations is a plus to be top in the list.

Chandon (2)

How I got to know about this brand is during my first wine tasting about a few months ago before I flow off to Melbourne on mid Aug 2015- Dan Buckle that was hosting the new range of Chandon for the lunch pairing. (click here)

Chandon (3)

It was a bright sunny winter with temperature at 16 degree which is just perfect for a road trip.

At the entrance driving into the wineyard, is filled with with tress that are bold for winter season where you will reach a huge carpark after minutes driving into the property.

I got excited when walking towards their main entrance as love this classy  old English Classic house.

Chandon (4)

As walking into their show room, you are greeted with all their product labels and history.

Chandon (5)

Chandon (6)

Chandon (7)

and with your self discovery around the area, where it is a open tour, you can walk by yourself as it is filled with all the information you need at each station.

Chandon (8)

I love this walkway where modern meet classic.

Chandon (9)

At the far end right after the mini tour, you will reach their shop and also wine tasting session is also available at the bar.

Chandon (10)

There is a minimal charges for wine tasting and the list is pretty interesting.

Chandon (11)

Chandon (13)

Chandon (14)

Chandon (15)

Chandon (16)

Chandon (17)

For their restaurant, I am definately in for their seating nearby the window that overlook the wineyard.

Chandon (18)

Chandon (19)

Chandon (20)

Sitting outside here with a glass of wine, and overlook the entire wineyard with cool breeze blowing is just relaxing. I do not mind to glue myself in this area for 2-3 hours.

Chandon (21)

Chandon (22)

Chandon (23)

Chandon (24)
Chandon (25)

After finishing the whole experience, indeed it will be a great place for pre-wedding shoot or even host a wedding lunch here. Before we head off, we bought a few bottles back which is only available in this wineyard.

Indeed one of a few best wineyard to visit. You can visit their website for more info – Chandon

727 Maroondah Hwy,
Coldstream VIC 3770, Australia
Phone:+61 3 9738 9200

Open Daily: 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Coffee places in Melbourne is crazy. I have been hunting quite number of outlets and on my last day there are a few friends and also instagramers that I must check this place out as many rate them as one of their favourite. The visit did pay off as this small little outlet – Market Lane Coffee that sits directly next to Queen Victoria Market or if you can locate MacD, then you are at the right place as it is the same stretch heading to QVM.

Market Lane Coffee (3)

Got to know that Market Lane is another specialty coffee roastery, cafe, and retailer, that is born and based in Melbourne.

Market Lane Coffee (2)

It is a rather small outlet where most of the people are here for take away.

Market Lane Coffee (4)

Market Lane Coffee (5)

Some bites for you to take away which is only at their cashier counter.

Market Lane Coffee (6)

There are a few seats available behind their coffee counter for a quick chat while finishing your drinks. Seats are extremely limited.

Market Lane Coffee (7)

Market Lane Coffee (8)

For usual, my order will be latte @ Aud 4 and all the sugars and sugar syrup is available upon their exit counter. For coffee lovers who love strong robust flavours, with average acidic end, this would certainly one of your favourite area.

For Malaysians, to me it is more like ‘Kopi Kau’ which I believe many of you are heavy taste bud coffee lovers.

Market Lane Coffee (9)

Market Lane Coffee @ Therry Street

109-111 Therry Street

Opening Hours

Sun 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Fri to Sat 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
Mon to Thu 7:00 am – 3:00 pm

When I was doing my research for which cafe to hunt for, Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee is one of a search results that constantly pop out. Asked my friend is it worth to try it and their response was, they were once very good, since then their quality drop. However traveller like me still worth to visit once.

7th Seeds (1)

Oh well, still pay a visit to them after brunch at Three Bags Full. Love all the cafe concept here as it do look like a dead place and upon entering the door, you will be greeted with bustling noises.

7th Seeds (2)

Another impressive interior coffee place. Really love their design and Seven Seeds is actually one of a roasters.

7th Seeds (3)

7th Seeds (4)

Again, waiting in queue is necessary as it easily takes about 10-30 minutes, depending on your luck of arriving on that period of time. We were lucky as we got our spot for less than 10 minutes.


7th Seeds (5)

7th Seeds (6)

Love the little shelf that sits at the cashier area for you to choose from.

7th Seeds (7)

Click here for their food menu 

7th Seeds (9)

Was told that at time they have coffee tasting. .

7th Seeds (10)

Tried out their latte and  long black. Slightly more acidic as not really my type of coffee for me.


7th Seeds (11)

Latte @ AUD 4


7th Seeds (12)

What stood out is their Mork Hot Chocolate @ Aud 4.50 as this is my first time to come across such combination where they add in a long piece of chocolate for it to melt.

7th Seeds (13)

Super full from brunch and still feel like ordering another dish which is their 24 hours slowed cook goat shoulder yellow curry with roasted cauliflower and roti bread. @ Aud 18. Great combination of curry as can taste the spices of it, not too spicy which I think the locals will accept it and its a pretty decent portion too.


7th Seeds (14)

Its great to see some of my friends here after 10 years and also brining me around for great food and cafe hoping.

Like they said, Seven Seeds is worth to visit once as I love their another concept at Docklands.

Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee
106-114 Berkeley St,
Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Phone:+61 3 9347 8664

Operating Hours:
Mon – Sat 7am – 5pm
Sunday 8am – 5pm
Kitchen Closes at 3pm daily

Tug in this quiet neighbourhood of Abbotsford, sits quietly in this tall pretty red brick building actually house one of a pretty well know cafe – Three Bags Full.

3 Bags Full (1)

Finding a carpark spot here is pretty easy as there are plenty of them. It looks pretty quiet around the area as upon entering the door, you will be entering into this bustling cafe.

3 Bags Full (2)

Love the ambiance of this cafe as it do feel like a maze to me as they have another 2 more section to the right upon entering.

3 Bags Full (3)

Another far right end upon entering, they have set up another cafe area which shelves and long table along with bar seating style that facing out. In the middle room, its more like a private section room where a huge table that can easily sits 10 pax.

3 Bags Full (4)

3 Bags Full (5)

3 Bags Full (6)

3 Bags Full (7)

3 Bags Full (8)

They do have merchandise too.

3 Bags Full (9)

Do put your name in the waiting list or through the waiter to get a spot as this is quite a busy cafe.

3 Bags Full (10)

3 Bags Full (11)

Price is pretty decent as per compare to some of the cafe’s that I have visited.

3 Bags Full (12)

Coffee is pretty good as I like coffee which is not too acidic.

3 Bags Full (13)

Fresh Juices are pretty solid as one is with Carrot, beetroot, lemon & Ginger –  I find it too healthy for me and Passion Fruit and watermelon is very refreshing. @ AUD 7.50

3 Bags Full (14)

Ricotta Hotcakes is at Aud 16.50, serve in pretty big portion. Orange infused marscapone, mulled wine poached fruit, roasted almon flakes, lemon verbena & crystallised white chocolate. Nicely presented as it top with fresh ingredients, Set back is too many sugar cubes that makes me kinda sugar rush.

3 Bags Full (15)

This is their house special of the day as I could not remember what is the name of it. Its a great selection as we have two portion of this and every one finish it pretty fast.

3 Bags Full (16)

Other interesting combination will be Beetroot Cured Salmon @ AUD 18.50 with corn fritter, avocado, rocket, dill sour cream & lemon. First bite to me is quite weird as never have such flavour combination as a few more bites, it is a pretty interesting and well balance dish. 

3 Bags Full (17)

This Benedict is slightly different as per compare what we have in KL. Poached egg on toast, hollandaise, herbs & ham @ Aud 16.50

Three Bags Full
60 Nicholson St, Abbotsford 3067

Tel: 03 9421 2732

Operating Hours:
Mon-Fri 7am-4pm
Sat-Sun 8am-4pm

My food hunt indeed went to an interesting range that originally wanted to make a reservation at Estelle (now had change to Estelle Bistro) which the kitchen this young chap is part of the team by Young Chef of the Year 2015 – Josh Pelham, also was one of the guest chef in Masterchef Australia 2015 and did not even realise that my best friend Enmi found out that they have new section which is Estelle by Scott Pickett (another new section which establish not that long that lead by chef Scott Pickett himself which he got nominated as Chef of the Year 2014). What got her excited is that they got degustation menu under his belt.

The seven-course degustation-only menu is $130 with an option Wine Pairing. . I am not going to elaborate much about the food as their menu do change from time to time (which I realise the menu I dine and now – September and I look at their website, the menu had changed.)

Estelle (2)

Estelle is more like a casual modern dining in Northcote neighbourhood and neither did I know that Scott Pickett by Estelle is just next door that totally will transport you into whole new dimension.

Estelle (1)

Walking into a fine dining restaurant that you do feel it is a contemporary fine dining restaurant with its dim lighting and best of all they have open concept kitchen with bar seating. 

Estelle (3)

Estelle (4)

Estelle (5)

Estelle (6)

For starter, you will be serve with 2 version of their homemade bread that is serve fresh from the oven along with their homemade butter. 

Estelle (7)

Estelle (8)

Their ham bread is amazing, aromatic, warm and I do not mind to have a few more. 

Estelle (9)

Estelle (11)

Chef Scott Pickett leading the kitchen for tonight degustation menu and also surprise to see Chef Josh Pelham along in this kitchen. To me it is like 2 super star in one kitchen and what can you expect? Good food to come along the night.

Estelle (10)

Estelle (12)

Estelle (13)

Estelle (14)

Was told that they specially crafted their cutleries with an E in their utensils. 

Estelle (15)

Estelle (16)

Estelle (17)

Estelle (18)

All the chef that pay attention to each details of the meals is quite impressive by using different kind of cutleries to do all the necessary platting. 

Estelle (19)

Then for each dish, the chef in charge will introduce the dish to us and explain what is in it.

Estelle (20)

Estelle (21)

Estelle (22)

Estelle (23)

I am not too sure if this blue cheeze platter with poached pear is offer in the degustation new menu and however this is a bomb. Love their cheeze which is aromatic, not too thick cut yet the middle is with blue cheeze which is not that strong in taste to pair along with their fresh home made biscuiti .

Estelle (24)

Estelle (25)

Estelle (26)

Estelle (27)

Palate cleanser with a hint of chili at the end. Indeed refreshing and interesting flavours.

Estelle (28)

One of the best desserts in my Melbourne trip by far. 

Estelle (29)

Estelle (30)

Estelle (31)

Estelle (32)

Estelle (34)

Manage to take picture with Chef Josh Pelham

It was exciting to see both chef in action and got serve by Chef Josh Pelham himself is indeed amazing. Glad that my best friend book this place which I have to thank her.

Its a great restaurant to hunt for and indeed lift my expectation on both of them with amazing presentation of food and food quality is there. I wish that their bar seating dining could be slightly more spacious as it was too tight and hard to eat at times with the server need to pour drinks that I literally have to squeeze myself some space for them.

However AUD130 is well spent and if got the chance I would certainly love to be back.

Estelle by Scott Pickett (ESP)
245 High Street, Northcote, VIC
Website: http://estellebysp.com
Contact: (03) 9489 4609
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday evenings from 6pm til late; Friday noon-3pm.

It was a few more nights before I fly back to my home country after 2 weeks in Australia with one of a group of friends to meet, they were on fire as for dinner they brought me to a well known Kebab place which I will blog about it soon and after that it was a gelato attack Pidapipo Gelateria and where we hunt down 3 Gelato joint in Lygon Street.

Pidapipo (1)

I was told that there were several hype for gelato and the latest one is Pidapipo which some of them rate on of the best Gelato in Melbourne at the moment. Track back on it, Pidapipo is known for their authentic Italian style gelato with its silky smooth base that you could not really resist.

Pidapipo (2)

There is a long queue for this too and average waiting time is about 15-30 minutes depending on customers pace. You will have customer tasting on their flavours and some are undecided that make up this long waiting time.

Pidapipo (3)

Outlet is rather small as they only have 2 small tables inside and another 5-7 more tables outside the outlet.Pidapipo (4)

They have pretty good selection from Milk base to dairy free which is fruit base. Price are very reasonable too considering on the portion that they are serving.

Pidapipo (5)Pidapipo (6)

Pidapipo (7)

Pidapipo (8)

What I got here is Bacio & Mint Chocolate Rice and another cup is Hazelnut & Passion Fruit. Indeed that their Gelato is super silky smooth, creamy for milk base and no doubt is pretty good. Their Fruit base is definitely impressive. Will be a perfect selection for spring onwards as its so refreshing and passion fruit taste is pretty strong, just like eating the fruit itself.

Pidapipo (9)

Its great to meet up with them Brian & Sally whom are food lovers. Thanks for bringing me around and shall see you guys soon again.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8/10 , nice for a silky smooth gelato. Recommended! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk

Pidapipo Gelateria
299 Lygon St,
Carlton VIC 3053, Australia
Phone:+61 3 9347 4596
Hours: Open today · 12:00 – 11:00 pm

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