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Mid-Autumn Festival is the festive season where families, friends and loved ones gather to celebrate the moments of unity and happiness. The Westin Kuala Lumpur presents a range of whimsical mooncakes under the theme of YUÈ this celebrative season, transporting individuals back to the old world charm of lunar worship and the end of summer harvesting celebration.

Featuring 7 delightful varieties of traditional baked skin mooncakes, guests can satisfy their sweet tooth with all-time favorites such as Lotus Pandan, Pearl of Prosperity, Signature Supreme Mixed Nuts and Red Bean Paste.

For the health-conscious consumers, light and delicious Low Sugar Plain White Lotus Paste, Low Sugar Plain White Lotus with Single Yolk and Charcoal Precious Black are included in the list to liven up the selection of Westin mooncakes.

The special mention among the mooncake selections will have to go to the bold-flavored Mini Snow Skin Pure Musang King specially curated for durian lovers. Being the premium grade of durian, guests will savor 100% Musang King as they bite into this delectable delicacy.

The Westin KL - YUE Mooncake Gift Set (3)


Typically offered between families, friends and colleagues, Westin Mooncakes packaged in unique and bespoke gift boxes make perfect gifts during this euphonic season of love and laughter.

Designed with the concept of reminiscing old times, the elegant YUÈ Mooncake gift box is presented in 2 distinctive traditional outlooks with a modern twist. Regardless of the genre one prefers, music always work wonder as a therapeutic time machine and bring sweet memories back. YUÈ refers to the phonetic symbols for delight, music and moon, this multi-functional gift box comes incorporated with a set of Bluetooth speaker, allowing customers to play their preferred tracks as they relish on the exquisite Westin mooncakes.

The Westin KL - YUE Mooncake Gift Set (2)


Due to great reception received for Westin’s BLOOM Mooncake gift box last year, The Westin Kuala Lumpur is introducing the interactive gift box as Westin Collectibles. BLOOM Mooncake gift box by Westin is a dual usage storage unit that comes with an integrated potting container. Each purchase of BLOOM Mooncake set is complemented with a DIY terrarium kit and user-friendly planting instructions. This allows customers to turn the gift box into a lovely potted plant with storage compartments, making the box an attractive and practical home decorative item. The BLOOM Mooncake gift box is designed with the customers’ wellness in mind, understanding that indoor plant brings a great number of physical and mental health benefits such as easing breathe, purifying air, improving one’s memories and many more.

The Westin KL - YUE Mooncake Gift Set (1)


Westin Mooncakes are available for order from 01 August till 04 October 2017. The YUÈ Mooncake gift boxes and Westin Collectibles BLOOM boxes are offered at very attractive prices, starting from as low as RM 138.00nett per set. Patrons are able to select any of the 4 flavours to make up the purchase of a gift box.

YUÈ Mooncake Gift Box

Baked Skin Flavours                              RM 168.00nett per set of 4

Mini Snow Skin Pure Musang King    RM 240.00nett per set of 4

Westin Collectibles BLOOM Gift Box

Baked Skin Flavours                               RM 138.00nett per set of 4

Mini Snow Skin Pure Musang King    RM 210.00nett per set of 4

Westin Mooncakes can be picked up from Five Sen5es (Level 1) from 01 September 2017 onwards between 10.00am to 10.00pm daily.

Enticing Discounts

  • Starwood Preferred Guests (SPG) and Beyond Dining members receive 10% discount for YUÈ Mooncake gift box and 15% for Westin Collectibles BLOOM Mooncake gift box during the promotional period.
  • Free delivery for purchases of 30 boxes and above to one destination within the Klang Valley area.
  • Bulk purchasers for Westin Collectibles BLOOM Mooncake gift box enjoy:
    • 10% savings for purchasing 25 to 50 boxes
    • 15% savings for purchasing 51 to 100 boxes
    • 20% savings for purchasing 101 to 150 boxes
    • 25% savings for purchasing 151 to 200 boxes
    • 30% savings for purchasing above 201 boxes

*Prices are inclusive of 6% GST and discounts are not accumulative, higher value of discount will be accorded if two or more discounts are applicable.

To book your mooncake gift boxes or for further enquiries, call 03-2773 8338 or email [email protected]

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