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Those of you in Mid Valley, Meet Chuck Two Sons which is a new establishment from the folks who bring you classic recipe at Sri Melaka. First of all, to clarify that they are not Two Sons Bistro at Publika (which I thought they are). An outlet that sits at the far end corner that makes them a hidden gem at Mid Valley or located next to Brotzeit that brings you good food from the Northen region. Their cooking method brings me a good childhood memory taste as it is very much similiar to my grandma kampung cooking style.

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An outlet that is design to bring you some nostalgic feeling yet with a modern classic touch. A private room that is able to cater for private dining or even to host a meeting at its own private space as it is covered with red velvet curtain.

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A menu that I would certainly come back to try out other items.

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Best of all, their Penang Fried Char Koey Teow @ is top with lots of pork lard that is freshly fried. Crispy inside out and would love mine to be slightly more spicy. Best if the “wok Hei” is there and after gave feedback to the owner, only relise that their kitchen is build to mall safety procedure that give this dish a little set back. However, still a nice plate of CKT but price might be slightly too steep.

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Jeng jeng jeng, this is one of my favourite for the night as if you Penangnites do remember a famous Laksa stall that sells, Penang Laksa and Nyonya laksa at Pulau Tikus Market during night which the old auntie no longer selling it few years back that I have been hunting it a while and now its surfacing up again. Penang Nyonya Laksa is slightly different from others where it is slightly Thai version infuse. In Chuck Two Sons, have bought over the recipe from the auntie and still maintain the flavor as it is and top up some crab meat into it to make it slightly fragrant and sweater. Crab Laksa @ RM 23. Recommended!

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Rice lover, you might not want to miss this as this is highly recommended – Tau Yew Bak is amazingly good, with the soy gravy base is watery enough to make my rice banjir yet not too salty as it is pack with 5 spices powder that is not over powering and the meat is just right at tender and juicy with fatty parts in between. A classic dish that I miss alot as this brings back a good childhood memory taste. @ RM 35.50

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Nyonya Lobak @ RM 12 for 2. Love the skin of loh bak as the skin is very different and found out that the skin is brought down weekly all the way from Penang with a traditional method of making the skin.

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Salted Fish Stewed Pork @ RM 35 is another type of dish that will goes well with rice. Aroma of salted fish is just right that did not over power the whole pot of it, yet strong enough to goes well with the pork.

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Something aromatic to nibble or as a dish also could hit on Salted Egg Sotong @ RM 30. Fried to perfection that the gravy is well coated onto the squid.

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Asam Fish Siakap is one of their signature as the fresh is fresh, top with northern nyonya cooking style as the gravy is not too watery, pack with spices flavour, sourish enough to my liking with a nice mild spicy end. A bowl of rice is the perfect companion. @price is at market rate. 

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For their Ice Kacang is actually a Penang ABC version that I have come across that quite similiar to the one famous in Penang, Bukit Mertajam area.

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For some simple finishing, Sago is the best of all. Just some coconut milk, sago and their signature Gula Melaka to die for!

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For beer they have one of my favourite boutique beer – Little Creature and another unique craft beer from Kyoto which is have a really interesting profile.

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Those of you who are working there, I am definately envy at you as they do offer great set lunch that you guys should not miss.

If you are willing to pay slightly more for a classic homecook meal in a mall, Chuck Two Sons is definately one of a place that you should hit on. Most of their ingredients are transported from Penang to maintain its classic cooking style and method.

Chuck Two Sons
G- E020, Ground Floor,
Mid Valley Mall, 75 Lingkaran Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(Beside Brotzeit)

Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM daily

Contact: 03-2282 8668

Delifrance, is one of a brand that I get to know when I was a kid. Till now, the brand had evolve according to market demand and one of their latest direction that have change to become more contemporary concept that newly open to public bout a month back for thier Mid Valley Outlet.

updated: No longer in operations

Delifrance (1)

Delifrance (2)


Delifrance (3)

Their Garlic bread is toast fresh and it smells really good. Serve along with soup of the day.

Delifrance (4)

Fresh bread are being prepare and serve daily. Even change on their menu with new introduction of pastry & bread range.

Delifrance (5)

Delifrance (6)

Delifrance (7)

 Fresh bread for you to grab on the go too.

Delifrance (8)

 Crowd are rather impressive with their new design. .

Delifrance (9)

 In their new menu also introduce some main course for people to dine in now.

Delifrance (10)

One that really caught our attention is their fresh Mushroom Soup serve with one slice of fresh garlic toast. Rather impressive with the quality of mushroom soup that is blended with a few types of mushroom, aromatic and slightly thick to my likings. NOt to be miss if you are in here.

Delifrance (11)

Love the fragrance of Duck Confit and if I have a piece of fresh toast bread to input along would be a perfect combo for me. Always can side order to pair along. Sauce is light and mash potato is just nice.

Delifrance (12)

 Lobster Bisque @ RM 11.90. Taste is pretty salty to my liking.

Delifrance (13)

 Aglio Alio @ Rm 14.90

Delifrance (15)

Another Item that I find it pretty good is their Lasagna @ RM 13.90, cheeze been bake till its slightly hard on the top yet when you scoop it will have the cheezy pulling effect. Tomato base is slightly sour that pairs well with the mince meat and I guess its another item that worth for you to try.

Delifrance (16)

 Braised Lamb Shank is not bad as the meat is soft and gravy is just mild for me. @ RM 34.90

Delifrance (17)

If you are looking for a quick meal, here is not a bad option with Mushroom soup and bread . . .


LG-052, LG Floor,
Mid Valley Megamall,
LT 397, Mukim Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: 03 2284 5658

Been to Mid Valley very often, as I did not notice there is O’Briens Sandwich shop available here too. Friends told me that they have just started operation a few months back, as one of the reason without knowing it that I rarely walk over to Jusco wing as usually I walk around center court or the GSC wing.

o'brian (1)

Being a sandwich lover, there are a few brands that I occasionally hunt for, and O’Brien is definately in my list as often dine in their 1-U branch.

o'brian (2)

O’briens Irish Sandwich Cafe, well known as highly branded lifestyle chain cafe for their healthy and freshly made to order sandwiches, salads, wrappos, soups, freshly squizzed juices, refreshing smoothies, gourmet coffees, cakes, Irish snacks and outside catering platters. . No doubt that they serve good sandwiches . . .

o'brian (3)

They have drinks counter for you to choose from if you do not find anything interesting here, you can always order from the menu available with fresh juices and smoothies in the list.

o'brian (4)

Its rather simple, you can pick and choose what is available from the menu or you feel like you want to customize your own sandwich it is also available. Besides that they have this sandwich counter is for you to see that they sandwich is made fresh and on the spot.

o'brian (5)

o'brian (6)

o'brian (7)

o'brian (8)

Hygine in making sandwich is a must as all the staff wearing plastic gloves to prepare it and only used once.

o'brian (9)

 Looking at my favorite sandwich being prepared, Triple Decker with the first layer done . .

o'brian (12)

topping in another layer and can you see how generous the ingredient they are giving. .

o'brian (13)

To start off with our healthy diet for the day, Classic Caesar Salad is the first came by and its quite a huge bowl by being charge at RM16.00. Its rich with ingredients and you can see the amount of chicken cutlets, chicken crisp, crouton, olive, mixed leaves and shower with homemade caesar dressing is just a great way to start off the meal. Of course this is shared.

o'brian (14)

My all time favourite – Chicken Tripledecker @  RM 18.80 – Recommended!

o'brian (15)

Do not  look down on the size of the sandwich and I did it before and end up could not finish the sandwich, as when eating the 3rd piece I am pretty filled up already. Its a wholemeal bread toasted filled with white lean chicken meat and brown chicken crisp on the upper deck and another layer is filled with lettuce, cheddar cheese, red onion, mixed peppers, coleslaw and tomato.

o'brian (16)

Hot Chicken Slice and Cheddar Cheese Shambo RM15.80

o'brian (17)

I found new love for this sandwich with its bread is super soft, simple in taste that top with just cheeze, and ham. I just finish the whole piece by myself. Along the way I got inform by my friend as he explains to me that Shambo here refers to the shamrock shaped foccacia bread. Simply because shamrock (three-leafed old white clover) symbolises Ireland, as that is how the bread shape is created.

o'brian (19)

Chicken, Chicken Crisp and Cheddar Wrappo – onions, capsicums, chicken meats, crispy chicken chips, tomato and cheese. @ RM 16.50 

o'brian (20)

Soup of the day – Cream of Mushroom @ RM 6.50

By the end of the night, I am really full with all this great sandwiches, and well, it had been a while that O’Brien is in my list for sandwich whenever I crave for it.

For those of you that are lazy, now they also do offer delivery service within the vicinity of O’Briens outlets.

O’briens Irish Sandwich Cafe
LG-030 and 031,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : +6 03 – 2282 5423

Call for Delivery : 1300 30 3000
Website : www.obriens.com.my

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