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Healthy eating? What comes into your mind? Modern will say poke bowl. Older generation will say vegetarian. Well, both is also healthy for me. Another will be this Purple Cane Tea Cuisine in the Gardens, Mid Valley, which is one of my favourite restaurants. a restaurant cooking is infused with Tea. Not only that, trying to cater to a bigger market, it is Pork Free restaurant that they do not sell pork and beef.

With the festive season of Mid Autumn is just around the corner, celebrating this The Big, Bright and Beautiful Moon 《圓月溜溜》 Delivering a Plate Filled with the Gift of Fullness and Serenity.

mid valley

one of their moving item is also their HALAL mooncake which is love by many races. Prominents tea flavour which is not sweet yet flavourful.

Purple Cane (3)

Purple Cane (4)

Purple Cane (5)

Purple Cane (6)

Purple Cane (9)

When you order a pot of tea, 2 pot will be served. This is how the way they filter their tea. First pour of tea water into the pot. Then let it sit for a while before pouring out. According to them, this is the best way to get the aroma out from the tea.

Exactly like how I was thought when I visited China.

Purple Cane (10)

Purple Cane (8)

One of my all time favourite is their Double Boil Soup. Yup! Double boil soup serve in a tea pot. It is punch with flavour, easy to drink as I like it. I do not mind to have 3 tea pot of double boil soup. Recommended!

Purple Cane (7)

What is in the teapot? as below. The amount of ingredient in it for such a small pot!

Purple Cane (11)

Purple Cane (1)

I define this, a place where offer a kind of Taiwanese classic ambience with tea infusion food. Their mid autumn festival menu starts from RM 88 that can easily feed 4 pax. But there were 6 of us and I think it is just nice. 1 guy 5 girls.

Purple Cane (12)

Simmered Chicken with Yam in Jasmine Tea Sauce.

the chicken is soft and the winning part is the creamy sauce. Fragrant and just syrup ontop of your rice is a perfect combination. 
Purple Cane (13)

Purple Cane (14)

One of the signature for the restaurant is this Black Tea Curry Lions Mane Mushrooms. The curry is not too thick, yet you would easily need to bowl of rice for this. So easy to eat, super mild spicy with mild creamy. Instead of santan the replace it with Almond milk.

Purple Cane (15)

Purple Cane (16)

Sweet and sour Sliced Grouper with Lychee Black Tea. Fried to perfection as it is crispy and a layer of fragrant which is just right.

tea cuisine

tea inspired dish

Stir Fried Mushroom

Purple Cane

One of their super in demand pudding. Grapefruit Rose Tea Pudding. Not your usual as it add ons with fresh handpeel pamelo from Ipoh into this. A bite with give you burstful of flavour.

Purple Cane tea cuisine

healthy option? defiantely one of my option to dine in. Their herbal egg is da bomb too!

紫藤茶原 Purple Cane Tea Restaurant
LG, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

Tel: 03-2283 6090

Those who been to Vientnam and tried pho there, you will ended up start to crave for it. To find a nice bowl of pho is indeed quite hard in Malaysia. Is like finding the best Ramen in KL. However, one of the shop that I frequently visit is An Viet, the Gardens. They also recently expanded to An Viet, Pardigm Mall, PJ.

An Viet (2)

As re-opening of the outlet, we get to see a showcase how their signature meatball is made by their Vietnamese Head chef.

An Viet (3)

An Viet (5)

Some of the ingredients to showcase what ingredients are used for their soup base. They also use premium raw ribeye beef.

An Viet (12)

In their menu, you get to choose your noodle size. Usual serving is Normal. You can go less or you can go to large.

An Viet (8)

Not being adventurous yet want to try something signature on the menu, you can kick it off with An Viet Tasting Platter or you can order ala-carte appetizers to pair with your main dishes.

An Viet (7)

My usual bowl of noodle is always the mix. Serve with beef slices, meatballs and brisket.

An Viet (14)

For paradigm outlet, they do have their mini green house. Which usually they do have a pot of basil leaves set on each table, however in this outlet is you can pick the pot and bring it to your table.

An Viet (19)

The beef slices usually are cook half raw, as when you dip into the piping hot soup, then it will be just perfectly cooked.

An Viet (20)

For only beef slices noodle, you get to taste their soup more prominent.


the half cook raw beef. Just perfect.

An Viet (22)

vietnamese noodle


We end the meal with their signature  Vietffogato. Vietnamese coffee with coconut milk and ice cream. One of my favourite.


Caramel Pudding.

An Viet (11)

From now till 15th September, Ăn Viet is offering for non-subscribers 10% discount for one Beefiest Phở  ordered, 2 orders will enjoy 15% and 25% for 3 orders.   Not a member yet?  Sign up today and enjoy move savings…20% for one order of Beefiest Phở , 30% for 2 orders and 50% for 3 orders.

Ăn Viet, Paradigm Mall
LG02/03/03A (Lower Ground, in front of MBG)
Kelana Jaya, Taman Seri Subang,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

Tel: 03-7661 2844

I am pretty sure that most of you have known this brand, The Chicken Rice Shop by now. A brand that is no stranger to most of us whenever it comes to a chicken rice chain shop. They are located in nearly every mall in the country. To mark their milestone in achieving 100 outlets, The Chicken Rice Shop will be running their Jom Sama-Sama Makan 100 Outlets Celebration to reward their customers that have been with them all these years.

It’s a good thing that I decided to come early that day to avoid the busy crowd because it’s usually packed all day long!

The Chicken Rice Shop (32)

On 1st July 2019, the first 100 tables will receive a FREE TCRS Single Combo Meal Voucher, TCRS Cooler Bag and TCRS Special 100 Outlets T-Shirt. This free giveaway starts from 12.30pm while stocks last.

Followed by their RM10 For 2 Single Combo Meal Set from 2 – 5 July 2019, starting from 12.30pm-1.30pm with a minimum dine-in of 2 pax. That’s right! You and your friend can enjoy 2 Single Combo Meal Sets as the picture above for only RM10!

The Chicken Rice Shop (1)

The Chicken Rice shop is indeed no stranger to me as I have been dining in at their restaurant since my college days, which is about 15 years ago. Also, whenever my Malay friends ask for chicken rice recommendations, this is one of the shops that I always recommend. The consistency of their product has always been there which always impresses me.

The Chicken Rice Shop (2)

The Chicken Rice Shop (35)

Over the years, their menu has expanded and they now serve a variety of chicken aside from their Roasted or Steamed Chicken.

The Chicken Rice Shop (3)

This is also their latest outlook for their outlet.

The Chicken Rice Shop (4)

from left to right: Berrylicious, Lime Mint Supreme, Soya Rainbow, Lychee Tealicious, Berry Jelly Fizz, Famous Kuching 3 Layer Tea and Cendolcino.

The Chicken Rice Shop (16)

If you come with a big group or team, their Family Fiesta Set for 5-6 pax @ RM 119.55 is indeed more than enough. I feel that it is possible to feed 7-8 pax instead. It comes with a huge range of dishes that packs your table like you are having a buffet spread.

The Chicken Rice Shop (17)

The Chicken Rice Shop (18)

I am not a fan of ladies’ fingers but I do like how they made their Spicy Savoury Ladies’ Fingers. It is nicely cooked and topped with their chili and soy sauce which is just perfect. The Kerabu Mango also has its own unique taste as the mango slices are thin and sour enough. Among these 2, I enjoy the Spicy Savoury Ladies’ Fingers more.

The Chicken Rice Shop (25)

The Chicken Rice Shop (19)

Hong Kong Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce

The Chicken Rice Shop (20)

Their Roast Chicken is soft and juicy. What’s important to me is the soy sauce base. Steamed Chicken is done well too.

The Chicken Rice Shop (21)

The Chicken Rice Shop (22)

Tofu with Oyster Sauce

The Chicken Rice Shop (23)

Famous Stuffed Fish Ball is pretty good too. Soft and slightly bouncy, it comes with juicy minced chicken filling too.

The Chicken Rice Shop (24)

One of my favourites is their Nyonya Pai Tee with its crispy cup crust and filling! Remember to drench it with their chili sauce. The quality has very much maintained since many years back.

The Chicken Rice Shop (9)

The taste of the Nyonya Assam Fish is like Asam Pedas which is sour and mild spicy end. If you love BBQ Chicken, this is indeed a good one as the bbq sauce is good.

The Chicken Rice Shop (10)

Prime Honey BBQ Chicken

The Chicken Rice Shop (11)

One of my fav Nyonya Assam Fish, eat it while it is hot.

The Chicken Rice Shop (12)

Hainanese Curry chicken

The Chicken Rice Shop (13)

Penang Famous Chicken Rolls is a good starter to hit off before the set comes in.

The Chicken Rice Shop (14)

Rojak Buah to finish at the end?

The Chicken Rice Shop (15)

Clockwise from top: Penang Rojak, Penang Famous Chicken Rolls and Spicy Penang Chai Boay (Spicy Mixed Vegetables)

The Chicken Rice Shop (26)

Spicy Penang Chai Boay (Spicy Mixed Vegetables)

The Chicken Rice Shop (28)

Family fiesta meal for 5-6 pax

The Chicken Rice Shop (30)

One of the main item that you shall not miss on your table is their sauce. Chili and ginger sauce is a must have to eat along with the chicken. Dark soy sauce will be depending on your own taste preference.

The Chicken Rice Shop (34)

Lets dig In.

The Chicken Rice Shop (36)

Lastly, Penang Cendol as a closure?

The Chicken Rice Shop is indeed one of my favourite HALAL Chicken Rice shop in the mall. Did my last Buka Puasa with my team in this place too.

For The Chicken Rice location – do click here.

Those of you in Mid Valley, Meet Chuck Two Sons which is a new establishment from the folks who bring you classic recipe at Sri Melaka. First of all, to clarify that they are not Two Sons Bistro at Publika (which I thought they are). An outlet that sits at the far end corner that makes them a hidden gem at Mid Valley or located next to Brotzeit that brings you good food from the Northen region. Their cooking method brings me a good childhood memory taste as it is very much similiar to my grandma kampung cooking style.

Chuck Two Sons (2)

Chuck Two Sons (3)

Chuck Two Sons (4)

An outlet that is design to bring you some nostalgic feeling yet with a modern classic touch. A private room that is able to cater for private dining or even to host a meeting at its own private space as it is covered with red velvet curtain.

Chuck Two Sons (5)

Chuck Two Sons (6)

A menu that I would certainly come back to try out other items.

Chuck Two Sons (7)

Chuck Two Sons (9)


Best of all, their Penang Fried Char Koey Teow @ is top with lots of pork lard that is freshly fried. Crispy inside out and would love mine to be slightly more spicy. Best if the “wok Hei” is there and after gave feedback to the owner, only relise that their kitchen is build to mall safety procedure that give this dish a little set back. However, still a nice plate of CKT but price might be slightly too steep.

Chuck Two Sons (17)

Jeng jeng jeng, this is one of my favourite for the night as if you Penangnites do remember a famous Laksa stall that sells, Penang Laksa and Nyonya laksa at Pulau Tikus Market during night which the old auntie no longer selling it few years back that I have been hunting it a while and now its surfacing up again. Penang Nyonya Laksa is slightly different from others where it is slightly Thai version infuse. In Chuck Two Sons, have bought over the recipe from the auntie and still maintain the flavor as it is and top up some crab meat into it to make it slightly fragrant and sweater. Crab Laksa @ RM 23. Recommended!

Chuck Two Sons (18)

Chuck Two Sons (11)

Rice lover, you might not want to miss this as this is highly recommended – Tau Yew Bak is amazingly good, with the soy gravy base is watery enough to make my rice banjir yet not too salty as it is pack with 5 spices powder that is not over powering and the meat is just right at tender and juicy with fatty parts in between. A classic dish that I miss alot as this brings back a good childhood memory taste. @ RM 35.50

Chuck Two Sons (12)

Nyonya Lobak @ RM 12 for 2. Love the skin of loh bak as the skin is very different and found out that the skin is brought down weekly all the way from Penang with a traditional method of making the skin.

Chuck Two Sons (13)

Salted Fish Stewed Pork @ RM 35 is another type of dish that will goes well with rice. Aroma of salted fish is just right that did not over power the whole pot of it, yet strong enough to goes well with the pork.

Chuck Two Sons (14)

Something aromatic to nibble or as a dish also could hit on Salted Egg Sotong @ RM 30. Fried to perfection that the gravy is well coated onto the squid.

Chuck Two Sons (15)


Chuck Two Sons (16)

Asam Fish Siakap is one of their signature as the fresh is fresh, top with northern nyonya cooking style as the gravy is not too watery, pack with spices flavour, sourish enough to my liking with a nice mild spicy end. A bowl of rice is the perfect companion. @price is at market rate. 

Chuck Two Sons (8)


Chuck Two Sons (19)

For their Ice Kacang is actually a Penang ABC version that I have come across that quite similiar to the one famous in Penang, Bukit Mertajam area.

Chuck Two Sons (20)

For some simple finishing, Sago is the best of all. Just some coconut milk, sago and their signature Gula Melaka to die for!

Chuck Two Sons (21)

Chuck Two Sons (22)

For beer they have one of my favourite boutique beer – Little Creature and another unique craft beer from Kyoto which is have a really interesting profile.

Chuck Two Sons (23)

Chuck Two Sons (24)

Those of you who are working there, I am definately envy at you as they do offer great set lunch that you guys should not miss.

If you are willing to pay slightly more for a classic homecook meal in a mall, Chuck Two Sons is definately one of a place that you should hit on. Most of their ingredients are transported from Penang to maintain its classic cooking style and method.

Chuck Two Sons
G- E020, Ground Floor,
Mid Valley Mall, 75 Lingkaran Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(Beside Brotzeit)

Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM daily

Contact: 03-2282 8668

Starting off with passion for food and a piggy hunter all around the world, the owner have decided to compile all his favourite taste profile into creating Ticklish Ribs & Wiches located in The Gardens, KL. Their original outlet is at Seapark and now, the pigs have conquered level 3 at The Gardens, 2 shops away from Sushi Zanmai.

Ticklish Ribs (1)

Pork lovers out there, this place will definately feed you well as they are hitting most of their items all about porks.

Ticklish Ribs (2)

Ticklish Ribs (3)

Ticklish Ribs (4)

Besides that, the owner of Ticklish Ribs & Wiches have strong passion in local comedy scene where they have a stage for One Mic Stand. The event is held once or twice a month and do drop by at their FB to check out their events.

Ticklish Ribs (5)


Ticklish Ribs (6)

Ticklish Ribs (7)

Ticklish Ribs (8)

There is a story from all the pigs around the shop. You can start stare at the mural wall as the story stats from there, then you follow the trail to this pig angles and into the kitchen.

Ticklish Ribs (9)

Ticklish Ribs (10)

Quite classic place for washing hands.

Ticklish Ribs (11)

Most of the items ordered are prepare fresh, especially on the sandwich side.

Ticklish Ribs (12)

Ticklish Ribs (13)

Drinks are rather interesting as:

  1. Worms in Mud – Squiggly Cendol in murky Holicks @ RM 14 – this combination is really quite unique and it is worth to try
  2. LOL – Lemon Grass on Lime @ RM 13 – quite refreshing and thirst quencher.
  3. Screwface Sidekick – Tangy Mango & Soursop @ RM 13
  4. Yolo – Milo & Cincau @ RM 14


Ticklish Ribs (14)

Gila babi menu for your reference~

Ticklish Ribs (15)

Ticklish Ribs (16)

Signature BBQ Pork Ribs @ RM 48. A good quality pork that imported in just for this series. Serve in a mini bucket that is filled with Soft, juicy and well marinated pork ribs. Dip with the sauce gives you an unique dimension of flavour.


Ticklish Ribs (18)


Ticklish Ribs (19)

Sloppy Fries @ RM 9 – filled with mince pork sauce and melted cheese. This is definately a good combination with beer. Quite addictive as it is not too salty.

Ticklish Ribs (20)

For something simple, you can opt for Babischetta @ RM 15. Toasted and serve with sloppy mince pork, with cheese then toast again.

Ticklish Ribs (21)

One of their best seller for sandwich is this Red Cuban with pulled pork. Simple yet delicious. Bun is not too dense yet flavour is there.

Ticklish Ribs (22)

Rice Vice @ RM 22. A simple fried rice with well fried coated pork in breadcrumb. Never go wrong.

Ticklish Ribs (23)

You Braised Me Up @ RM 26. With well balance of pork and layers of fats, I am inlove with this. Intense flavour from their special braise sauce, meat is soft and fats that is near melt in your mouth is just nice. Serve with side salad.

Ticklish Ribs (24)

Ticklish Ribs (25)

Lazy Bones @ RM 30 – boneless ribs with marination. – indeed a pork lard rice that gives you the slightly fattening flavour as it needs to balance up with the pork ribs. Those who needed to add on weight, one of a good dish to hit on.

Ticklish Ribs (26)


Ticklish Ribs & Wiches
The Gardens Mall
Lot T-216B, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City.

WAZE: https://waze.to/lr/hw2839xysk

OPENING ​​HOURS: Everyday (10am – 10pm)

CONTACT NUMBER: 012-5672216

A mixture of nice food could be found at The Boulevard. One of the place that constantly I see my friend check in and also appears in my Instagram is this Define:Food. It is one of a restaurant that sits at level one that have attracted many diners around the area. Define Food is run by chef Malcolm Goh that had gain his reputation in the industry itself.

Define Food (2)

Define Food (3)

Define Food (4)

Define Food (5)

Define Food (6)

Define Food (7)

Define Food (8)

Started off with Classic Mushroom Soup @ RM 18 – Garlic Bread, Truffle oil, Cepes Dust and Mascarpone.

Define Food (9)

Deep Fried Duck Rillette @ RM 19 with salted egg dip. This is by far the weirdest taste of dish for the night. Duck meat taste is too gooie and raw for us, as even we dip with salted egg dip could not over power the strange taste of it.

Define Food (10)

Define Food (11)

Caesar Salad @ RM 26

Define Food (12)

Truffle Fries @ RM 18. Lack of truffle taste and just tasted like plain fries with some cheddar.

Define Food (13)

for starter, this is by far one of the best – Truffled Creamed Mushroom with Garlic toast @ RM 15. Cook to perfection that creaminess is to my liking, however the consistency of it is quite bad as we add on the same order since the first place was good. Second plate came out less creamier, very sweet and there are hit and misses.

Define Food (14)

In this restaurant, the dish that I am looking forward the most is this Beef Wellington @ RM 88. Grain fed Tenderloin, puff pastry, intense mushroom duxelle, truffle gravy, Mesclun Salad. Maybe my expectation of this dish is too high as I have watch too much Hell’s Kitchen and Gordan Ramsey where the description of his Beef Wellington and I am seeing is different. Understood that this is our local version of it.

This is indeed a very tricky dish to emulate as I find that the puff pastry is soggy, taste of intese mushroom is slightly salty and truffle gravy is very mild.

Define Food (15)

Define Food (17)

Provencale Seafood Risotto @ RM 48 indeed taste great. Broth that they are cooking with is rich in flavour and cook to perfection. One of the best dish for the night, where it is fragrant with seafood taste. However again, when we were impress with the first dish and place second order, the second plate is off the mark. Their inconsistency is disappointing.

Define Food (18)

Salted Egg Duck Pasta @ RM 33 is pretty unique and have its own dimension of taste.

Define Food (19)

The safest bed among their spaghetti range is this Wagyu Bolognese @ RM 25. Spaghetti Italian parsley, shaved grana padano. Gravy is not too thick, yet spaghetti is al-dante

Define Food (20)

Harissa Spice Rub Lamb Striploin @ RM 58. A great dish which we think did not really fit the bill as with RM 58, you are served with 5 mini slices of lamb. Indeed it is cook to perfection where the meat is seared nicely along with the marination of spice did penetrate through the meat that give it very nice aroma.

Define Food (21)

Jarred ‘Kopi Kau’ Tiramisu @ RM 23. I still prefer my classic.

Define Food (22)

One of the most impressive dessert is their Bomb Alaska. Smooth cream and technique of pipping is perfect. Torch it to a bit golden brown is the best colour to get.

Define Food (24)

The group celebrated our birthday in this place. Thank you everyone.

Define Food (25)

Not a bad place to be as there are a lot of hit and misses where they still need alot of improvement to bring a gear up. However it is indeed base on personal preference.

*Pork Free

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6/10, for such pricing, here is still alot to play with.!.-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Define Food
Mid Valley Boulevard
29-1,Level 1, Signature Offices,
The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur.

Daily, 1030am-1030pm.

Tel: 016-901-4024

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