Ming Art gurney paragon


I guess it was a random fate that connect me to Ming Art owner as I was doing Vlog at New World Park Food court to cover this famous Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng have move to new location. AS I was recording half way, he drop by to say hi and thought I look familiar and then he recall by me doing review on Mattress.

that is where we exchange card and told me to drop by his cafe in Gurney Paragon in later day. (this was over 4 months ago)

Gurney Paragon Mall

Here I am at his cafe in Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang. Quite a cozy cafe in this heritage building inside Gurney Paragon. A modern industrial cafe cross over with fine art gallery in Penang.

Ming art Cafe

I do not mind to come back here for afternoon chilling as it is quiet.

Gurney Paragon

This is by far my most unique combination of drinks for the evening. A great French wine and He then introduce me one of their cafe signature Latte with Pure 100% milk.

Latte with pure fresh milk

He share with me why the coffee float on top because on milk is 100% pure. Just drink first gulp before stir it. The taste is rather interesting and their bean is awesome. It was a great combination of pure milk and the layer of coffee with its milk combine very well. It just breaks down the layer of coffee and milk very prominent that you can enjoy it.


Ming Art (5)

In this cafe he mention he do cater for alot of people who loves to come to his place for a glass of wine while enjoying arts which is available. That is why a small bottle.

french wine in penang

In this evening, I also learnt alot about wine and also difference in Premium crystal glass vs normal glass. He share with me his private crystal glass collection, the sound of it and how different the taste of a normal wine pour in 2 different glass.

Instantly, the RM900 premium crystal wine glass, SAME WINE but different taste. It is so prominent that the same wine pour into the premium wine glass taste so much better. It opens up the aroma of the wine and layer of taste. Makes it smoother too. ~interesting.

wine crystal glass

Premium Crystal glass on the left.

Ming art Fine Art

If you think facing cafe is boring, then face the art gallery. Right behind there is 2 hidden table which is for his exclusive guess that bought alot of the arts.

Ming art Paragon

there is alot version of arts from abstract, fine, hard brush, imagination, digital and many others which is available and I am surpise to see that alot of our local arts are being sold to foreign collators. He do share with me that actually there are alot of artist talanted artist from the North are all over the world making their names out there. Just that locally we do not know.

this is kinda sad.

On and off he do have event that brings Malaysia artist together especially working closely with a few communities Art in Malaysia for this. I am definitely in support of this.

Ming Art Gallery Paragon

Art and wine is like one of the best combination. Learn to see how a painter express their imagination or emotions. It is indeed very interesting. One of a art gallery in Penang worth to Explore.

Those of you looking forward to feature your art, sell or buy, call or drop by this place to look for Alvin Chia or visit their homepage : Ming Fine Art One of a art gallery in Malaysia.

Ming Art Fine Art Cafe at Gurney Paragaon
Ground Floor (heritage building)
infront of H&M

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

Tel: 04-291 3113

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