With over 500 entries across the globe, Hennessy has narrowed down their search for the world’s best sustainable cocktail. The world’s bestselling cognac has just announced the Global Top 40 winners in the #HennessyMyWay 2022 challenge. The cocktail challenge saw three Malaysians as among the Global Top 40 winning bartenders.

The global challenge is Hennessy’s third installment of the competition which encourages bartenders to be inspired by Hennessy to push their creativity to the limit. This year calls on bartenders across the world to create their version of a sustainable cocktail using Hennessy.

No-Waste Nucifera by Thanesh Joel_Backdoor BodegaNo-Waste Nucifera By Thanesh Joel (Backdoor Bodega – Penang)

“Every year the standard of the talent pool in Malaysia seems to be raised even higher. We are incredibly lucky to have such exceptional bartenders that can bring out the versatility of Hennessy by creating unique pairings to suit every taste,” says Nausicaa Charrier, Marketing Director of Moët Hennessy Diageo  Malaysia & Singapore.

Cassa(no)va Highball by Rolend Ten_Backdoor BodegaCasa-Nova Highball by Rolend Ten (Backdoor Bodega – Penang)

Beacons of the Malaysian bartending scene, Thanesh Joel (of Backdoor Bodega), Rolend Ten (also of Backdoor Bodega) and Chloe Tan (of Cabinet 8 by JWC) were commended for their strong understanding of ritual and role it plays in a great cocktail experience while demonstrating great ability to integrate sustainable practices in their expressive cocktails.

See Trust by Chloe Tan_Cabinet 8 by JWC

See Trust by Chloe (Cabinat 8 by JWC – Johor)

In demonstrating such exceptional skill the trio have earned a place in the Global Top 40, joining other bartenders from countries including Canada, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Other ASEAN winners included one each from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, putting Malaysia firmly ahead in this region.

“It’s exciting to see how our Malaysian bartenders compete on the global stage. To have not just one but three winners, the highest number of winners from a single country in South East Asia, is a testament to why we must continue to nurture the local talent to their full potential,” adds Charrier.

The Global Top 40 winners will each receive a cash prize of 1000 EURO and 1 bottle of Hennessy X.O. The cash prize is in addition to the 200 EURO received for winning the Malaysia Top 10 challenge round. The Global Top 40 winners will also move into the final challenge round to compete for a spot in the elusive Global Top 5. On this level, they will stand a chance to win another 2000 EURO each, and their choice of either a Hennessy Experience in Cognac or a VIP NBA Experience.

The winners are among Malaysia’s Top 10 whose entries were submitted for the global challenge with three cocktail creations out of the 10 being further selected as the Global Top 40. The judging was done by The Maison Hennessy in Cognac, France, by a panel including Hennessy Global Ambassador Jordan Bushell.

Cocktail lovers can also taste the Malaysia Top 10 winning cocktails at the respective bars as part of the Hennessy Cocktail Trail:

  1. Backdoor Bodega – “No-Waste Nucifera” by Thanesh Joel
  2. Backdoor Bodega – “Cassa(no)va Highball” by Rolend Ten
  3. Bartailor – “Elixir of the God” by Mike Fan
  4. Cabinet 8 by JWC – “See Trust” by Chloe Tan
  5. DC Restaurant – “Henny-Ways” by Sebastian Jeremy
  6. Gekko Dining – “Queen With Benefits” by Raz Ng
  7. [email protected] – “Monkey Business” by Joshen Chew
  8. Moon Bar – “Method in Madness” by Arsenio Mariano
  9. Wetdeck W KL – “Henne-City” by Avai Saravanan
  10. 61 Monarchy – “Teguk Wangi” by Loo Hoong Xiang

For more updates and information, follow Hennessy Malaysia’s official Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/HennessyMalaysia/

#HennessyMyWay #HennessyMY


One of a place that is well known for Happy Hour and now it had slowly making its shift. With the current trend, one can look for new concept of drinking place which is Ojos. A cocktail bar in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya that looks very uninviting where it gives the perception as it is an outlet which is not operating.

[No Longer in Operation]

batch_Ojos 1


batch_Ojos 2

What you will discover from behind the thick wooden door where it will transport you to a dimmer dimension where it certainly have a class on its own. Luxury leather couch on the left with some high table further behind and not to miss their huge alcohol rack on the right which is nicely light up with 3 professionals mixologist that ready to entice your taste bud.

batch_Ojos 3

Further then discover that they are more like a cocktail bar rather in Speakseasy Bar.

batch_Ojos 4

batch_Ojos 5

batch_Ojos 6

They do not serve food here, however they have some Taiwanese Snacks for you to nibble.

batch_Ojos 7

We have decided to sit at the bar and talk to the mixologist and only found out that they are actually from Taiwan. Mention by them, Taiwan have already reach on the mature stage where competition is stiff and cocktail bar or Speakseasy concept is like 7-11 on the main district area. With both their main mixologist Min & David from Kaohsiung,I must say both of them are rather impressive.

Before I start off, I am not a fan of cocktail however, I am picking it up slowly.

batch_Ojos 8

batch_Ojos 9

Another upcoming mixologist from Penang which he have learn to raise his bar of standard and also by having a great mentor in Penang from Ben (which operates Mish Mash). I believe we certainly have seen teh tarik in our childhood till now and this would be my first time seeing cocktail mixing tarik with flame. To get a thorough flavour of mixing.

batch_Ojos 10

We hit both of their snacks, Taiwanese Sausage @ RM 12 which is nothing much to shout about.

batch_Ojos 11

Their POP Corn Chicken Taiwanese  [email protected] RM 19  is something to die for. Love their spicy powder and fried to prefection with great aroma and hint of spiciness at the end. I ended up 2 rounds of this by myself. Highly Recommended.

batch_Ojos 12

batch_Ojos 13

Cocoacabana @ RM 48

Well presented that top with cotton candy and champange glass coated with cocoa powder with a great mix of Smirnoff Vodka, Creme de Casis, White Wine, Lime, Cotton Candy, Ojos ginger Syrup, Ginger Ale. It is more like a ladies drink, with its well balance of flavour and to push the cotton candy into it and allow it to melt and create another layer of flavour. Very interesting.

batch_Ojos 14

I am impress with their flavour for Cresent Moon @ RM 48, – Maker’s Mark, White Wine, Honey, Tie Kuan Yin & Grapefruit. It is like a premium tea taste with mild nice alcoholic at the end with sweet honey taste.

batch_Ojos 15

 Dutch Garden @ RM 55

Gordon Gims, Pimm’s No.1, Southern Comfort, Lime, Ginger Ale, Flower. Presentation wise, would be a nice drink for your girlfriend  as the cocktail is serve like a bouquet of flowers and they cleverly played with fresh ingredients by freezing it into ice cube and allow the melting process to blend with the cocktail  mix.

batch_Ojos 16

batch_Ojos 17

Went back to classic as I have heard about this drink alot – Old Fashion and first time tried it in a classic method. Girls would love it as it is easy to drink and well mix up.

batch_Ojos 18

Saw one of their Bourbon Whiskey that looks very interesting and ask for a shot. Was told by Min that Maker’s Mark is a great mixture for cocktails  with its character that able to maintain its character and also pairs well with other mixer. I certainly do not mind to own a bottle of this.

batch_Ojos 19

Poisedon Tequilla @ RM 45 : Sauza Tequilla, Lychee Liqueur, Orange, Grapefruit and Lime

batch_Ojos 20

Royale Sundae @ RM 58 – Remy Martin VSOP, Frangelico, Mozart Chocolate Liquer, Egg Yolk

batch_Ojos 21

batch_Ojos 22

This is Min the main Mixologist from Taiwan and I think it is worth to check them out if you are a cocktail lover.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 7.5/10 ,worth to give it a try! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Ojos Bar
H-99-G, 72, Jalan Universiti, Jaya One,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 
(Same Row as WenDy Burger)
Operating Hours Daily: 6PM–2AM

OJOS Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I guess nowdays we are being pampered with alot of new places to chill out over the weekend with friends. One of the latest place is The Roof Top Bar which have a fantastic view over parts of the city. . You will need to reach G-Tower first park at basement. . .

g-tower (1)

Press level 29th if not mistaken then tinggg.. you will reach this place. . with 2 huge bouncer guy standing at the entrance then come across a hallway which looks like mini air port runway . . with lines at the side path to lead you to the main area. . .

g-tower (2)

Here you are the main area of the bar which is spacious filled with bar stools and tables that dim in blue light. .

g-tower (4)

You and your friends can be seated at the comfy sofa area that located next to the edge with transparent glass panel that looks like you are really sitting at the edge of the building ..

g-tower (3)

g-tower (5)

or you can choose to be seated at the bar too . ..

g-tower (6)

As you walk further back behind the bar area, you will see more sofa’s that head towards more privacy already that not so noisy with music and windy air blow across. . .

g-tower (7)

the most back of the area are filled with bar stools and build in side panel table for you to put your drinks to further chill or you need confession, chat or emo talk . . :p

g-tower (8)

Lets head to the main event for the night which is we were invited over for a Absolute Vodka Tasting that lead by Rizal Junior the Bar Manager and Head of Mixologist of VIEW Rooftop Bar which he was one of the winner for Cocktail World Cup World Championship 2008

g-tower (9)

One of his trainee do good cocktails also . .

g-tower (10)

Then he teach us to go for Vodka Shots to start off with first. . .

g-tower (11)

So for the night they have prepare 6 flavors for us to try it on . . with the secret ingredient to added on for you to shake shake it to your friends at home or at house party . .

g-tower (12)

Absolut Strawberry Basil Smash

50ml Absolut
4 fresh strawberries
6 basil leaves
100ml lemon juice

g-tower (13)

 Absolut Cinnamon Martini 

50ml Absolute
Half green apple
15ml sugar syrup
15ml lemon JC
A Pinch of Cinnamon powder

g-tower (14)

 Absolut Passion Tini

50ml Absolut
30ml Passion fruit
20ml Lemon juice
15ml Vanila Syrup

g-tower (15)

 Absolut South Beach

50ml Absolut
25ml Lemon juice
20ml Sugar Syrup
8 Mint Leaves

g-tower (16)

 Absolut Apple Rosemary Martini

50ml Absolute
Half Green Apple
15ml Rosemary Sugar Syrup
15ml Lemon JC
1 Stalk rosemary leaves

g-tower (17)

Absolut Pineapple Cardamon

50ml Absolut
15ml Cardamon sugar syrup
50ml Pineapple JC
3 pieces of Cardamon seeds
Out of the 6 cocktails, I love this Absolut Pineapple Cardamon the best which is flavourful with pineapple taste that nearly overpower the taste of the vodka, and the more you drink you wont feel it as it suits women very wells too, when the kick is up..you will start to feel the tipsy’ness after that . .:D

g-tower (18)

 me and Maylee

g-tower (19)

Happy to see LionalOng and wife Iamthewitch and long disappear in action is Richard and his gf. .

g-tower (23)

 Caroline and bf Ericleeh 

g-tower (26)

 The 2 famous siau poh’s from right Hitomi, Louise Xin and Maylee

g-tower (25)

Clevermunkey and me

g-tower (27)

 Shannon Chow and Me

g-tower (28)

 The cha boh’s group shot. .

g-tower (30)

 Me and Jean . .

It was a fun night for all of us that I can get to meet up with some bloggers that I have not seen in a while .. now another opportunity for you to go again as that now you can head to the rooftop bar that Milkadeal now doing a promo for them with a deal:

[54% OFF] Any 2 cocktails and 1 snack on the menu for RM 49 nett instead of RM 105.60. (click here to buy) as offer ends on 1st August.


View Rooftop Bar
Rooftop (Level 29), G Tower,
199, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: +603-2168 1881
Website: www.view.com.my

Facebook: View Rooftop Bar

Business Hours: Sunday – Thursday (5pm till 1am), Friday, Saturday & Public Holiday Eve (5pm till 3am)

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